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  • Will the rowhomes have porches attached?

    They look pretty similar to those behind the CH Giant. Someone please refresh my memory — did Donatelli build that one, too?

  • Vonstallin

    It’s all good…..
    The row homes (thumbs up)

    The V thingies (thumbs up)

  • Didn’t someone from Donatelli say the V things were supports for a shade canoy on the roof? It looks like that is what they are turning into. I think they are also supposed to be painted when it is complete.

  • fitting in nicely

  • They look nice and all-but do you think they are gonna be snapped up-continuing the dreamed of renaissance of this area? I know you guys read the papers….

  • reuben, it all depends on how they’re priced. I imagine there’d be lots of interested potential buyers, but they’re not gonna pay bubble prices.

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