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  • This space is the biggest waste in all of Gtown (on Wisconsin, above M). Take a historic theatre and turn it into a cheesy jewelry depot with little to no renovation to the exterior. The sign is the proverbial icing on the cake

  • saf

    Ok, so all the GW alumni in the room – remember when that place showed “Caligula” every night, and everybody had to go at least once? (I admit, I never did. I was not cool enough.)

  • The Georgetown sign has great potential, building is certainly historic, note the pre 1960 pictures of the Georgetown Theater, then look at it now, the facade of formstone looks like a page out of Baltimore where formstone was invented….keep your fingers crossed with that wonderful Georgetown sign…similar but newer than the Howard Theater sign.
    I remember also the showing of Caligula about 1980 or 81, movie reviews in both the Post and the old Washington Star was terrible, but, surprisingly enough, that’s how I remember it as a theater.

  • I remember. I also remember classic, monster-shot porno they used to show at The Biograph. Just me and a bunch of old pervs in raincoats. Good times. Kids nowdays and their Xbox and torrent files and their shaved pudenda. WTF is up with all the shaving? God meant for you to have hair down there. I hate America.

  • Please cease and desist with the references to Caligula, or I’ll be compelled to vomit all over my computer screen before blowing my brains out.

  • There is a wonderful home for old neon signs The American Sign Museum in Cincinnati.


  • It’s kind of funny how many Georgetowns are so uppity about historic preservation that they have blocked an Apple store from opening on Wisconsin, yet this great old sign is allowed to rot away. And it’s been this way for a LONG time.

  • Saf:

    This Howard U alum saw “Caligula” there, too 🙂 The “Rocky Horror Picture Show” was the other Georgetown movie draw at the time.

    Ah, good times!

  • Wow. I saw “True Grit” and “Bang The Drum Slowly” here…

  • saf

    Denise – RHPS was showing at the Cerberus when I was an undergrad. I think. Maybe at the Foundry.

    We also had the midnight showing of “Liquid Sky” at the Circle, and “Harold and Maude” at the Biograph.

    I love movie theaters. I miss movie palaces.

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