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I don’t think this one is going to vanish anytime soon but I do appreciate signs that say “Good Food”. I’m gonna start a little “Good Food” sign series…

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  • I’ve been wondering if this is the same business that was on 18th just above Columbia…? Before I left DC 18 years ago, that Trio was my preferred source of molecule-thin walking pizza. After moving back to town, I hit that intersection and like, I was, like, all, ???? ‘n whatnot, ‘n stuff.

  • expect when the food isn’t good

  • Isn’t this Trio on 17th St (in Dupont)?

  • Yes, its the one on 17th in Dupont area. Trio’s is a DC institution. There was Trio’s Pizza, which I believe is now closed, and Trio’s Fox and Hounds, which (as of a few years ago), was a great bar that gave you a glass full of liquor and a small bottle of soda to mix it (or whatever you mixer was). Finally there is Trio’s the restaurant, which this sign is for. I really like Trio’s restaurant as they had a diverse menu, informal setting, etc., and they did a good breakfast. It was the closest thing to a NYC standard diner that I ever found in DC. With that said, sometimes the waiters were on heroin or MDMA or some such, and the food was not exactly cooked. This did not happen often but did happen a few times in the many times I went there, when I lived the area.

  • 17th and Q.

    The pizza is gone – I went looking for it this summer after being out of the area for almost 10 years, and was really disappointed. They sold of the space a few years ago and it’s like a Sushi place now, or something equally boring.

  • great sign, too bad it’s not true in trio’s case.

  • This is my ‘hood, so I thought I’d chime in. I never had the pizza from Trio’s pizza, so I can’t say I miss it, but it has been replaced with a quite excellent seafood restaurant called Hank’s Oyster Bar. Perhaps not as budget-neutral as pizza, but a really nice addition to an area with a plethora of mediocre restaurants.

  • Hank’s Oyster Bar is in the old Trio Pizza spot – and good ridance, that was the worst pizza in the world.

  • Intangible Arts:

    Trio’s did indeed, for many years, have another pizza/carryout location just north of 18th and Columbia (actually on Adams Mill Road). If I remember correctly, it was one storefront north of where Adams Mill Grill is today. At some point in the 90’s, the name was changed to “Rio’s” (I’m not sure why…), but it still had the same pizza. That location closed in the mid- to late-90s.

    Otherwise, I live about a block from the 17th Street Trio’s today, and I sort of miss the pizza/carry out place that they operated. It was nice to be able to get a late night slice there, and they had a great vertical neon sign that alternated between the words “Pizza” and “Submarines.”

    Hank’s Oyster Bar has been a good replacement for the carry out, though. It’s a pretty nice place with decent food in a neighborhood with a lot of mediocre options.

  • Thanks Hiya & others, for helping me find closure on this Trio’s mystery.

    And no, it wasn’t “stellar cuisine,” it was walking pizza. Utility grade. Thin, greasy, artery-destroying, big, and cheap. Therefore, it was wonderful. Back then, there was no green line, so I had to walk from my CH basement down Columbia Rd, grab a slice at Trio’s & head across the bridge to the metro… By the time I had a better job offer & left town, I had perfected the art of stuffing face with a Trio’s slice while reading a novel, while walking. And not trepanning myself on a signpost.

    That’s good livin’, that is.

    Some other time, I’ll rant and cry about other great losses from that time period. Like Siddhartha’s indian vegetarian place (i think it was on K street downtown)…

  • Pennywise, fortunately the Fox and Hounds bar is intact just as you describe it. Their patio is extremely popular with the happy hour crowd in the warmer months, and you can get the same treatment over at Trio’s. It’s a wonderful old neighborhood institution that I hope never goes away.

  • Trio’s rocks – awesome fried anything! Fox & Hounds Rocks – love the glass of vodka with a side of tonic – but only to sit outside. The “inside crowd” at F& H is a whole other brand of barfly – sketchy and shady – plus the inside reminds me of the set of a 70s porn.

  • I was reading an old magazine article about a Martin Luther King march and it said that he took all of his friends over to Trio’s Pizza in Dupont Circle because the place they wanted to eat was segregated.

    When I asked the bartender about it no one in the restaurant had ever heard it before. but it was a real article I read. anyone know?

  • This is one of my all time favorites. I’ve taken photos of it myself. how can you go wrong with a neon sign that says “Stakes Chops”.

  • I should add that the pizza was awesome and I miss it. It was fav in the city. nice and greasy and big. you could sprinkle things on top. many o nights in the ’90s did I stagger out of a local bar and head for trios pizza. and yes, there use to be another location in adam’s morgan.

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