Good Deal or Not? Bay Window Edition


This home is located at 1457 S Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Beautifully updated 3 br 2 ba rowhouse w/ BAY WINDOWS, perfectly situated in DUPONT/LOGAN/U ST ‘hoods! RENOVATED KITCH w/ ss appls & granite. Sunny BREAKFAST RM. Lg FRML DINING RM, expansive mast br, lg guest rm, smaller 3rd rm/office. Full baths w/ claw-foot tubs, CENT A/C, rad heat. HARDWOODS THROUGHOUT. Unfinished lower lvl. Entertain in style on LARGE DECK & TERRACE. 2 CAR PARK & 2 METROS.”

More info, photos and a virtual tour found here.

I happen to think this house if dope sky.  It is also in a phenomenal location.  Do you think it can go for $899,000?  What do you think of the house itself?

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  • nice location. small but 2 car parking is worth its weight though its always better to have it side by side. I think its a little hi thought for the size. that is not just an unfinished basement. its an unfinishable basement. unless you want to spend 20 grand + excavating

  • Ugh… in 1997 I looked at a 3-story, 4 bedroom rowhouse near 18th and Willard (between Dupont and Adams Morgan). It needed some cosmetic renovation, but they were asking $225,000. God I’d wish I’d dug a little deeper and bought that place…

  • This price gouging has got to stop. It’s absolutely insane. I can’t believe that our city has gone from being a really affordable place to live to a completely expensive location in only a matter of 6 or 7 years. It’s very frustrating for people like me who have well-paying jobs, but are still nowhere near being in the position to own a place. I hate how DC has now become another SF/London/Paris/NYC. Awful.

  • Yeah, but it’s less shooty/stabby and has more amenities than back then. More demand=higher prices. Nothing new there.

  • The fact that DC even might be on it’s way to being another SF/London/Paris/NYC is just laughable..DC is no where even close to becoming amazing cities like those listed – no matter how you look at it…

  • I always liked dc because it was cheap and had all the museums if not more than those cities. mass transit on par with a big city like those. but a nice low skyline. lots of green spaces. and a hell of a lot less douche than nyc london or paris. but the less douche and affordable bit has clearly changed. I still like it for the other reasons though.

  • Unfortunately, compared to many other places in the area this is a pretty good deal indeed.

  • eh, $899 is well above market. You’d think realtors would have learned by now, but everyone wants to be the first to strike gold again. You can get closer to the U Street metro for less, you can get further south off 15th and 14th for less, and I think you could get closer to Dupont (with less square footage) for less. As an aside, I do not trust the square footage listed on this property (2500 sq. feet). Maybe if that includes the unfinished basement, but even that appears to be really stretching it. DC property tax database lists the square footage as under 1750 sq. feet. When you are dishonest about something like square footage, it makes you wonder what else the real estate agent is being dishonest about. The proper price would probably be the high 700s (though I don’t like the bathrooms—claw-foot tubs: very impractical in my experience—so I wouldn’t be interested in this place at that price, but someone would be).

  • Let’s not turn this into a DC vs. other cities thread. DC is smaller than those other cities, so the comparisons rapidly fall apart. I will say that DC is on par price-wise with San Fran nowadays, and I think the “normal people” costs are comparable to NY (i.e., you’ll end up paying the same to live in NYC, but you obviously can’t take your Petworth house and put it in the middle of manhattan, so you’ll be living in a comparable area within the housing stock available there price-adjusted for the proximity to things that would raise the cost anywhere).

  • I personally think we need to scrap the height limits in certain areas of DC. let developers who want to build 30 story condos go for it. thats one way to make housing affordable.

  • @ 2:29pm: Don’t you think that developers would just build a 30 story building full of “luxury, exclusive, etc., etc.” un-affordable condos? And then when (or if) it doesn’t sell, they turn them into expensive rentals (even if they can’t get even half the building rented), see Senate Square, buildings near Nationals Park, a bunch of buildings along the metro line in Arlington, etc., etc.

  • Move to NYC or San Fran then haters… that’ll lower the housing prices and it’ll make the city even cooler not having all the debbie downers and selfhaters around

  • Never said I hated DC – just merely stating my opinion, geez.

  • This looks about right to me. Tons of space, amazing location, full house with parking? It will definitely sell somewhere in the 850 plus range I’d think.

    D.C. is nowhere NEAR as costly as San Francisco, by the way. San Fran is almost as pricey as NYC. D.C. is about the same as Boston, higher than Chicago, but much lower than those two cities. But you can get often get a lot more space in D.C. than in all of those places save for Chicago, if you are willing to put a little sweat equity in.

  • Am I the only one bugged by the fact that despite what the say about this being updated, there is that one window that looks different than the others?

  • I agree with New2CH. I am surprised to hear people say DC proper is nearly as expensive as NYC or San Fran. My buddies from NYC visited my place and said that comparable rowhouses in a comparable neighborhood of Brooklyn (based on safety and amenities) would cost well over $1M, way more than any of us could afford. They were envious of how relatively cheap living in DC is for comparably paid professionals. All that said, that was before the i banks took a bath, so maybe things have changed. Chicago seems like the more appropriate comparison.

  • Seems like a “deal” to me. Beautiful house. Formal dining room, large kitchen, sun room. 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths on the second floor, parking for 2 cars a deck and a decent neighborhood. I would sacrifice my neighbor’s first born child for that house.

  • You can’t do a proper comparison between DC and many other cities because DC doesn’t have the density of population that lends to the creation of the same types of areas / services. In many areas of DC, its an absolute pain to walk and get groceries (not so in other cities). Count the number of bars or retailers in many areas of the city (I’d bet there are less than 10 bars in Petworth). So I think you have to really compare the cost of living on U street or in Dupont to a “normal” area of another city (and other cities probably have a higher “ceiling” cost of living then DC, so stick with “normal”/”average” areas, no Dupont to SoHo comparisons). When you do that, there is no great disparity between DC and NYC/San Fran. I was visiting a friend in Park Slope last weekend, and you can get a townhouse within 3 blocks of a subway for under $800k (not one of those great brownstones, but 3 stories nonetheless).

  • I don’t think there’s anything all that special about this place, other than its primo location. I’m almost numb to all these houses that are laid out the same way and get the same renovations — 42″ maple cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and generic granite seem to be the holy trinity. I’m not saying it’s not a decent renovation, just that it’s hard for me to throw around terms like “dope sky.”

    Price seems a little high, but you don’t lead with your chin in real estate any more than you do in other investments. It will settle for something less, but I wouldn’t guess dramatically less.

  • Anon 4:26pm: I’ll take that bet. There are definitely more then 10 bars in Petworth.

  • I cosign on anonymous 4:51 p.m. It’s all one big shiny stainless steel granite blur to me. I’ll be glad when that goes way the hell out of style.

  • The Kitchen is loft generic and I have that American Standard sink in my bathroom. Not a good deal…

  • Herb,

    I don’t believe a set of generic kitchen cabinets or cheap sink really will make a huge dent in the price — you’re paying her for location. Not a bad deal considering comps (but I sure wouldn’t pay it.)

  • funny to see “hardwoods” listed in all these ads. The beautiful upstairs and kitchen floors are original heart pine, which is a soft wood (not maple or oak, which are hard woods). I can see the LR and DR floors were redone to please the stainless-granite crowd.

    On the plus side, nice to see both radiators and central air!

  • “I cosign on anonymous 4:51 p.m. It’s all one big shiny stainless steel granite blur to me. I’ll be glad when that goes way the hell out of style.”

    you people are hilarious with your hatred of the kitchens in these places. do you recall the prior style? well i do because it’s in my house – hideous dark wood cabinets and laminate counters. you expect people selling $500K condos to risk alienating potential buyers by doing something wacky and risky with the kitchens? seriously? as someone else noted, if you can afford $900K for the house, ripping and replacing the kitchen is a pretty simple matter. the kitchen fixtures are maybe 0.5% of the cost of that place.

  • “I can see the LR and DR floors were redone to please the stainless-granite crowd. ”

    or to cover the years of being trashed by crackheads. again, my house is a great example of this.

  • “…Tons of space, amazing location,…”
    No offense, but >$400/sf at 14th and S?
    Really? I trust buyers will be willing to wait a few years…

  • The thing about these Deal or no deals is that most of the people here think it’s crazy to pay double (this is probably a $450k house in Petworth, so a savings of $450k) to live about 2 miles south of where they live. is it like that in those other cities, where there is such a disparity in prices to be close to more bars and restaurants? i don’t know, i’ve never looked at real estate there. i don’t think there there is really less crime around u street, there is just more things to do.

  • Eric — I made the original post that got co-signed on. For the record. I don’t hate the style, understand why it’s done, and in fact did exactly that to my own kitchen — stainless, granite, maple — and I’m glad I did. I even ripped out relatively new laminate counters and replaced viable appliances (don’t worry — donated them to a good charity) to do it. I just disagreed with labeling one such job “dope sky” when it’s pretty much par for the course in these houses. Show me a bitching roof deck, a ton of custom moulding and built-ins, or at least a Viking range before you start throwing around terms like that. Then again, it’s entirely possible that I just don’t grasp the meaning of “dope sky.”

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