Tina Visit’s Brown Street Market


Anyone who has taken a walk down Mount Pleasant Street will know that it is home to a number of bodegas, grocery stores and food marts. But, long before Mount Pleasant Street became the main thoroughfare of Samuel Brown’s Mount Pleasant Village a little market stood at the Corner of Brown and Newton Streets.



My knowledge of the history of this market is limited, but I do know that it’s been a mainstay in the neighborhood since 1906, and in the late 80s was taken over by its current owners, a local Korean family. Conveniently named, the Brown Street Market, and conveniently located for the residents of the northeast corner of the ‘hood it seems as this place is a local favorite.



It’s pretty tiny inside but they make good use of the space, packing every available shelf with groceries – mostly canned and dried goods, miscellaneous household supplies, and an impressive wine and beer selection for the space. I also spotted a random basket of potatoes and onions – but that’s about as far as the produce selection goes. Up front there are freezer cases of frozen meals and ice cream and an interesting selection of candy. And for a nice neighborhood-friendly touch, there are some photos of nearby residents displayed above the counter.



If you don’t live in Mount Pleasant I probably wouldn’t recommend leaving your own neighborhood to check this place out, but if you do live nearby it’s a good spot to pick up some necessities. I lived only a few blocks away for a whole year and only recently discovered this place. One more reason I love this neighborhood, there’s always a little gem hiding where you least expect it!

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  • Browns has served my emergency Haribo gummy bear runs for a while. I love this place.

  • Damn, this place rocks. I used to live around the corner. I miss it.

  • eh – apparently someone bought a package of noodles from this place that was infested with weevils… see the mt pleasant message board post at http://mtpleasantdc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6529

  • Love the bit on that blog about contacting the health department. Perhaps a DC newbie? Health department, HA! I complained numerous times about the rotten milk cooler and mice in Safeway. I got nice form letter responses and the milk cooler is still rotten and Ms. Bixby and Co. still run that store. In more ways than one. Perhaps I should be on the Rant page…. Ta!

  • When I was a student at Bancroft some-forever-ago, Brown’s (as well as Argyle’s) was the place to get your Now and Laters.

  • My children used to go to Argyle’s after school to get candy (I let them eat candy and junk food treats in rebellion from the food police and they turned out just fine.) We used to live near the Brown Street market in the 80s when a black man used to own it or work there. I remember how he used to stand behind the counter, in tight white jeans showing off his, uh package with no underwear on. I pretended not to see, as it was extremely rude and vulgar. I rarely went in as it had nothing good at all. I guess it has changed.

  • Vonstallin

    I always tell folks how I help clean bricks for this store when i was 15 years old. I forget how much they paid, but it seemed like alot back then. I also help with the dry wall sanding.

    Old Brown street market.

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