Digital TV Conversion To Go Forward Feb. 17

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Yesterday it seemed that Congress was going to delay the switch until June. But we learned today that the bill to delay the transfer failed in the house. I really do hope those with bunny ears got the converter box because as I mentioned in early December, it’s freaking sweet! Since December, due to the extra channels I receive including universal sports, I have become a serious connoisseur of ski jumping and luge. Holy cow are the German women good at luge. So if you have bunny ears don’t delay any longer. And trust me, all the luge you’ll get to watch is worth it in and of itself. And maybe these ridiculous huge dishes (pictured above) can finally be removed…

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  • my family can’t get Channel 22 under the new system…

  • I’m enjoying my converter box as well. I’ll pass along this link in case someone needs it though — my mom in Cali hooked up hers and got almost no channels with it (she lives in a dead zone), but I asked around today and there’s a website where you can put in your address and it tells you what kind of reception you get, and if you get poor reception, what kind of antenna you might need. Anyway, we found it helpful, since she really doesn’t want to start paying for cable.

  • Something I didn’t know – you will have to rescan for your channels when the conversion comes because some stations may have new channels.

  • Wait, you the channels are already being broadcast in digital? I thought that wasn’t starting until after the transition?

  • Vonstallin

    I think what happens is that Analog channels will die…Digital is already up n running. I switch to Over the air for the superbowl every year since 2005 since I dont have HD cable. The picture is unreal. I also watch PBS events and use to watch CSI and Star Trek Enterprise over the Air HDTV.

    I brought a HD antena when I got the HDTV.

  • Vonstallin

    PS: The Dish in the picture was the first one in the general area. I thought that was so high tech.

  • Caffeind,

    What do you think that people have been watching on their HDTVs for the last several years? I’m pretty sure that in DC the networks broadcast HDTV channels as early as Christmas 1998, about 11 years ago. I had friends with a big screen tv who had some stations before my kids were born, so around 2001-2002.

  • And isn’t there a difference between high-def and digital? High-def has to be digital but digital doesn’t necessarily mean high-def…and you don’t need a high def TV to receive the digital signals. Is that right?

  • Well, it might be freakin’ sweet to have digital with bunny ears … but let me tell you, every time a bus goes in front of the house or a helicopter flies over going to the hospital, I loose all reception until the obstical is gone.

  • I get good reception with a pair of rabbit ears. No “high def antenna” needed.

  • It is likely that the House will take a new vote on the bill again next week to enact a delay. Under the rules for consideration next week, the bill is more likely to pass.

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