Good Deal or Not? Capitol Hill Edition


This home is located on a really small hidden street called Brown’s Court. The exact address is 605 Brown’s Ct, SE:

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The flier says:


More info and photos found here.

This is a really open layout. What do you think of the staircase? While small this house definitely looks pretty cool. Though you do lose out on a yard and porch. I don’t know this area that well but it felt quite nice. For those in the know does $547,500 seem reasonable? Dig the house itself?

Photo of what the block looks like after the jump.


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  • Nice area, but I’m not sure $547K for less than 1,000 square feet can be considered a good deal. Our house, not far from that one, was more than $50K less and about 400 square feet bigger, with a patio. There are better deals to be had on the Hill.

  • this has year built as 1908? looks like other houses i have seen in the city that are from the 40s. does hipchick know any more about these?

  • nice area and pretty slick little house. maybe a bit overpriced but having lived for six years in a huge leaky rowhouse I see the appeal of a small cozy joint.

  • I would have a hard time coming home to the dentist’s office every night. That facade is atrocious.

  • Looks like the house is straight out of the 80’s. Not worth the price tag – at all. Ugly.

  • I dont think its 80s. looks more mid century to me. I know dc got a lot of mid century rowhouses in the 40’s. I have limited knowledge but archeitects like Abel and Goodwin I believe built a lot. there is a good blog about MCM homes in the dc are called modern capital i believe.

  • Definitely a high per-square foot price but sadly the seller will probably still get at least 500k for it based on the location alone. Safe and quiet area not far from metro/capital/eastern market. A large condo unit in the immediate area would cost just as much and likely more depending on the block ad it’s pretty impossible to find a full rowhouse in good condition off that corridor for under 700K

  • Looks like a great block! Bedrooms seem a little small and for that price, I feel like you should get a second bathroom in that neighborhood. But, with a $25k price drop, seems like it would be a good deal.

  • This is probably an 80s renovation, but these were built at the turn of the century as “servants’ quarters.” There are a few alleys like this that are still inhabited on the Hill. I like this one, but my favorite is Archibald Walk SE, off of F St. Terrace. James Borchert has a great book on alley living in DC dating back to the late 1800s.

  • servents qaurters with windows like that. the ones accross the street certainly look early 1900s but this house and the ones like it just dont seem like a something built back then. but i guess a developer could have bought up the row and redone them the same way? is there no basement?

  • No basements, I don’t think. I think most (this one definitely) have attics though.

  • I don’t know about the house but the descriptions for each pictures are super corny.

  • Lots of people love the alley houses. You can get a bit closer in at a small price (that house on the street at that location would be way more expensive). That price seems OK.

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