Zola Wine & Kitchen Looks Pretty Sweet


For the wine lovers out there you’ll be in heaven. It is located at 505 9th Street, NW in Penn Quarter. You can find a bit more info from the Post’s going out guide.

Anyone think it’d be worth it to make a special trip here versus your local liquor/wine store like D’vines?


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  • My husband and I went to ZW&K for a pricey dessert wine tasting last Friday. It was perhaps the worst wine tasting I’ve ever attended, and it was $80 per person! The woman who ran the tasting called everything “wonderful.” She didn’t seem to know any other way to describe the wines. And – this still kind of boggles my mind – she ran the tasting using a PowerPoint presentation!!! And then wondered why no one was asking questions! There was a plate of desserts on each table, which you would have assumed would have been worked into the tasting. Wrong. Just sat there, no one even told you what was on the plate or what wines the different items might work well with! And the glasses were filthy – many smelled like detergent, and almost all of them had towel lint in them. Really gross. The only high point was when the “assistant” sommelier spoke to the class on a couple of occasions. He seemed to know about 100 times more about wine than the woman conducting the class, who, like, you know, thought the wines were really, like, wondeful. You know?

  • She is Nuts, I’m in the industry and the girl that teaches the class knows about things that I have never heard of in wine. I found the class educational and interesting she put fun back in wine tasting not being one of those stuffy stuck up sommielier that I worked with in New York. If your going to take a wine class you need to want to learn unfortunatly it sounds like anonymous was being a little catty and her husband was probably flirting too much.

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