2nd Entry For the PoP Obama Week Photo Contest


Wow, this one blew me away. It’s super cool how it focuses on one and blurs out the crowd. It was submitted by Chris S.

Ed. Note: While most folks have tagged their photos with “popobamaweekcontest” in flickr I just wanted to let folks know that I’ve created a PoPville flickr pool here. So please join up and feel free to submit photos of the beautiful life whenever you’d like.

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  • I think that technique is cool too, but that girl just looks kind of out of it … she doesn’t look too happy to be there.

  • The composition is great.. but I agree with U Street Girl. The subjects expression really doesn’t seem to capture the mood of the day. Unless maybe this is a picture of the security lines..?

  • I didn’t know Ann Coulter went to the Inauguration.

  • This picture is stunning!

  • She haz a sad…

  • Is this done with a filter? or post-production photoshop? the areas out of focus appear uniformly out of focus, and the blur seems to be coming from almost the dead center of the picture.

  • Hey Prince – You might want to cap the amount of photos people can post to the photo pool otherwise people like Tyrannous will continue to spam it. I think 3 a day is a reasonable limit, – thats what DCist does.

  • I would guess it’s a digital effect. At least you can achieve the same effect using Picasa, Google’s photo editing program. Select your focal spot, a radius, and then blur everything outside the radius.

  • This is a good picture for a caption contest. “Marietta suddenly realizes there is one porta-potty for every 400 people”

    Awesome effect. Must figure out how to do this with my camera!

  • I think the effect looks too artifical to me. I might be in the minority, but I think photography should be done all in the camera (with the exception of cropping, I suppose). Anyone can make a cool looking photo using photoshop.

  • cool photo, but less about the joy inauguration than it communicates about individuality within a crowd. even then, she mostly looks like an austere Russian in a well-dressed breadline.

    in terms of edits, there looks to be some kind of edit line in the far right corner, towards the top. plus the colors appear to be made more vivid and the whites of her eyes and cap are made brilliant white.

  • I head you Anonymous 4:31, I’m kind of old school. I would still be shooting B & W on my manual 35 mm all the time if someone hadn’t got me a nice digital camera. People call me a Luddite, but I think it’s more authentic. That being said, there are some very cool things that you can do to digitally alter a photo, and I appreciate them, but they’re not my thing. Says the girl who has taken too many photography classes through the years.

  • I’m a huge fan of digital photo editing, like photoshop. I don’t really think it always matters how the end results come about so much as the end result. I’ve been to some exhibits where people painstakingly spent hours upon hours gluing very tiny pieces of things to a giant wall to make their final result and in the end, it just looked like someone glued a bunch of crap to a wall. Nothing exciting about it and who cares that they spent those hours doing it. The final work was boring and not all that creative. Just because you go the long way about something does not jusitfy its success IMO

  • no kalia, thats wrong. and dumb. you are wrong and dumb.*

    *submitted from my laptop at a crowded starbucks near you

  • Could be post processing going on here, but the focus looks a lot like the work of someone with one of these:


  • Vonstallin

    I think I had the same expression standing at 9th and F street and being told to go to 21st and H street inorder to get to the mall….

    Still nice pic…
    Blur and Sharpen….

  • Though inauguration was an incredibly exciting weekend, I can understand the expression on this subject’s face. The weekend involved waiting in a lot of lines and a lot of crowds. Great shot!

  • This was my pic, thanks for all the comments. It is fun to hear what people have to say. A number of you seem to get caught up in whether or not it is ok to do some post-processing. This WAS slightly altered to increase the amount of blur. I don’t claim to be a professional photographer so it’s ok to cheat a little :). The girl in the photo is definitely a little out of it. I think that anyone who participated in all the activities this weekend couldn’t help but get into a zombie mode – it was an amazing time, don’t get me wrong – but standing in lines for hours bundled up like a snow man day after day in freeze cold weather will wear on you, but that is just part of the experience. This shot was taken just after the inauguration as we unsuccessfully attempted to make our way home. I could upload the unprocessed version if anyone is that interested but I’m assuming it’s not that big of a deal.

  • Vonstallin

    You get her Number Chris?


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