Good Deal or Not? Gotta Love The View Edition


This converted Rowhome is located at 1303 Clifton Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“New 4 unit conversion. LAST unit available! Modern kitchens w/ granite cntrs, custom cabs, SS apps, bamboo hdwds. Beautiful slate baths, spacious walk in closets. Great size BRs, pre wired sound w/ IPOD docking stations. Great location! Spectacular views of entire city! Just a few blocks to metro, U St Corridor & Columbia Heights dev (Target, etc). Come check them out!”

More info and photos can be found here.

I love this location because it is right near that part of 13th Street where you have an amazing view of downtown and the monuments. It is also very close to the building we judged yesterday.

A reader writes:

“I used to live next door (the white house on the left, looking at the photo) in a really nice condo conversion. When I lived there (2006-2007) the house next door was incredibly scary. It was falling down in terrible repair, and we used to joke about the one guy who lived there, who was bizarre beyond words. He never talked to anyone, and we took to calling him Boo Radley. Once our neighbors on the top floor told us they could see his roof, where he was keeping rows and rows of 5 gallon buckets filled with dirt that he would tend, but he’d take them inside before we could see what sprouted in them. We were actually worried their weight would cave the roof in.

Not long after I moved out (end of 07), I walked by and saw a sign had gone up by a contractor. They spent about a year quite literally gutting the entire house, and now they look like really sweet condo conversions. $499 is kind of brutal, but some of them have outdoor space, and they’re near the corner of Clifton & 13th, at the top of Cardozo which has the sweet view of the Capitol building and Washington monument, where everyone watches the fireworks. My upstairs neighbor there had his condo on the market, with similar specs as these new ones, for over a year at about $450K, with multiple price drops, until he gave up had to rent it out. I’m curious how this building will do.”

The asking price is $499,000. What’s the premium for an amazing view? What do you think of the condo itself?

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  • note to agent. include picture of said view in real estate listing. just a thought

  • “What’s the premium for an amazing view?”

    Depends on the individual, of course, but I’m pretty cheap (and unwealthy), so I couldn’t see it being worth more than an additional $100/month, which would translate into roughly $15,000 on a mortgage. I’m sure there are buyers out there for whom a view is worth more, but I just think there are better things to spend my money on since I could always walk over there and see the view for free anyway.

    As to the condo itself, it looks pretty blah to me.

  • meh. this condo is not special at all. the gut job took all the character away, even though it may have needed to be gutted. it is soulless. def not worth that $$.

  • The address isn’t really all that. I mean it’s pretty convenient, but there’s a lot of shadiness in that general area (clifton/euclid/fairmont/girard). I’m sure it’s workable but if I’m dropping half a mil on a condo I’d prefer not to have bullets flying outside my front door every week.

  • Also, wait, I don’t think you really get a view with this condo at all. As the address is odd-numbered, it’s on the NORTH side of the street, and if you look at the picture of the back deck the view is of your neighbor’s wall.

  • The view is from the front, and I’m not entirely sure you’d get it from the window — there’s a tall apartment building across the street. You only get the view if you walk 10 ft to the corner. Also, this block is not “bullets flying outside my front door every week,” like, even a little bit, so maybe lets not sensationalize.

    I think the biggest disadvantage is that it’s smack dab between the CH and U St metros, making it a bit of a hike to either (and to U Street it involves the steepest hill in the city).

  • SERIOUSLY? $500K? LOL. This closes at $350K tops. You’ve gotta be kidding, look at comps in new construction condos down at 14th and W -> 14th and P which are about 100x better locations.

  • Horrible deal. Surrounded by section 8. There may not be bullets flying outside every week, but it’s not a good area. And it’s not a few blocks to the CH business area – it’s a few blocks to the Shadiest BP on the Planet. Six blocks to Target, and probably the six worst blocks in CH. I agree, $350 tops.

  • sketchy, sketchy, sketchy area! no deal!

  • Vonstallin

    Man, the picture of the grey background clouds is causing me to have an Emotional moment right now.

    I need some tissue.

  • now, on the other hand, nice wide tall building like that must have been a serious fucking rowhouse before some jackhat gutted it and put in four overpriced condos.

  • Vonstallin

    The security camera on the 2nd floor of the building to the right is sooo not cute.

  • The biggest complaint for me as a buyer is that the condo does not offer parking and one would be lucky to find a parking space on that street.

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