DC Preservation League Seeks Nominations for Threatened Buildings and Landmarks


From a reader:

“DCPL seeks citywide nominations for threatened buildings, landmarks, landscapes, etc.
If you want to know more about the Most Endangered Places program, feel free to visit our website at www.dcpreservation.org. There, you can download an application and look at lists from former years.”

Here is a list of most endangered places from 2008.

Seems like a great program. Anyone have any recommendations?

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  • I’m still amazed at what a shithole Fort Stevens is. Its a dumping ground for trash and bottles, and there’s often guys living in the moat there, not to mention its use an an open air toilet by people and dogs. So, that would be up on my list. However, its NPS turf, so it probably doesn’t qualify as it merely symbolizes our colonial oppression. Any veteran should chew out any NPS employee on this issue, its really disgraceful.

  • Pennwise…I agree, and would broaden the shithole characterization to all the DC and NPS owned property in our neck of the woods. Perhaps naming them to the most threatned landmarks woudl be fitting. I have to say that an exception to this is the Ft Totten pedestrian path, which NPS cleans trash from on a daily basis. I suspect that this is only becuase the we would be litterally be wadding through crap food wrappers, black and mild butts, and old country cans.

  • take note of the fact that the st. elizabeth’s campus, which has made this list in the past, is currently planned to be the home of the department of homeland security in the near future.

    apparently now it could be stripped of its historic status protection.

    as a person who works in the DHS field, i’d be interested to see what your opinion is of this, PoP.

  • I can’t believe DCPL continues to defend the Third Church of Christian Science. It is an ugly block of nasty concrete which is why everyone hates it (including the current congregation) and the DCPL is fighting to save it. Call it what you will, Brutalism or just butt ugly, they are fighting the wrong fight here and lose credibility.

  • I looked at several years of their Most Endangered Places. I’d nominate all the boarded up properties owned by Shiloh Baptist Church in Shaw. I’d probably also put DC public libraries on the list. The MLK branch downtown has been on a couple years’ lists and rightfully so since it was designed by a famous architect, but ALL of DC’s libraries are suffering from long term neglect.

  • Old wood frame houses around the Anacostia metro, near the Frederick Douglass homestead.

  • Drewlove, to each his own. People once thought Victorian architecture was gaudy, vulgar and not worth saving. Tastes change. The Third Church is a significant building designed by an international architect. Does it have its critics? Yeah. But it also has its defenders. The case deserves to be evaluated.

    BTW, it is strange the congregetion who hired the architect, paid for the design, built the building, and touted its architecture in their visitors guide, should now decide (because a developer wants to put together a lucrative deal for their site) that their building is too ugly for them to make use of. Pretty disengenous if you ask me. They should just tell the truth…”we want to tear down our building so that we’ll make a fortune.”

    Never mind all the wasted energy and contruction materials that went into building the thing in the first place. Wasteful.

  • You have some good ideas. We encourage you to fill out a nomination form. You can download one from http://www.dcpreservation.org

  • I agree with DC Preservation League on some of the listings, that church on 16th and I seems high maintenence possibly a compromise, even if it is IM pei’s work, I can see the buildings on 3rd and E and St E’s, and all the other listings.
    I think there are several buildings that are worth looking into:
    3300-04 Georgia Ave ( Eddie Leonard is there now, and the one with the conical roof next door)
    4300 block of Kansas Ave for their wonderful victorian presence, along with 739 RC Church Rd which has a red tin roof and an old carriage house at 739,(notice hayloft at alley)
    Georgia and Florida Avenue…the old Popeyes
    3624 Georgia Ave, once a FW Woolworth 5 and 10, now a Lion Market is there.
    There are many noteworthy buildings here.
    Park View Elementary…built in 1916 addition completed in 1931 of red tapestry brick.

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