Free Cupcakes To First 500 Customers For Red Velvet Cupcakery Grand Opening


If anyone checks them out be sure to let us know how their cupcakes rank.

From an email:

Red Velvet will celebrate its grand opening on Thursday, January 15, 2009 by offering a complimentary cupcake to its first 500 customers. Red Velvet is open daily from 11am to 11pm.

Red Velvet is located on the corner of 7th St. and E St., NW (675 E St., NW; entrance on 7th St.) one block from the Verizon Center.

David Guas, the original creative force behind the sweets at Ceiba, TenPenh, Acadiana, and DC Coast, is the creator and executive pastry chef behind Red Velvet. In 2004, Guas was named Pastry Chef of the Year by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington, and Bon Appétit called him one of the country’s eight “Dessert Stars.” Red Velvet will feature a number of David’s signature flavors, many of them based on his Louisiana and Cuban heritage.

“From the finest French chocolate, the best European butter to the aromatic vanillas of the Bourbon Islands in Madagascar, Red Velvet seduces you from first bite to the last crumb. Baked in small batches to ensure the highest quality, Red Velvet prides itself on irresistible flavors and the yum factor,” says David.

Signature Red Velvet cupcakes include: morning call – chocolate espresso cake with mocha butter cream; devil’s food – chocolate-buttermilk cake with bittersweet chocolate ganache; peanut butter cup – chocolate chocolate-chip cake with salted peanut butter frosting; and southern belle – red velvet cake with whipped cream cheese frosting.

Red Velvet offers catering and pick-up services and delivery within the Penn Quarter.

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  • hhmmmm – another cupcake place. Can’t someone have an original idea?

  • FWIW, they had a soft opening a couple weeks ago, and their cupcakes are awesome. I know the cupcake thing is getting a little overdone, but going here is definitely not a mistake.

  • Seriously!

    I mean this is cool, but can’t someone, you know, have fresh fruit danishes or something a little cooler? The transition from cutting edge to boring is now about 18 months.

  • I had their chocolate and peanut butter cupcake last week. I consider myself a discriminating consumer of desserts and was pleasantly surprised by how good the cupcake was–moist, not too sweet, plenty of chocolate and peanut butter flavor. Although it’s dangerous having such an establishment so close to my office!

  • OMG I have been waiting so long for a cupcake place to open in DC!! This is the best news ever!

    Oh wait.

  • Hey has anyone noticed that there are several newish cupcake places in the District now? Ohmygosh we’re totally copying New York!

    Yes, we get it people, trends piss you off.

  • Tried their chocolate peanut butter cupcake (choc cake and pb icing), it was okay. I guess my palate isn’t refined enough because I wasn’t blown away. I was expecting to be blown away for over $4 per cupcake.

  • I went by and got a devil’s food cupcake. It was pretty good, moist and rich, wouldn’t pay for it though.

    Also the people waiting in line were the most rude, self-involved people ever. It’s 24 degrees out, and the people kept holding the door open. I mean how hard is it to think, “oh hey, I bet the people inside will get cold,” or “hey, once I get inside, I wouldn’t want it to be cold,” or, you know, “it’s so nice that this place is giving away free food, maybe I should think about the comfort of the workers and not freeze them to death.”

  • Are you new to DC?

  • Nah, man, but I don’t think Washingtonians are that bad…not even the carpet baggers.

  • People are nice in DC. Don’t be so negative

  • I’d sell just the tops and give the bottoms to the homeless.

  • @james: you could deliver them via the Peterman Reality Tour bus

  • LOL@ James

  • 2:20

    since when have the carpetbaggers been worse than DC residents EVER?

    It’s always the reverse man, always.

  • omg–I want one of those red velvets right now.

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