Wild Crime Spree West of Rock Creek Park

This is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed citywide.  6 robberies in one night it some of the neighborhoods considered the safest in the city.  Thanks to a reader for sending and compiling.

Police Alert-Robbery Force & Violence

Robbery Force & Violence_1900hours_3327 O ST NW_Subject 1;black male, 20’s 6’2†, thin build, mustache, black puffy coat, gray ski hat, dark complexion. Subject 2; black male, 5’6†, 20’s, thin build, gray jacket, clean shaven, medium complexion. Subject 3; black male, 6’0†, 20’s, dark clothing, dark complexion DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT# 180-636

Sent on: 12/22 22:30

– – –
Police Alert-Robbery Fear

ROBBERY FEAR_2000HOURS_4000 CALVERT ST NW_Lookout for suspect (1) B/M, dark complexion, 6’-02†, wearing al black; suspect (2) B/M, 5’-06†, wearing all black; suspect (3) B/M, 5’-08†, wearing all black. DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT# 180-652

Sent on: 12/22 22:35

– – –

Police Alert-Robbery Force & Violence

ROBBERY FORCE & VIOLENCE_2127HOURS_2850 QUEBEC PL NW_ OBBERY FEAR_2000HOURS_4000 CALVERT ST NW_Lookout for suspect (1) B/M, dark complexion, 6’-02†, wearing al black; suspect (2) B/M, 5’-06†, wearing all black; suspect (3) B/M, 5’-08†, wearing all black. DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT# 180-693

Sent on: 12/22 22:38  Continues after the jump.

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Police Alert-robbery Force & Violence

ROBBERY FORCE & VIOLENCE_2129HOURS_2500 PORTER ST NW_ OBBERY FEAR_2000HOURS_4000 CALVERT ST NW_Lookout for suspect (1) B/M, dark complexion, 6’-02†, wearing al black; suspect (2) B/M, 5’-06†, wearing all black; suspect (3) B/M, 5’-08†, wearing all black. DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT# 180-685

Sent on: 12/22 22:40

– – –

Police Alert-Robbery Force & Violence

ROBBERY FORCE & VIOLENCE_2137HOURS_2755 ORDWAY ST NW_Lookout for suspect (1) B/M, dark complexion, 6’-02†, wearing al black; suspect (2) B/M, 5’-06†, wearing all black; suspect (3) B/M, 5’-08†, wearing all black. DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT# PENDING

Sent on: 12/22 22:44

– – –

Police Alert-Robbery Force & Violence

ROBBERY FORCE & VIOLENCE_2129HOURS_2500 PORTER ST NW_Lookout for suspect (1) B/M, dark complexion, 6’-02†, wearing al black; suspect (2) B/M, 5’-06†, wearing all black; suspect (3) B/M, 5’-08†, wearing all black. DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT# 180-685

Sent on: 12/22 22:48

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  • Vonstallin

    I swear…..
    It wasn’t me…..

  • You are being sarcastic aren’t you PoP?! I sure hope so…these crimes shouldn’t be investigated any more than every crime east of the park….

  • I think POPs point was if the “safe neighborhoods” are experiencing higher crime levels. then we east of the parkers are fucked. Until the economy rebounds crime will continue to worsen. I am pretty sure muggings as well as shoplifting increase in the lead up to christmas. But still. can anyone link to some stats for muggins this year v. last year? seems to be on a serious upswing

  • Didn’t willie Sutton once mumble something about “that’s where the money is.” Maybe the criminals have wised up and realized that robbing hipsters in Columbia Heights for $6 dollars in cash, a wallet full of maxed out credit cards and an Ipod Nano full of alt rock isn’t the most lucrative line of work

  • My husband was mugged in this way a few years ago right in front of our Petworth rowhouse as we were walking home, around 7:00pm, from the metro. A guy drove up our street, jumped out of a car, pointed a gun at my husband and in Spanish (which we speak) said, “Dame tu dinero”, which he did. He drove away, we were shaken and DCPD responded quickly. We have no idea if he was ever caught but figure he must have been, or worse.

  • I am not condoning robberies of any stripe, but Ro has a point… Of course, it’s no fun being an innocent black man in these neighborhoods after said crimes occur… You can feel the fear when you enter a store, or walk the streets. Iv’e thought of getting a sweatshirt which says “It Wasn’t Me”, but…

  • I am going to start mugging people. just cause I think it would be funny cause I am white and they would never see it coming.

  • what if groups of white people just went into the hood and started mugging thugs. taking their drug money and stuff. That would make a good movie

  • Yeah, the thing is it’s always possible they’ll hit one of the not-too-rare trust fund hipsters and get the jackpot, or they’ll have a bunch of cash on them while en route to one of the hip dive-y cash-only bars. Also, hipsters are way less likely to resist or call the cops [aka ‘the man’] whereas some upper NW folks could pull the whole righteous indignation thing and just refuse. Then what are you gonna do… shoot them and bring all holy hell of 2D to the area? not cool. Hipsters are WAY easier targets.

  • I agree that hipsters make easy targets. Only problem, they are squirley bastards when you try to run them down on their bikes. Although, it’s like watching lemmings race towards the red-light on RI-Ave w/ no intention of stopping. When does the disco-backlash occur against this group? On a more serious note, has anyone ever seem any demographics on mugger/muggee pairings

  • whats with all the hipster hate speech? A “cool” inferiority type thing? and why do people always get mad when people on bikes run a red light. as a motorist myself I could not give two shits when I see a bike run a red light. lord knows id do the same if I was on a bike. get over it.

  • If you look at what happened to the Native Americans in this country,
    you might not consider “white mugging” such a unique idea.

  • seriously. I know whenever I hear someone spouting off about bikes running reds I just think. “how miserable must this persons life be that they care” the other day I was at a light and I saw it happen. I reached deep down inside and actually TRIED to get pissed about it. but I just dont get it. Them running a light doesnt have any effect on me as a motorist. and therefore I just can’t muster any resentment. people actually have to impact my life in a negative way for me to give a damn and get pist.

  • I like to think of red lights as a sort of tax against car drivers. They get to be warm and dry if the weather is sucky and [occasionally] get to their destinations slightly quicker than me on a bike. Subsequently I get to ride my bike wherever the hell I want. Plus my type of vehicle doesn’t 42,000+ people in America every year. Oh, and I actually had someone try to argue with me that bikes shouldn’t be allowed to use public roadways because cyclists don’t buy gasoline and therefore don’t pay the gas taxes that goes to roadway maintenance and construction. Insane.

  • anon 1039. sure and you could have just said that we mugged African Americans from their homeland too if you wanted to make that point. but I guess what I am getting at is just that it would be funny for someone who perpetrates muggings to GET mugged. just a funny role reversal type thing. I feel like if I was a mugger and got mugged. especially if I was a black mugger who mugged white people. and one day I was walking along and some white lady jumped out of a mini van and mugged me. The humor would not be lost on me.

  • Most of the bike commuters are OK and will stop for cars. The bike lanes (at least q st) seem to have made it a little safer for bikers. Unfortunately, us tree cutting, baby killing, drivers have had to slam on our brakes on numerous occasions for some biker that didn’t believe stop signs or red lights applied to them. Usually after the screeching tires and attempt not to hit the trust fund baby, the response is a nice gesture of thanks with an upraised finger.

  • I think the point PoP (and the person who compiled the list, who is not PoP) is trying to convey is how close together these were reported and subsequently sent out via the city’s Police Alert system. (Which, I will admit to having signed up for via text message for events in the Cap Hill area, but am sort of regretting knowing in nearly real time when crime is happening/being reported near my home.) According to the time stamps, these all occurred within a half hour of each other.

  • “…Iv’e thought of getting a sweatshirt which says “It Wasn’t Me”, but…”

    You just gave me an idea for a last minute Christmas gift.

  • A few times, I’ve been in the crosswalk as a “traffic-laws-are-for-other-people” red-light runner blasted through. Most recently, I only avoided a collision by inches because *I* stopped mid-street while the biker blasted through in front of my nose.

    I’m surprised more pedestrians don’t go all NYPD-bodycheck on ’em.

    Come on bikers. You want respect on the road, you gotta play by the rules. When I lived in the Netherlands, bikers were religious about following following traffic laws, because they grew up being told “traffic laws apply to bicycles.” In the US, traffic education for bikers is essentially non-existent, and I’d guess most people think it’s actually legal for a bike to blast through a stop.

  • Come on – comparing the US to the Netherlands in terms of traffic is BS. The Dutch treat bicycles as traffic. Judging by the number of times cyclists get honked at or yelled at to “get on the sidewalk”/”get out of the street” here most drivers don’t seem to even know that bikes are allowed in the roadway. Bikers in the Netherlands follow the law because they’re treated as equals and traffic laws are enforced – neither of which is the case here.

    Yes, traffic education for bikers here is non existent, but it’s basically non-existent for car drivers also. Have you seen a DMV test booklet recently?

    When was the last time a bicyclist killed or injured anyone. You’ll find a handful of anecdotal incidents. As I meant to say before – it’s really basic: cars kill over 42,000 people a year and injure over 3 million in the US. People operating several thousand pounds of metal aren’t going to start behaving differently because I come to a full and complete stop at every damn stop sign. I blow stop signs and red lights when safe to do so because that way I don’t have as many cars flying up behind me as they floor it from stoplight to stoplight. I can at least see and avoid the threats ahead of me when I’m moving through/past traffic.

    I’ve had plenty cell phone yakking/ipod wearing/jaywalking pedestrians freak out yelling about me about ‘almost hitting’ them. Truth is I just spooked them out of their haze. Plenty of other folks see me, are able to simply judge speed/distance, and we pass like ships in the night – same distance, but since they’re slightly aware of their surrounding they don’t freak out. I’ve got no problem with jaywalking, just don’t be a moron about it and all’s good.

  • I thought bikers had to stop at Stop signs and Red lights? In Cali, I’ve seen police ticket bikers who don’t obey traffic laws – they’re pretty ruthless. (A friend got a $150 ticket on her bike the other day). Just 2 weeks ago (at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning) I saw a cop at UCSD campus giving a ticket to a biker for not stopping. On a fairly enclosed, deserted college campus! Sirens and flashing lights and all…Are things different in DC for bikers? That’s good to know…

  • Vonstallin

    One day yall might read about me: Fool get shot talking sh*t to robbers.

    When 2 punks pulled a gun on me: I hit them with a barrage of Potty Mouth Foul language. They turned and ran.

    I think I have a dose of that “Black Rage” in me. I just can’t let anyone infringe on me. I know its not worth getting shot… but I just can’t help myself.

    I walk PW/CH and I feel somewhat safe….but I think the chances of thugs trying to rob me is a little slim.

    Now for bikes…..

    I bicycle
    Drive and Motorcycle to work.

    I plan on living so I follow all the rules, but I do see alot of bikers who have death wishes…

    I don’t get mad much… I’m the “To Each its own” kind of guy.
    I get mad when im in Rock creek parkway and some decides the trails isn’t good enuff and barley pumps out 10 to 15 miles an hour.

    May the force be with them.

  • bikes running red lights is a big deal. you are running across the road where on coming traffic is heading- its the reason cars stop…we don’t want to get hit by the other cars. It is incredibly stupid and selfish to gun it across, esp if it causes a car to hit you or almost hit you. It’s stressfull enough trying to find the street signs, watch the pedestrians, bikers, and lights even without a cell phone, starbuck coffee, or radio on.

    and for the love of god, stop biking between cars on the line-that is so stupid!! I would rather ride behind you in the lane going 15 miles per hour than have you fly up next to me on the left between myself and the car in the other lane. Esp since we all know if I was not to see you and swipe you with my mirror you would blame me. Cars don’t treat bikers in dc with respect because most of you have no respect for the road yourselves. It goes both ways.

  • I’m with you ontariorider on the traffic situation.

    now to bring this dialogue to a full circle. is it easier not to get mugged on a bike? i bike pretty much everywhere and even back to my PW house late at night occasionally, and feel a lot safer than on foot. is this right??

  • I would imagine it would be much easier to incapacitate someone on a bike, kick their wheel or whatever and the person goes flying… Prob not gonna just get up and walk away from that. Probably easier than carrying around a brick.

  • If you don’t care about bikers running red lights, then you obviously have never been driving a car when one did this right in front of you as you were about to proceed through your own green light at 20 MPH. I can assure you, it’s rather disconcerting to nearly kill someone even though it was entirely their fault.

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