The Word On Pfeiffer’s Hardware


A commenter on Friday asked:

“can anyone confirm the rumor on mount pleasants forum that Pfieffers is LEAVING Mount Pleasant!?!?!!?!?! there goes one of, what?, 5 businesses that are worth a damn on the MTP strip.”

Well, I have good news and bad news for ya. I went this weekend and spoke with owner, Todd Pfieffer (who as nice as everyone says he is), at Pfieffer’s store at 3219 Mount Pleasant Street NW. Todd confirmed that indeed Pfieffer’s will be sold. Todd and his family will be moving to North Carolina to be closer to their family. That is the bad news. The good news is that Pfeiffer’s is still open and Todd believes the store will be sold around the time of the inauguration. More good news is that the store will remain a hardware store. It will be difficult for the new owners to be as nice as Todd is but it is also good news that store will remain filled and will remain a hardware store.

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  • Good for them; bad for us! This place is 1000% better than any of the other hardware stores in the area. I’m so afraid it (and I’m hoping it doesn’t!) will descend to their pitiful level and I’ll have to go clear to Capitol Hill to get to a decent hardware store.

  • hope they keep the name too. They will be getting some free advertising in an upcoming russell crowe movie where crowe lives in an apartment above Pfieffers

  • While I’m miffed that MtP is losing another “good” business, I was never entirely thrilled with Pfeiffers. Inconvenient hours, high prices, low-quality off-brand goods (I had to return half the lightbulbs I ever bought from them). I *love love love* Logan/Tenley/Glover Hardware. Maybe they can come in a run a mini-hardware store in the Pfieffer space.

  • Hey DF, maybe you misread Pfeiffers’ store hours and prices the same way you misread the original post. I kid, I kid

    I’ve found the store hours, well, regular – and the light bulbs I buy there work fine for me. The prices are what you expect given that its not an enormous Home Depot. Both of those things are more than acceptable from a well run and friendly neighborhood hardware store. Hopefully it stays that way, I really enjoy shopping there.

  • I had to return light bulbs there too. Although they said they were 75 watt bulbs, I swear they put out only 72 watts at best…

  • it’s a lovely store, but beware: i asked for three copies of a single key made, received them and paid, walked out, realized one of the 3 was still blank (that is, not cut at all), walked back in, and had the third cut. and then NONE of them worked in the lock. so maybe don’t get keys cut there.

  • Yeah the off-brand light bulbs they sell there are kind of crappy – the last one I bought there lasted about 3 weeks. The GE bulb I got from Target is going on 3 months.

  • Nooooooooooooo! Todd and Adriana, don’t leave us! We love you! We love your store! We love your goofy emails to the MtP listserv!

    Ack! This is terrible news.

  • That movie that features Pfieffers is called State of Play. It’s supposed to be out just after the New Year. They changed the sign for the movie (it is backlit now) and did a lot of scenes back and forth in front of it. I watched them film for a few days (I live facing the hardware store). Actually, Ben Affleck’s character lives in the apt above Hellers, Russell Crowe did a lot of his shots coming out of a door beside Hellers, and at the bus stop out front. Can’t wait to see it all!

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