December Home/Condo Sales


Thanks again to DC realtor Kevin Wood for compiling this list of home/condo sales for zip codes – 20011, 20010, 20009 and 20001. Click below on “December Sales” for the full list in pdf format.  There is surprisingly a ton of activity.  Please let me know if there are other zipcodes you’d like included in future home sales reports.

December Sales

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  • Odd that zillow shows 214 P St NW sold at 436,000 while this listing shows that property at 299,900…

  • Nice to see things selling under asking… those bidding wars went on far too long. I hope all those greedy people who drove up prices had their profits invested in the stock market.

  • zillow has many many flaws. not to say they are wrong in this case. but they currently have my house zestimated at 100k above what the city has it assessed at. and the city has it assessed at 75k more than I paid for it a couple months ago. so go figure.

  • yeah but i’m not talking about the zillow zestimate – $436000 is shown as the sale price. interesting.

  • Eric – it just says “recently sold” at that price. That could mean several months ago, and the 299k could be the right price from Dec 2008.

  • ahhh… very very interesting point. you are correct, the $436K price is from 10/28/08, not december.

    still, very odd situation there, someone took a bath of $137K in 2 months…?

  • I don’t know too much about this, but perhaps the bank foreclosed in Oct and “bought” the house for 436k, and then sold to a new buyer for 299k in December.

    Other people might be able to shed light on this, but I think when you see these apparent appreciations or depreciations there’s foreclosure or other non-conventional activity going on … the market isn’t actually falling *that* quickly.

  • Re: 214 P St, I see on Redfin it sold for $436K in Oct 2008. So is it possible to foreclose on your home in a matter of 2 months? Doesn’t seem possible…


  • Just a note about Zillow: if the D.C. tax assessment/sales databases are incorrect, Zillow’s info will be incorrect. I know because my purchase information is incorrect in the D.C. records (they transposed a “7” with a “1”), though I have contacted them numerous times to correct in their records.

    I would not depend on either as the FINAL word on anything.

  • Reading between the lines of the previous two listings for 214 P, my best guess is that it was a hard money (aka private equity lender) foreclosure on an investor (there is Seller financing offered on the most recent listing).

  • PN Hoffman renovated three houses (all next to each other) on V Street NW and has already sold two of the three, one of which is listed on this sales sheet for $30k under the $675k list price. It doesn’t appear as if prices are declining significantly in that general area.

  • I am getting ready to my house on the market and it is a total gut job that has 4br 3.5ba

    It seems like it is tough to break the $500k mark.

    Once We get it listed, I will be sure to have PoP post as a GDoN. I have a tough skin, so I think I can take the abuse. 🙂

  • interesting that 3 condos in 646 Irving st have already sold!

    I guess that’s why developers of the “Park View” and “Kenyon Condos” on the 600 blocks of Kenyon and Irving were inspired to resume their renovation efforts

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