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Ok, I swear I’m not joking here. I know the door’s a bit beat up but I’ve never seen a cabana door on a row house before. My old apartment building used to have cabana doors and they were sweet. I guess they went out of style with the advent of screen doors but I still dig them. This one would be sweet with a bit of paint and sanding.

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  • my old building had these doors on every apartment…in the days before AC it helped cool the buildings by allowing cross ventilation. And anyway, they looked really cool, too.

  • i installed one on my house last year after seeing a house on capitol hill with one

  • I know that house… I wish the guy that lived there would invest in a weed wacker or something. The place is a mess.

  • This should’ve been the photo for your caption contest.

  • There’s a few like this in Georgetown (30th above M?).

    The University of Virginia has them on some of the Jefferson-designed residential buildings (including The Lawn and The Range). Since a/c units are prohibited on those buildings (in VA – not kidding!), they are useful and well-used.

  • Vonstallin

    I thought the Paramount on Georgia and Quincy use to have those also. A regular door plus that as a screen door.

    I could be thinking of somewhere else tho.

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