And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Neighborhood News Coverage – New Petworth Coffee House Official!


Back in November I mentioned that Petworth was getting a new coffee shop but was waiting on its final permits. Well, I’m happy to announce that  Fresh off the Roast Coffee will be opening up its shop at 3917 Georgia Avenue!  I haven’t been this excited since Obama’s inauguration…

Ed. Note: Full disclosure Fresh off the Roast is a PoP advertiser.

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  • Great news!

  • Is it an art gallery? art gallery/coffee house? I am confused. This is about a couple blocks up from the metro correct?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    The art gallery is an old sign. I think it used to be a framing shop. It’s just a few blocks north of the Petworth metro and will be a regular coffee house/lounge. Click on the link in the post to see the layout.

  • Good news indeed. This is near the Wendy’s right? A bit off the beaten path in terms of foot traffic. I’ll definitely support it. I am surprised that noone has bought the Eatmore Fried Chicken and the building next door. It is a stone’s throw from the metro. I actually considered buying (even had it under contract) the building next to Eatmore Fried Chicken.

    Does anyone know how the Indian place is doing? I ate there recently. Business was slow. Moroni’s seems to be doing well though.

  • Fantastic! Best of luck, we’ll try to frequent there.

  • Oooh! Exciting. When does it open?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I would guess they’ll probably open in a couple of months or so (depending on how long it takes to complete renovations) and of course I’ll post when I get the word.

  • very exciting news! I hope they have lots of seating without the “look at me, I’m on a laptop drinking a latte, I must be important!” types taking them all up.

  • Kalia, haha.. good one! As the floor plan seems to indicate there won’t be that many seats, they might need to institute a “no bloggers or lap-top-hipsters” policy! 😉

  • haha so true! I hope they serve drip coffee only and cover all electricity outlets 😉

  • Nate- what Indian place are you referring to?

  • Sometimes my internet at home goes out (like now) and I need access so I can do some work. So I go to a coffee place. I always order food and I’m not doing it to say “hey I’m a hipster look at me I’m important.” In fact, if I were really important my DSL wouldn’t have been out for a week.

  • I thought you’d have more info than just another “Hey, Petworth’s getting a coffee house!” post. Can you spare us the quid pro quo advertising until you have an opening date? “A couple of months away” is not really news, yeah?

  • Thanks PoP!! I’ve biked past and never slowed down enough to really read the sign.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Well Anon 7:52. The news here is that the location has been announced for the first time. I’m sorry that’s so terribly offensive to you. Previously the owner didn’t want to announce the exact address until the permitting process had been finalized.

  • Yeesh. Since the coffee house is sort of paying for this website and I’m not, I can deal with an “advertorial” post here and there.

  • a coffee shop is great addition to the neighborhood, as well as the indian food!! long awaited! as to the 4th grader style comments about ‘hipsters’ and laptops, gimme a break. people need to grow up and love their neighbors: use of a laptop does not convey self importance, and neither does a particular style aesthetic, and most of the folks that hate on that either need to address their own insecurities or their knee-jerk superficial judgemental bias before subjecting us to it. peace.

  • b-b-but you hipsters drink LATTEs. and use LAPTOPs. what purpose besides peacocking could those things possibly serve??

  • I am reminded again how glad I am that being black is apparently camouflaging my inner hipster. You’ll never spot me, haters! 🙂

  • i wouldnt say that i hate hipsters, or that people with laptops and lattes in coffee shops want to be admired for their coolness. but it is pretty damn annoying when youre unable to enjoy your $9 beverage because a few people decided to set up their home office in a public place!

  • wah wah someone called me out about being a tool and I don’t like it! I’m going to rant and rave about how you are insecure…meh. I’m not hipster, meh…

    I didn’t call you a hipster…you all did.

    And you all assumed I was talking about you. If you go there with your laptop on occassion, whatever, but if you are that dick who thinks you are special because you are sitting there for 4 hours writing your novel drinking your coffee or tea-you know who you are!!! And there are just way too many of you in every coffee house taking up one seat at a 4 top using the entire table space to yourself… GO HOME!

  • If coffee houses started instituting “No Excessive Laptop Use” policies, I never would have seen that godawful Diablo Cody movie.

  • This place is around the corner from my house — hooray! And don’t worry hipster haters, I plan to frequent the place with my BABY. And maybe I’ll even bring in a STROLLER. That would kill the cool faster than fratboy on a Dell in a white baseball cap.

    : )

  • aj, haven’t you heard? Babies are the latest hip accessory…. so you will not kill the cool. 😉

  • Ugh, babies! Gross!

  • As to people setting up their office in a coffee shop, I agree it’s annoying in a high traffic location like Dupont or Logan … but I think this place is enough off the beaten path (for now … in a few years the path could very well be more “beaten”) that I wouldn’t begrudge anyone who wants to support this place, even if they stay there for 4 hours.

  • well apparently the DC-centric coffee shop (ok, that makes me happy) has a blog:
    “electrical work started yesterday and plumbing starts soon.”

  • Joel’s coffee is amazing. Head-and-shoulders above counter-culture, as much as I love counter-culture. He’s got that whole building so I think eventually at least there will be enough seating for hipsters with AND without laptops!

  • Great! Hope they have lots of seating and it is not like “Big Bear Cafe” in Bloomingdale where one would have to elbow somebody with a laptop drinking a latte over 3 hours from a chair to get a spot….

  • Hey All, Owner of Fresh Off the Roast here. Sorry that I cannot be more forthcoming about the opening date, but I have learned not to try to estimate the pace of DC bureaucracy. Be assured that construction is moving along well and should be done within a couple of weeks. More than that I cannot say at this point.

    While it is my hope to meet the needs of the community, I also aspire to build the best coffee house in and around DC,. a place to truly raise the level of coffee appreciation and understanding. That takes patience and thought and lots of input from customers. So feel free to email me with your ideas and concerns: [email protected]

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