Either The Economy Is Totally Screwed or Sneakers Have Really Gotten Way Too Expensive

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I noticed this sign at the Foot Locker on 14th Street just south of U Street. A layaway program for sneakers! Insane! This is the most frightening sign I’ve seen a very long time.

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  • Vonstallin

    The way I see it.
    Maybe the high schoolers use this plan. For a highschooler even $80 is alot and maybe their parents will not buy it. Just an idea.

    I remember when I was in Jr Highschool I used the layaway at Zayers and Hects for my gear.
    But this was back in the 80’s

  • Well, if $80 is a lot for a person, they should not be buying $80 sneakers and just tell their subbacultcha to suck it if they are not wearing the must have sneakers of the day.

    On a slightly more serious note – this reminds me of Brazil where you can (and a lot of people do) buy almost anything in installments. πŸ™‚

  • You would be amazed at the conspicuous consumption of certain people. I know of people that won’t wear a sneaker twice. Others that won’t walk in grass with sneakers. People that won’t wear a pair of sneakers unless they look brand new. I look around the metro and see young women with babies in a cheaply made stroller. Yet, the child will have on an expensive pair of Air Jordans.

    Just recently people lined up overnight to buy a $200+ pair of Air Jordans. It was the 23rd edition. Yes, 23 years of selling a product produced for a pittance and sold to the poorest demographic of society. Either the marketers are insanely brilliant or the people are incredibly dumb.

  • Pretty sure wearing sneakers that cost less than $100 counts as child abuse nowdays.

  • kudos nate…. your thoughts on the matter, as always (at least to me anyway) seem spot on.

    this morning on the radio, i heard a discussion about obama calling on the ‘gangsta’ culture to grow up and take responsability. they were saying that as a black president, he could do it, where as it was racist for any previous president to do it… ass backwards?

  • I don’t know, I don’t think anyone who uses layaway to pay for shoes is necessarily being fiscally irresponsible. Haven’t any of you ever bought something with a credit card when you didn’t have the funds right then but knew you would in a month or two? This just helps people who can’t qualify for a credit card with decent terms and interest rate, and it’s certainly better than a payday loan. As to why not wait until you do have the funds, maybe your kid needs the shoes now, or maybe you’re worried they’ll run out of your size.

  • Anonymous – I agree – layaway is a responsible way to buy for many people who are unbanked. It is the cash equivelent of a credit card with a better outcome – you actually pay it before you get the merchandise.

  • i think were discussing 2 different scenarios here. believe me, i know the benefits of layaway… if the k-mart back home hadnt offered it, i would probably not have had a christmas for the first 15 or so years of my life. i think its great when poor folks are fiscally responsible enough to lay away christmas gifts in sept and pay them off by dec. what i was addressing was more in line with gforgoods sentiment…if $80 is a lot of money to you, then you probably shouldnt be buying an $80 pair of shoes. grow up, strap on your $49.99 kicks, and walk to the bank to deposit the rest into a savings account.

  • Today I was getting on the bus at 14th & Park. I saw a young lady, scratch that woman, getting on the bus with 3 kids. One on the hip. One was ~10 y/o. And one in a cheaply made stroller. All three kids, including the infant, had on name brand shoes. So as she is getting on the bus, she looks at me as if she was entitled to my help in assisting her on to the bus.

    I wouldn’t help her. hey you make three babies by the time you are 28 years old by 2-3 different men, then you should be made to make it the best way you can. Anyway, a homeless man eventually helped her with the stroller. If you ask me, the message needs to be sent to these young women that having all these babies with no means to support them is no walk in the park. You do not deserve any RESPECT or entitlement because you are able to lie on your back and push out a baby.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Give us break Nate. You really have a gift in crossing the line. I can’t tell if you’re just looking for a reaction but please do me a personal favor and use some judgment before posting here.

  • Hey PoP. It’s your blog. You set the rules. I have no problem with abiding by them. Posting on a blog is not a good way of getting a reaction out of people anyway. Face to face would be more rewarding. Anyway, I tend to be more conservative on issues like this. My posts express that. Others are more liberal. Ditto for their posts.

    Maybe my posts seem more harsh because I see this ‘you owe me something behavior’ on a daily basis. From the bus to the neighborhood, it is always “gimme this” or “hey brother man that”. Factor in the crime and violence and it either makes you extremely sympathetic to the cause or downright angry. I guess I am more in line with the latter.

    On a lighter note, you profiled ZiZi Boutique last week I think. The owner of the shop, Maimuna, is my coworker. Good work. Nice pics too. I noticed the post and passed it around the office. Hope that brings you more viewers. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Thanks Nate. The next PoP happy hour will be in early March and I would love to meet in person.


  • Vonstallin

    Man you guys took the $80 shoes to the next level.
    I was trying to figure a price range that would Necessitate the use of layaway.

    My parents used it alot back in the 80’s. I feel its better than a credit card since most are just the price of the item and no interest. I remember I wanted some BK’s back in the 80’s but my shoe allowance was $20 πŸ™ and the BK’s cost about $39. My dad said He is only paying $20 if i want them that bad I will have to pay for the rest.

    I never got them…I brought comic books instead πŸ™‚

    Today I dont wear tennis shoes much. I wear timberland boots year round. I don’t know what is expensive or not.

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