Where’s The Best Spot To Get Tea?


It may surprise a few folks, since I’m such a huge advocate of Dunkin Donuts coffee, Columbia Heights Coffee, and Coffee spots in general, that I’m also quite fond of an occasional cup of tea. I saw this sign at 1332 9th Street and I’m wondering if anyone has purchased tea here before? It looks legit.


Where are the best hidden spots?

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  • I live right down the street from here and I wondered the same thing. I went up to the door one day and saw that there was light on and lots of boxes in front of the door…I’m not sure if they are opened to the public or not. If anyone finds out…..spill the beans…because I love buying loose leaf teas and herbs.

  • They supply a lot of things to restaurants and other stores, but you can walk right in and buy something (if you can find it). I’ve never gotten the tea, but I have purchased dishes from there that I liked at another store, which were more expensive at the other store.

  • I don’t know about special or hidden, but I’ve always like the variety at Teaism. Not exactly a secret, I know.

  • I’m hesitant to reveal this . . . but Ching Ching Cha in Georgetown is awesome! Drink in or take out.

  • I’ve bought ingredients for Chinese meals here. Not anything perishable, unfortunately, but spices, vinegars, and the like. It’s a chaotic mess in there but the owner is super-friendly and helpful. A neat place.

  • How about a good spot for bubble tea?

  • Wow PoP you were a busy bee on 9th street today. Anon they have some pretty good bubble tea next to Adam’s grill in Adams Morgan.

  • I’m a (black) tea drinker (as in the tea is black, as opposed to green or white tea) and much prefer loose-leaf tea over bagged tea. Teaism has great stuff but, wow, is it espensive. I’m sure you can get good, cheap loose-leaf tea at asian grocers in the burbs, but that means going to the burbs. Instead I order it online from upton tea importers based in mass. I just ordered a boatload of tea but, when it runs out, I’m going to check this joint out.

  • There is an awesome place at the Bethesda farmer’s market off of wisconsin that sells amazing loose leaf teas. Of course, it’s in bethesda. Online is an excellent store that I visited in Montreal called My Cup of Tea. You can order everything online that you can at the store- http://www.mcot.ca. they also have the greatest tea gadgets (mugs, glasses, presses) you will find. 🙂

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