Where’s The Best Place To Go Before A Concert At 9:30 Club?


I’ve alway alternated between Solly’s, The Saloon and Duffy’s and every now and then Asmara Cafe and Lounge (on 9th Street a stone’s throw from the club.)


What are your go to spots before a concert?

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  • I alternate between Solly’s and DC9.

  • Duffy’s for food and proximity, The Saloon for good beer, and the Velvet Lounge for fun.

  • DC9 or Marvin’s.

  • Duffy’s has the best happy hour prices around.

    The ground floor of DC-9 has a decent jukebox.

    The Saloon is a nice place, but they focus on keeping a conversational (read: no music) atmosphere, which doesn’t exactly get me in the mindset for a concert.

  • I find the atmosphere at Duffy’s pretty wanting. Their wings are pretty good, but overall the place doesn’t inspire me.

    Anywhere on U street really will do… it’s just not that far to 9:30 club.

  • Duffys for the super cheap beers, photo hunt, and awesome wings.

  • I always love the cheap drinks and open space at Nelly’s. Plus, during the summer, their rooftop patio is FANTASTIC.


  • duffys is THE WORST. their food is like dog food, im not kidding. i keep trying to give them a chance but they even fuck up the mozz sticks.

    im fortuante to know someone who lives in the Rhapsody right next door. His place is the best for 930 partyin!


  • Nellie’s for DELICIOUS sweet potato fries and strong drinks.

  • Duffy blows

  • I actually like the atmosphere at Duffy’s…mainly because it’s way, way more downscale than so many (all?) of the places on U St. Sometimes, I just want to sit at a bar and drink a beer that didn’t cost me $10 after tip. The food *is* on the mediocre side, but I don’t go there to eat, I go there to drink.

  • I use to like Duffys, not for concerts, but for trivia… but it seems like duffy just doesn’t care anymore and doesn’t want to put any effort in. first they got rid of the NFL package, so my boyfriend can’t go before trivia to watch fb, then that night they were out of tater tots (which were good, especially relative to how crappy the rest of the food was) and out of red stripe that night. it was early on a Sunday… Then we tried to go to trivia a few weeks ago, and I called ahead to find out now they don’t do trivia either. And every so often they are closed for ‘maintenance’ which I think means ‘closed cuz we are lazy tonight’. I won’t be going back to duffys anymore.

  • EVA

    Nellie’s is a forsaken GAY BAR. Not all of us swing that way.

  • @Zberg: Meh, I’m straight (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and I’ve enjoyed beers at Nellie’s a couple of times. If I were a smoker, that roof deck would be a big plus for pre-concert drinking.

  • Ben’s Chili Bowl for food, Nellies for drinks (and i’m not gay, or female). and what the hell do you mean by a “forsaken” gay bar? that it’s a lonely place, or abandoned?

  • Get carry out from Greek spot and walk over to Solly’s to eat your food and drink

  • Am I the only weirdo that goes to Dukem? 😛

  • @Sheepy: ixnay on the Ukem-day! It’s hard enough to get a table as it is!

  • Axum Restaurant is a couple of doors down from DC9 and they just built a new bar upstairs. It’s got really good Ethiopian food, hi-def tvs, and a pretty cool atmosphere. I like to go there before 9:30 now cuz since it’s still relatively unknown, you can just sit and enjoy your food and drinks.

  • Duffy’s has great fish and chips! Seriously……plus, sometimes I don’t want all the hipster annoyances of some of the U St. places – I just want something basic…a dive like the Fox & Hounds or Millie and Al’s. I just wish Duffy’s could get patio seating! Also, have yet to hear Irish music played on the stereo when I am there….that would def. be nice.

  • Nellie’s is pretty cool, they have beat the clock happy hour each day. And I’m not so sure on it being a ‘forsaken gay bar’, because whenever I’m there it’s always full of good people and good atmosphere.

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