Sweet New DC Neighborhoods Map Created


Some folks have seen posters like this for NYC or Chicago. Well, now DC has one. It’s super cool.

You can find other cities and purchase the DC one here.

So do you think the neighborhoods are accurate? Ed. Note: I gave some suggestions to the artist on neighborhood names/locations.

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  • nobody. and i mean nobody. calls Van Ness Forrest Hills. not even people who live there. cept for maybe some rich folk that live in the large houses between conn ave and the park that dont want to be associated with the hidieous Van Ness Strip

  • POP- what were your improvements to the map?

  • Why is Columbia Heights so small? It’s one of the larger DC hoods

  • I think of the area around Stanton Park as being Capital Hill. Foggy Bottom isn’t that big, some of that is the West End. A lot of what is marked as Shaw is really U St.

  • they dont have Lanier Heights either but the only people who call it that are the people that live there and are trying to make it a historic district…

  • Ooh, how cool! I know y’all have been thinking of what to get me for Christmas (besides a muzzle)

  • The Cap Hill/Old City/Stanton Park lines seem wrong. Of course, the Stanton Park Neighborhood Association claims as far east as 10th St. which is a block from Lincoln Park. (I live inside what they claim their boundaries to be, and I don’t consider my neighborhood Stanton Park. An argument can be made for either Old City or Cap Hill; the taxman says it’s Old City.) Also, Cap Hill doesn’t run all the way to Trinidad. AND, lastly (sorry for the NE centric ranting) where the hell is Swampoodle??? I know it’s only a tiny little area, but it’s definitely got one of the best neighborhood names in town!

  • the map is also missing eastern market/barracks row, i agree that the NE is all screwy its missing hstreet/atlas district

  • and SoFlo.

    Good Job overall, though.

  • well lets be honest with oursleves. was the neighborhood ever called U Street? didnt it just kind of become that once it was reborn. Same with Van Ness but yes nobody thinks of it as forest hills. And Atlas District- Truxton Circle- H Street. those are recent inventions too no? looks like they did adopt “China Block” which is cool. but im not positive thats what it says cause its too small to read

  • I refuse to ever adopt SoFlo or NoMa.

  • when did Petworth move to NE DC?

  • Where’s Crestwood?

  • SCORE: University Heights made the map. Seriously, no one uses that name – we are either Greater Brookland or Michigan Park, depending on who you talk to. But, there it is – enshrined on this map. It looks like what they have as “Michigan Park” is actually North Michigan Park in reality and University Heights out to be Michigan Park. Hard to tell though… NMP seems to be missing, so maybe that’d clear it up. (If I send this to the experts, it’ll cause an big kerfuffle! People aren’t kidding about their neighborhood affiliations!)

  • I think it is great! I mean, might not be perfect, but these days…what is??

  • yesss..i have been waiting for a DC version to come out

  • Yep, U street, NoMa, Atlas District are all new ‘neighborhood’ names made up by developers or real estate agents to not sound like places people would associate with crime. Truxton Circle was an old neighborhood name that everyone forgot about, but has recently been brought back into favor. DC had some crazy neighborhood names way-way-back in the day… things like “murder bay” and the old favorite “swamppoodle”.

  • I think it’s great. And not to mention, extremely packed with neighborhoods as is. Would hate to see what a mess it would become if we had every little neighborhood people could think of.

  • Christina, you need mitts to keep you from posting here. Not a muzzle. 🙂

  • I agree with some posters about developer names like NoMa, Atlas, and H Street…but Nathaniel’s also right about the West End, which is bounded by P Street on the north, 22nd Street on the east, Pennsylvania Avenue on the south, and Rock Creek Park on the west.

  • RE: Developer names

    Even old names like Tenleytown, Trinidad, etc. were originally “developer names.” I say, if the massive landowners in NoMA want to invest their money in building a new neighborhood, they should get to name it. Nobody called the area “swampoodle” or anything else for decades since it was primarily vacant!

  • nah, Tenleytown was apparently named by locals after a local tavern owner…


  • first, no to soflo. ugh. just ugh. please don’t ever say that again. my ears are bleeding.

    second, i’m pretty happy with shaw. rare to hear me say that!

    third, agreed that foggy bottom is too big, and the west end has been unfairly knocked out.

    fourth, they have stronghold in the wrong place. it’s not over near the brookland station, it’s on the east side of north cap across from mcmillan.

    fifth, i’m so excited to see someone actually showing neighborhoods east of the river. this should be required reading for all the idiots who call everything over there “anacostia”

    sixth, fill us in on what you feel should be changed pop. don’t leave us hanging like that!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Hmm, I suggested U Street and Mt. Vernon Triangle which I don’t think are listed. I was unfortunately unable to expand the map to a large size so it was difficult to read some of the names. But all in all I think the artist did an amazing job.

  • i hate being in the no neighborhood zone west of Georgia ave, east of 13th st, and north of spring rd. they assign us to “16th street heights” in this map, which is kind of stupid.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    RD in all seriousness because I get this question often what neighborhood would you have preferred they call it?

  • “Christina, you need mitts to keep you from posting here. Not a muzzle. ”


  • I think they’re great and ordered mine the first day they were available. I hope it comes before Xmas. Who knows I might even get the ubiquitous “Keep Calm Carry On” poster, too.

  • PoP- I say Petworth because I’m 3-4 blocks from the petworth metro. And if i’m describing it to someone who wouldn’t know what Petworth is, i’ll say Columbia Heights.

    Eventually though, I’m totally just going to give it my own name and try to get it to catch on.

  • cool map, although i still prefer the city paper’s version….


  • Does the city recognize Manor Park as a neighborhood? Why don’t we just go with the city’s designations for neighborhoods?

  • I hope ORK posters gives you a cut… Thx for the Xmas gift idea!

  • SoFlo? REALLY? C’mon….

    NoMa, SoFlo, Penn Quarter, and Gallery Place should never be used.

  • Fort Totten is looking good on this map! Finally somewhere where it’s not grouped in with Brookland. I’m ordering one for my guest room to give my guests some orientation to the city.

  • Anon- Like it or not, Penn Quarter and Gallery Place are most definitely neighborhoods. I agree with SoFlo, but again, I think Noma is legit because it was sort of a no-man’s land before (ie nobody lived there, so it wasn’t really a neighborhood in recent history).

  • I got one for my guest room too! These are awesome.

  • Um, no . . . U Street isn’t a made up neighborhood name. It depends on your tenure here. Shaw wasn’t a neighborhood name prior to Urban Renewal, folks. It all depends on your age and perspective.

  • Neighborhood boundaries don’t seem to be where expected because they are not legally defined by anyone who matters. The boundaries are arbitrarily applied by the folks living in the neighborhoods, developers, realestate agents and so on. Check out the neighborhood association sites throughout DC and quickly realize that various neighborhoods are claiming the same (often desirable) areas as being within their own boundaries.

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