Fenty to Announce Development Deal for $80M Project at Ft. Totten

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Thanks to a reader for sending.

” Mayor Adrian M. Fenty will announce the District has reached a deal with Lowe Enterprises and Jacksophie Development to dispose of a District-owned property that will be redeveloped into an $80 million mixed-use project near the Ft. Totten Metrorail Station. The project is one phase of a three-phase project that will ultimately total a million square feet of development on nine acres of land around the intersection of Riggs Road and South Dakota Avenue.”

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  • Very interesting! I am intrigued to find out what this will entail.

    Keep up the great work with your blog! I linked yours into my favs list.

    I grew up in Petworth!


  • Maybe this massive project will provide the impetus for extending yellow line service to Fort Totten into rush hour as well? I imagine developing that area, along with the massive developments ongoing around the Petworth station, will seriously increase yellow/green line ridership ..

  • Yipee! Hope this helps my hood!

  • Would be interested in more details on this if you come across them, PoP, but the idea sounds good! It’s crazy that a Metro station inside the District, on three lines, has had so little development around it! I know they have those apartments there now (the ones with the sign that says “Live this close to the Metro!”) but it seems like there’s nothing else around that would make me want to live that close to the Ft. Totten Metro.

  • I grew up in this area and I am gald to hear that the construction will be starting soon. There is a poster located at Riggs Road and South Dakota Avenue that shows the completed project and it looks AWESOME! Reminds me of Columbia Heights with less congestion.

  • Great to hear. There are few shopping/retail/restaurant options in this area and I’m a big supporter of infill development that creates high density around the metros. I think what they’re doing at PG Plaza is good as well. My sister lives in Riverdale & is always talking about how development has passed by PG County, but finally it seems like there’s a lot in the works.

  • here is the website of the first phase: http://www.forttottensquare.com/

  • I live in the new-ish apartments just by the metro and am very happy to hear this. The big thing I miss from Petworth is walking to Temperance Hall, Domku, etc. However, the new apartments already have retail space for lease and they have had trouble getting any shops in there, so we’ll see how this goes.

  • Anonymous,
    How much is the rent in those apts?

  • hey that’s my foto! suh-weet!

  • We have 1 BD + den + balcony and it went up to $1500 this year. The third bldg just opened a few months ago and there is a parking garage there. Plus, we have a pool, friendly front desk staff, and responsive maintenance people. Not to try and “sell” them on PoP’s blog, but they really are quite nice and we’ve been very happy there for the past year.

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