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Ok, I’ll admit it – I’ve got inauguration fever. So while this is a predictable question – I feel it still must be asked. What are you most looking forward to? I’ve got to be honest, since I was unable to get Beastie Boys tickets, I’m most looking forward to the concert with U2, Bruce Springsteen and others. Of course I’m looking forward to the inauguration itself but the prospect of “seeing” the Boss and U2 even if only briefly is beyond cool to me.

A side question – do you think everything’s gonna go smoothly or will the projected 2 million visitors be too much to handle?

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  • I’m looking forward to the parade! I have tickets to the seated area. I’m also going to the creative coalition ball. but I plan to join the group that’s going to sage the white house. i’m looking forward to that too!! I can’t wait to just be in the crowd.

  • The Boss? U2 too? I wanna see Stevie!!!

  • I don’t think DC will be able to handle this. Esp. the public transportation aspect of it. The trains are going to be a mess!

    Was anyone on the train during the day the laborers protested at the white house? I was, I spent about 45 min in the tunnel between Rosslyn and Foggy Bottom with my face smashed into someone’s armpit. I got pushed into the center of the car between the two doors and I couldn’t reach anything to hold onto. People couldn’t get on or off the trains when it would finally reach the stops. There were hundreds of people waiting at each stop trying to get on. Doors were getting held open, trains were breaking down, and people were getting sick because they were overheating. It was the longest train ride home I have ever been on! The kicker was, these were all DC residents who know how the trains work – This was during rush hour when the seasoned riders are out! Now you want to add hundreds of tourists into the mix?!?

    Good luck to anyone riding Tuesday-esp if they have small children!

  • i’m looking foward to the swearing in, i picked up my ticket yesterday and it is so pretty.

  • I agree that Metro will be a mess. CH & Petworth are not that far from the mall and I plan to walk it.

  • Vonstallin

    I’m going to just hop on the bicycle. It’s ashame that I don’t have any of my friends coming down to go with me. I’m rolling solo so I don’t have any plans, just ride down and hang out.

    To tell the truth since I am doing this by myself, i’d rather watch it on TV.
    Especialy if its as cold as today. I had on my heaviest gear, layered up and the cold air cut right thru.

  • I’m pretty much diggin’ the scene, but my answer isn’t on the survey; I’m just going to brave the cold and dig the street weirdness. Not the parade, not the ‘ball’ things, just the inevitable street weirdness, with notebook & camera(s).

    I figure the official stuff will be extremely well covered by others, so it’s up to the REAL WARRIORS to do the Gonzo Journalism stuff. Maybe duck into a bar to thaw out (unless every pub in town is doing some freakish cover-charge fake-ball thing), then plunging back into the mayhem. I’m hoping for maximum insaniac special-interest protest types and ranting bipolar misfits from Kentucky with six heads and lazy eyes and signs proclaiming THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH, and other such marvels. That’s where you’ll find me.

  • I am with intangible on this one. I encourage everyone to have their cameras out and POP to do an amazing picture post of all the characters and craziness that go’s down. Though I must say I think the whole thing is being drastically over hyped. 4 million my ass. maybe a hair over 1 mil but The hype alone has probably turned a ton of people off of coming in the first place. I plan on pub crawling my way down to the mall and back. should be a good time.

  • Ditto on the just wandering from bar to bar, alternatively warming up with cold beers and then braving the cold, packed streets heading south until I get close enough to feel the vibe. I am really looking forward to the snowed-in feeling this will bring – work closed, streets unnavigable, that giddy energy of everyone just happy to be out and about.

    Here’s to living close enough to walk downtown. I may pop into a metro just to see if the fuss is as expected, but more out of curiosity than anything.

    You can also add me to the list of the PoP Photo Brigade. I really like the idea of pulling together all of the shots we take for PoP to archive together.

  • We should devise a spooky, cult-like secret handshake to terrify the secret service.

  • there is very little that could drag me out of my home this weekend (mostly because crowds stress me out and crowds of tourists are sure to incite some sort of anxious rage inside of me). maybe the promise of a unicorn and a pot of gold, but other than that, there’s no way i’m leaving the house. i’ll just hang out with my freshly stocked bar, the dvr and my dog.

  • For those of you riding your bikes to the inauguration, good news, I got an email from the ddot listserv, they will be providing Valet Parking for your bikes!

  • I am following Intangible’s lead, walking from Petworth with some others who have tix. Camera and flask in hand, headed to the mall to see what I can and say I was there. if I find it too mayhem-ish, I can just turn around, hit a bar or coffee shop, meet some folks, what have you.

  • can anyone confirm that vendors were issued beer permits? someone told me rocklands will have some stands up and they will be selling beer. also a flask is a good idea to fight the chill.

  • I got picked as a PIC volunteer and was assigned to the mall on Tuesday — though honestly, if I hadn’t been assigned to it, I probably wouldn’t have gone except to maybe briefly see what was going on for a few minutes (just to say “i was there”) before heading back to my warm apartment.

    But I’m excited for it, and for my friends coming from out of town, and for the general atmosphere of the city.

  • re: bikes. I heard they can only valet a thousand bikes but are expecting fore like 5 thousand. not sure if anyone else heard something similar?

  • Before getting too excited by the Sunday concert, check out this reporting from the AP:

    “The artists won’t be performing their big hits, but will be asked to perform material appropriate to the occasion. One musician will be asked to perform “A Change Is Gonna Come,” the song made famous by Sam Cooke. ”

    Now, some might be ok with that. I guess it could be kind of cool and unifying. But it is worth mentioning that you won’t be getting what you might expect before you give up your Sunday to the cold and the crowds.

  • Are there going to be enough port-a-potties for everyone?

  • My friend has picked up our tickets, though I have yet to lay eyes on it. I also have friends visitings. Brunch then inauguration sounds good. Warning to everyone – there will be people on the mall looking for alcohol, so I might advise that those having some tipple during the event bring a coke bottle rather than a flask.

  • Ferdelance – I work on the mall and they have already set up a TON of port a potties all around the area, including on the parade route. But who knows if that’ll be enough.

  • I was actually dreading the inauguration and was kind of pissed that I was being forced to basically turn my house into a hostel for wayward (nonpaying) family and friends but as the weekend gets closer I’m starting to get more excited about it and ready to let losses and have a little fun out on the town.

  • I’m looking forward to some quality people watching and general wandering around (with camera!). If it’s not too freezing I’ll be out on my bike.

  • I’m playing tour guide for some out of town friends who want to go to inauguration, but I’m not looking forward to the crowds and numbing cold. We’re marching from Columbia Heights down to the mall, skipping over the metro madness. But I have a feeling in the end it’s going to be one of those things I’m glad I got dragged to. Last time I attended inauguration was in 2001 to protest; I lived in Ohio at the time and it was my first trip to D.C. So hopefully this will wash away some bad memories. 🙂

  • I am a PIC Volunteer drop out. The dealbreaker was getting an email this morning telling me I needed to be on the Mall at 5:00 am on Jan. 20.


    Otherwise I am going to park my car today and not move it until Jan 21 and watch everything on TV.

  • soooooo excited! I’m pumped for the concert sunday and the inauguration tuesday and the 930 club tuesday night and a slew of parties and excitement and general chaos in between.

  • Yes, I’m looking forward to wading through steaming, 30 foot mounds of tourist dung and frozen lakes of urine. Also, my mighty schlong is looking forward to the various appearances by Beyonce, Shakira, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, and Jessica Alba.

    Seriously though, the Inauguration is a grand event and all that stuff but, I haven’t gotten nearly as excited about it as I was about election night.

  • I’m a PIC volunteer assigned right in front of the best non-seated area, plus i have tickets to the parade bleachers, plus the Youth/MTV Ball, plus an after party til 5am. at the end of the day i will be exhausted, cold, drunk, and freaking pumped to be smack dab in the middle of history. how many times will we inaugurate our first black president???

  • Agree with Darkside in so many ways – but really – on election night I was like hell yeah I am going to go to the inauguration of this president, but as the days have passed my excitement about it has waned. I am staying at home with my family to watch the events unfold on TV – I will have a better view!

  • I just can’t bring myself to do it. I went in ’93 and ’05 and I’ve done the ball circuits too. While I get that this one is different and whatnot, I’m taking a pass. I hate crowds, tourists and enthusiasm, so I’ll be at home with my Snuggie (if it ever gets here!), some bourbon, a fire and my dog.

  • Kalia, I remember that day. After sitting under the Potomac River for 20 minutes, I got off at Foggy Bottom and walked all the way home to Waterfront SW.

  • Ferdelance — I heard on teevee that there is approximately one porta-john for every 6,000 people!!!

  • The first inaguaration I attended was Carter. There was lots of fresh hope in the wind.

    I have Obamapneumonia. Caught it this summer and hope it lasts for another eight years.

    But the thought of being downtown in this cold and the crowds (and now that they are saying Metros gonna be screwed up…)

    I’ll stock up over the weekend and snuggle with my partner for a few days.

    A kind of John and Yoko Bed-In for peace and all that’s right, ya know?

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