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  • saf

    While I am glad that we got “Justice for All” on there, I do so wish we could have had one that actually represents DC, rather than (wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but…) Duke Ellington.

    Last February, when they turned down the “Taxation Without Representation” designs, my thoughts (as posted elsewhere at that point) ran along the lines of:
    So here we go again. Another round of “Washington DC belongs to everyone! You people who live there are just sleazy political transients who have nothing of your own – be grateful that we want to give you a quarter! Just behave and show nice happy images of fedworld, and be happy that we let you play in our sandbox. It’s not like anyone lives there! And the founding fathers hated you too” Well fuck that noise. Learn some history, then we can talk.

    So, should we say “Keep your damn quarter?” Maybe. What are the odds the mint will approve anything other than a pretty, generic, bland, UNREPRESENTATIVE, image of fedworld? Pretty slim.

    And Adrian, I am disappointed. You should fight longer, harder and louder. Eleanor, where the hell are you in this?

    I have seen a few really good ideas floating around though. The most likely to catch the eye of city government, and one that I could happily live with – a picture of either Frederick Douglass or Cedar Hill, inscribed “Agitate. Agitate. Agitate.”

    Other thoughts that I like that would never even be allowed in the door of the mint:
    Chuck Brown playing on the Big Chair. Shoot, let’s inscribe that “Bustin’ Loose.”
    Parliament on stage, inscribed “Chocolate City.”
    Walter Washington, inscribed “Limited Home Rule”
    How about Julius Hobson?” We could inscribe that with our city motto, “Justitia omnibus.” (We might get away with that, now that I think about it.)
    And if we must have a fedworld image to get approved, let’s consider the Capitol Dome, inscribed “Consent of the Governed.”

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