Does It Bother Anyone Else…

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That the guy is so out of proportion. It looks like the guy has a shrunken head. I’m just saying, I think it takes away from the message is all…

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  • In that case, this should’ve been house of the day.

  • why is he thankful? do they give jobs at the park.

  • isnt ‘the park’ that new luxury condo building? i would be thankful too!

  • But it made you look and comment, thus art has been fulfilled as it evokes a response. Like poo.

  • …ow the housing shortage in dc… it’s redic

  • Pennywise, ha!

  • i’ve seen the head around. looks like someone else filled in the legs.

  • I completely stopped caring about these issues.

    I met a guy who was working in an office and hated it. He talked about how he painted old lady’s rooms in their houses for about $300 per day on weekends and how much he hated his job where he didn’t make anywhere near as much money. Finally, after months, I asked him why he didn’t just form his own painting company, but he hemmed and hawed about it. When he finally did he made a lot of money and hired guys off the parking lot to help him out- he had a truck with his name on the side. Why the heck is it that people with low educations don’t understand that they should form their own companies rather than work for someone else.

    I’m so frustrated with these guys standing on the corners who will be homeless as soon as grandma throws them out- I don’t care about your problems anymore. Live at the park for all I care! It’s your fault you didn’t go to college or start a company when everyone else did! It’s your fault- live with your mistakes!

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