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  • It took them this long?! This sign looks much better. The othe rone looked more fitting for a movie theater…

  • Nah. I like ridiculous signs, and I like that it looked like a theater marquee. What is even better than ridiculous signs, are ridiculous buildings. I absolutely love the Barrel House liquor store on 14th.

  • Meh. I kind of liked the ridiculous sign. The new one looks just like the old Angry Inch sign. It’s like that terrible place never left.

  • U is clearly correct about Barrel House liquor. Objectively awesome. But the former True Story sign just looked like something that belonged in a suburban strip mall to me. This is a trade up.

  • bring it back. now it looks totally blah. just as boring as the angry inch looked. adams morgan is SUPPOSED to be ridiculous and funky. thats why we like it. but i fear soon the ginkos will go. the murals will go. the colorful paint jobs will go. felix;s exterior will go. and then itll be just booooooooooooring. can we all agree that would be a BAD thing?

  • Finally. Now it can go back to being completely unremarkable. C’mon folks, where has the appreciation for the absurd gone? I thought the old sign looked terrible…and I loved them for it.

  • Vonstallin

    I saw the sign and was like WTF?
    then i saw the women inside and was hey…if it works for them it works for me…
    but it was a ugly sign.

    If it was a real vintage sign re-work up then it would have been awsome.

    But the cheap stainless steel and pop rivets….left me limp..

    2 thumbs down.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Barrel House was a former door of the day! Brilliant for sure.

  • I actually stopped into the Barrel recently…it was more upscale than I expected.

  • I liked the old sign.

  • I liked the old sign, it had that pulp fiction novel kinda feel to it… sort of tawdry. The new sign looks more like a pub. Since I’ve never been inside to decide, is that more fitting?

  • Yeah, I thought the old sign was kinda neat. Silly, but what in Adams Morgan isn’t now.

    Any other natives/old timers remember Las Rocas that used to be at this location? Holy hell – the food was bad, but the tequila flowed freely…

  • The entire facade is unremarkable, but old sign was an utter travesty. Perhaps the new sign is overcompensating in its blah-dom, but I’m not going to peg it as the singular element contributing a lackluster storefront.

  • saf

    I remember Los Rocas – and the guitar player who looked JUST like Manuel from Fawlty Towers.

  • I too love Barrel House. I once watched my boss (he didn’t see me) sprint across the street and into the liquor store. Priceless.

  • The new sign strikes me as modern blase. The old sign, as someone rightly pointed out, echoes the Talking Heads and is more to my liking and contributes to an interesting a more interesting streetscape.

  • Finally! I thought it was a nude bar with that sign!

  • This new sign is somewhat subdued, with proper background lighting it might work, I too am familiar with the colorful Barrel house Liquor, the Ben’s Chili bowl signs, the Millie and Al’s sign as I recall the sign of the old Loews Palace Theater sign on F Street.

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