Tom Sietsema Selects Best Breakfast Spots in DC – Picks Domku!

Domku Scandinavian and Slavic Cafe in Petworth, originally uploaded by xiann.


Back in August I asked where one can find the best breakfast in DC? and got many great responses. The Post’s Tom Sietsema takes a crack at the question this past weekend. In addition to Domku, he also lists Johnny’s Half Shell, Leopold’s Kafe & Konditorei and Old Ebbitt Grill. I totally agree with his take on Domku:

“Another reason I like to visit this funky Petworth storefront, particularly at breakfast, is to fill up on one of the best versions of hash around. Based on diced carrots, potatoes and bits of salmon, the small mound of peppery hash shows up with a perfect poached egg draped in an assertive mustard sauce and garnished with bright red roe. Easy on the eyes and easy on the palate, the dish is a complete meal in a bowl for only $8.”

What do you think about his other three choices?

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  • no way. i would have NEVER chosen Domku as having one of the best breakfasts. The do have a killer blood mary, but the breakfast fare is just lackluister. i would have chosen The Diner as having the best breakfast.

  • blasphemy anonymous!! domku breakfast rules. try the pancakes.

  • or the Nordic Eggs Benedict!

  • really? The Diner? Have you ever eaten there sober anonymous? I avoid Adams Morgan like the plague on Friday and Saturday nights and it’s the last place I want to drag myself to on an empty stomach in the morning. That being said, my experiences with the service at Domku tell me I could probably get to AM, get fed, and be on my way long before my meal is served at Domku.

  • The Diner makes food my dog wouldn’t even eat.

    Well, she might eat it… but it’d surely give her the runs.

  • I agree with Tom Sietsma’s choice of Old Ebbitt Grill – while it can be touristy – the food has never let me down. I always take my parents there for brunch whenever they come to town. Service is always good and I have been with huge parties or just a table of two. If you haven’t been in awhile – why not revisit it? You won’t be let down.

  • the diner is good but not outstanding. its certainly not terrible.

    domku’s service can be slow but that’s part of what i like about it. i don’t stop in there on the way to work, i go there to relax and get a good meal.

  • I would second Domku’s brunch as being tasty. I also would add La Forchette in AdMo to the best brunch bunch. Their baguette french toast is awesome!

  • The Diner Rocks! But ***the very best brunch*** in Washington, DC is by far The Market Inn in SW near the mall. She-crab soup, free-flowing champagne and live jazz music make this a weekly treat!

  • you could not get to adams morgan and get fed at the Diner and be back in the same time as it would take to eat at domku because there is always a two damn hour wait at the Diner in the morning. This is because many apparantly share my opinion that its a pretty good greasy spoon breakfast. especially when hung over. I made the treck to old ebbit awhile back and thought it was totally lack luster. may I remind you its the same group as clydes. and basically the exact same as Clydes with a different name. what i like about the Diner is it doesnt mascarade around as something it isnt. Tabard is a classic of course. and I wont name my actual favorites for fear I wont be able to walk right in and take a seat should they become too discovered.

  • Domku is awesome, but their pepper infused aquavite bloody mary brought tears to my eyes (literally) – it’s just that bloody hot.

    Anyone dig Polly’s on U? Great selection of eggs benedict (won’t eat now since I’m vegan), great roasted potatoes, and pitchers of bloody marys. And they open for brunch at 10:00AM (not that anyone should be up at that ungodly hour on the weekend).

  • Florida Ave Grill anyone?

  • 10 is quite late for breakfast for many of us; Sietsema made a point of writing about breakfast — not brunch — spots, something DC is said to have too few of. This isn’t a public university; 10 in the morning is hardly an ungodly hour. Many like to have had breakfast and moved on to productive things long before that time, weekend or not.

  • After reading Tony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, I don’t think I will ever go to brunch again – I don’t care who rates it!

  • Speaking of Tony Bourdain Les Halles offers quite a good breakfast/brunch every day of the week.

  • Sully – that would be past tense now as Les Halles closed a few weeks back.

  • Les Halles has said aux revoir!

  • The rhythm of Petworth, the short walk there, the quirky-lopsided furniture, the diverse crowd, the princess-child who rules dining room, the unique thought-over cuisine, the second-hand magazines, the adorable waiter with the big smile (is he still there?), an owner I know and care about, the occassional faux-pas in service (so what? what do you expect), the general splendor and feeling that you are part of something new and different….

    If you don’t grasp at least one or two of these things, then be gone at once to Adams-Morgan or the OLD TIRED EBBITT or some other worn out shoe. You will fit in much better there.

  • PS – All they need is a resident kitty cat and you can save the air-fare to Amsterdam!

  • Wow it did? Thanks for the info Saf. You can tell I’m feeling the recession. I haven’t been able to afford any places to eat out past 5th street in the last few weeks.

  • Donku has the absolutely worst service of any restaurant I’ve been to in DC. The food is great, but with the service it just isn’t worth it.

  • Domku is rockin, in a Pink Floyd sorta way. If you want fast food and an antacid, go somewhere else. if you want cute, friendly service and food that is delish, check out domku.

  • Great to see Domku make the list! While I agree the service isn’t the fastest, it’s improved so much over the last year. If you haven’t been there in a long time, go back and give it another try. The best part about Domku though is the food – always top quality.

    Another neighborhood place I want to try for brunch is Brightwood Bistro. I ate there for dinner recently and it was excellent–I had the fish & grits, and we got fried oysters as an appetizer. Both were great & very fresh. If you like southern-style seafood this is the place to go. The chef came out and talked to us for a long time as well (we were the last table of the night) — he was super nice, grew up in Petworth, and has worked with a lot of well-known chefs at some of DC’s best restaurants. We also got to hear an explanation of where chicken & waffles comes from (Harlem, apparently) – I recently had this at Marvin also. Anyway, I hear they have some great shrimp & grits, that’s what I’m getting next time when I come back for brunch!

  • The bacon and eggs cooked into pancakes at Domku is pretty brilliant. Its high on my list for best breakfast/brunch. RedRocks is also pretty good for brunch.

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