Ben’s Gets New Sign

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Well, anyone who has been to U Street over this inauguration week has noticed how insanely crowded Ben’s has been. And wouldn’t you know it, I’ve never craved chili cheese fries more… Ah, the beauty of living in the area! But anyway, I just noticed that they got a new sign. And Ben’s next door is a fanatastic new/bar for the neighborhood. Anyone lucky enough to get into Ben’s Next Door?


Didn’t anyone notice this new (temporary) addition as well?


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  • That new sign really sucks. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I think with all the hooplah this weekend they wanted to spruce things up…

    I made my yearly trek to Ben’s a few weeks ago and Next Door was a day or two from opening, but they were allowing people in to check it out. I did and I was really impressed with how it looked…hopefully the food is as good as the set-up is.

  • But the new sign is really for Ben’s Next Door. I like it – I have a picture of the other side for Next Door on my blog, by the way. Of course, Ben’s sign rocks and shouldn’t be messed with, but this one is for Next Door and I think, fresh as well.

  • My bad…from the Prince’s photo it looks like that old sign was removed. If the old one is still there, I actually like how one side is for the Bowl and one is for Next Door.

  • Vonstallin

    I’m craving a fat 1/4 lbs chicken dog now…sigh….

  • We watched the Inauguration at Next Door. Awesome vibe and great TVs. BET was filming there so the place was packed.

  • I was there to watch the Steelers game on Sunday. Overall, it’s a nice addition to the neighborhood. Of course it was pretty crowded in there, but the bartenders were quick and attentive…I didn’t have to wait too long to get a drink. The bartenders work double duty by serving up Ben’s signature hot dogs and chili, which you get quickly because they are basically cooking on a little hot dog cooker right on top of the bar. I didn’t get to see a menu, so I don’t know what type of other food they offer. There are plenty of TVs there, so it’s a great place to catch a game. Again…nice addition to the ‘hood, but nothing amazing.

  • went to ben’s next door on monday night after about an hour wait, but not really sure why it took that long since it seemed there were a few open tables sitting around in the back when we got seated. but the entire staff was very friendly even though the place was busy.

    the meal was great, but kind of pricey. not sure if i’ll go back unless rock mixes up the menu. at the end of out meall, rock came upstairs to hand deliver another table’s food and after that he dropped by our table, probably because we were staring at him intently. he was awesome and totally humble and talked to us like we were old friends. he got to meet obama when he dropped by with fenty and said he was star-struck and couldn’t say anything intelligible. he’s happy to be in dc at a place with a lot of history and during a time that’s making history.

  • I don’t really like the new sign, plus I thought the place was called “next door” with no obvious reference to Ben’s, and the sign makes it seem like it is called “Ben’s next door.” Minor nit, I guess. But I went to next door a week ago before they started serving the full menu, and I love the long bar. They were serving up the chili half smokes, but they were being cooked on one of those 7-11/movie theater rotating grills, and they didn’t look as good as the blackened and greasy ones served at Ben’s. Rock was walking around, shaking hands, and he was very nice.

  • Check out the chicken wings… to die for.

  • I went to BND at 7PM on Tuesday. Despite the fact that two film crews were there, and that the line for the Chili Bowl was all the way up the alley, my friend and I walked in and got a seat at the bar right away. I got a half smoke and a Guinness, and I was THRILLED! The bartenders were very attentive and the bar had a great vibe. I love this place.

  • I still think they should have a night for locals… (LOL)

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