Festivus Over – Adams Morgan Kiosk Now Accepting Messages To The President


Thanks to a reader for sending. Though, I’m sensing a trend here. The Festivus Kiosk was super popular. Now you can post a message to Obama. My guess is that if you hold out for a few more weeks you’ll be able to send a message to God or maybe Jimi Hendrix? Who would you like to send a message to? I think it would be a far more interesting read if they solicited messages to President Bush…


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  • Who runs the Kiosk. or who has adopted it recently. loving it

  • they should host a ‘post secret’ kind of thing…. ive been dying to tell everyone about my unnatural love of penguins…or that i sell my roommates panties on ebay.

  • ugh, that was supposed to be anonymous…damnit.

  • saf

    Anon – it’s the Adams Morgan BID, working with the local merchants.

  • Vonstallin

    christopher Says:
    January 16th, 2009 at 3:22 pm
    ugh, that was supposed to be anonymous…damnit.



  • Christopher- thanks for the great laugh this morning!

  • Now that I know they are valuable, I’ll start selling them myself.

  • 1st time was cute, 2nd time boring, 3rd time…please don’t let there be a 3rd time.

  • The value of blog communications to me is that it’s democratic. Anyone who wants to say something (if they have a computer) can. One of the things I really like about the PoP is that he has a positive spirit. He introduces topics and ideas and lets all of us comment. He is oriented optimistically and positively. I like that.

    My perspective is that anyone should be able to say what they want (and hopefully they’ve thought it through). I read what people have to say and unless there is something factually wrong or, based on my experience, I can add, I move on. And in my mind, the rule is not to shut folks down. However, there are those who want to exert control. Shut people up. My own thought is “why?”

    I may or may not be selling my panties online (in fact I am). But what’s it matter. If you don’t like a comment, move on. What’s the value of shutting people up? Make you feel good?

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