Wine Tastings At D’Vines Every Thurs. and Fri.


D’Vines located at 3103 14th Street across the street from DC USA has wine tastings every Thursday and Friday from 5:30 – 8 pm. Nice.

They also have a wicked fresh selection of quality beer that I never noticed before:


Anyone check out one of their wine tastings before?

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  • I think the wine tastings there are new. I cant wait to head over.

  • That’s cool. I feel embarrassed to be in my mid-30s and just now “figuring out” wine. That’s what happens when you drink too much Kool-aid and Sunny D in your youth.

  • Speaking of their quality beer selection, they also carry Brooklyn Local 1. That is the best damn beer I have tasted in a long time. Any place local that serves it?

  • Warder kid, amigo, I just had Brooklyn local 1 in the unlikeliest of all places, Tryst cafe in Adams Morgan. Good beer.

  • Looking forward to it!

  • PoP, How have you not noticed D’Vines’ beer selection before? You don’t get out much do you? 😉

  • D’Vines has grown on me. Not great, but better beer selection than you’ll find anywhere else nearby.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ha! I noticed the beer selection in the fridges but the beer that I took a photo was recently moved to this spot! That and I sniff glue from time to time…

  • Compare that to Thunderbird, and Wild Irish Rose, both too strong but still wine is wine.

  • I’ve been to a “tasting” or two. D’Vines has wine tastings in the same manner that Costco has chef’s tables.

    But, they chose their two bottles well… I ended up going home with a couple bottles of Tempranillo for $10 a pop. Very nice.

    The funny thing is the folks who wander in off the street and say “Let me taste the red. Now the white. Hit me with the red again. Gimme another. Whaddaya mean I gotta buy it?? $10?!? I’ll give you $5.”

  • DC has some great wine tastings–I’ll have to check out this one!

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