Sneak Peek: New Restaurant, Fusion, Opens on Georgia Ave.


Back in September we spoke about Fusion. I’m happy to report that they have now opened. As you can see from the photo above they are located at 4815 Georgia Avenue (two storefronts from Moroni’s excellent pizza.) I spoke briefly with the owner, Barry, who described the food as “refined Indian”. The restaurant will seat upto 50 people and will feature a full bar. Though, make no mistake this spot is most definitely a proper restaurant. Barry had previously worked in managerial positions in the very well respected Indian Restaurants – Rasika and Bombay Club. I believe that bodes very well for us. I happen to be a big fan of the Bombay Club. It’s exciting to potentially get a spot of the same caliber up in Petworth. I asked Barry, 35, how he decided on this particular location and he explained it simply – “I live around the corner”. In addition to serving lunch and dinner (when they get their liquor license) Sundays will feature a three course brunch.

I’m especially excited about this restaurant because Barry exhibited such enthusiasm for the neighborhood. He also said on a number of occasions that he is “in it for the long haul”. And it was very nice to hear indeed. Be sure to check them out.


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Ragda Patties
Spiced potato patties, chick peas tamarind & date chutney .7

Mango Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp mango purée, basil served with mint chutney. 7

Crispy Spinach Salad
Flash fried Baby spinach cumin; tomatoes & black sea salt .7

Chicken Kebab
Ground chicken, bird pepper, fresh thyme .7

Masala Crab Cake
Crab meat. Cumin, saffron & mace .8

Perri perri Tilapia
Tilapia filet, ginger; red chili, lemon juice & cilantro .7

Mix Greens Salad
Mix greens, goat cheese & cherry tomatoes .6

Divers Scallops
Pan sears scallop ginger garlic & tomatoes .7

Smoke salmon
Wild Alaska smoke salmon ,prawn moose & dill cream cheese. 8


Lobster masala
Main lobster tail,garam masala,onion,ginger.20

Shrimp malai curry
Jumbo shrimp,coconut and ginger . 16

Gosh palak
Leg of lamb ,fresh spinach .15

Lamb kurma
American lamb, pistachio, almonds, onions & garam masala .15

Chicken Makhani,
Broil chicken, fenugreek, tomatoes .15

Grill Lamb Chops
American lamb Mace cashew huts, cardamom & green herbs .18

Sea food curry
fish, shrimp& scallop .17

Tandoori ( Grill ) Salmon,
Scottish salmon, cinnamon, ginger .15

Tandori ( Grill ) prawns
Prawns , ginger, garlic & mild spices.17

Chicken Tikka Masala
Broil chicken, tomatoes and a blend
of Indian spices .15

NY strip chili roast
Prime stake, tomatoes, chili and red wine reduction.18

Fish malai curry
Fresh market fish coconut ,ginger & mild spices. 16

Sunday brunch 3 course $ 25.00

Vegetarian flavors

Dal makhani
Lentils, tomatoes, garlic and fenugreek 10

Bigan bartha
Egg plant ,onion ,ginger and mild spices.12

Cucumber raita
Cucumber, yogurt relish .6

Vegetable kurma
Seasonal veg, ginger, coconut milk .12

Aloo pakak
Fresh spinach, potatoes and tomatoes.11

Palak paneer
Home made cottage cheese, fresh spinach .12

Channa masala .11

Breads & Rice
Goat cheese kulcha 2.50
Aloo paratha .2.50
Paratha. 2.00
Naan/garlic 2.00
Puri 2.00

Please send any comments to Mr. Barry Dindyal at [email protected] 726 2210

Hours of operation
Monday – Saturday to 11pm
Lunch & dinner
Sunday brunch 10:30 am to 2:30 pm, Dinner 5 pm to 10 pm.

House special

Fusion cocktail
Hendricks gin/orange bitters/fresh lime.7

Green cool night

kaiture glacier
Sparkling wine/ginger.7

Avenue spicy queen
Infuse vodka/mango/chili.7

Red puma
Tequila/pomegranate/triple sec 7

Infused bourbon
Wood ford reserved/dry fruites.6

Fusion honey
Knob creek/frangelico/orange/7

Roman cosmo
Vodka/triple sec/mango/cranberry.7

Tequila blossom
Chocolate tequila/baileys.7

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  • Any word on menu, pricing or chef? I assume that they will be able neither to match the graciousness of the Bombay Club’s wonderful dining room nor the pedigree of Rasika’s chef (and I don’t expect that) but a more modestly-priced restaurant where the owner channels the strengths of these two excellent establishments in the local vicinity would be wonderful indeed.

  • Straight to the point: how’s the naan? Naan is proof that the gods love us and want us to be happy.

  • Sounds good! Request: delivery, PLEASE!

  • FFFFANTASTIC! Indian has been sorely missing in this area. And WOAH, do I see tablecloth in a Petworth restaurant? Strange times, strange times…

    I’d actually prefer they focus on a sit down restaurant concept rather than delivery driven model at least initially. But delivery of course does generate more revenue and is so convenient for all of us lazy asses..

  • Yeah, focus on a sit down restaurant (table cloths!!) but still have one guy to deliver. SOunds great.

  • They’d better have a grilled chicken caesar salad that knocks my socks off. I’m so tired of going into ethnic restaurants that don’t serve food that’s completely unrelated to that ethnicity. The only thing worse is going to a steakhouse and finding that their vegetarian options are less-than-not not uninspired.

  • This is FABULOUS! With the new baby, however, it’s a lot harder to get out of the house. Please deliver!!!

  • Very excited to see this, and definitely fills a need in the restaunt selections in this part of town!

  • I am soooo excited! A sit down restaurant and Indian to boot!

  • If it can come anywhere close to Rasika, I am sold.

  • What’s all this talk about “delivery?” People we need a real tablecloth restaurant in the PW, not another takeout joint. For God’s sake, I hope this place does not turn into another empty delivery “restaurant.”

    Now, down to brass tacks: They don’t have a liquor license yet…?

  • Palak Paneer baby!!!

  • It’s a bit far afield for Intangible HQ, but no complaints here! I’ve been bitchin’ for a neighborhood curry for ages. Delivery would be nice, but I’m all about the place to park my butt and mainline vindaloo and lassi. I can almost guarantee weekly business from me, despite the northern locale.

  • saf

    IA – hey, that’s what the 70 bus is FOR, right?

  • The sign looks like “FLISION.”

  • I am soooo excited! Will try it out this saturday. Do they serve lunch?

  • just: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  • Does it have a website?

  • Hurrah!! Hurrah! And a plea to all our neighbors: Keep eating at our local restaurants and help keep them in business! El Limeno on Upshur Street and Abol, the Ethiopian place at Georgia and Allison, have seen their profits plummet since the economy went to hell.

  • This almost restores my faith in God–Indian food in Petworth. i weep with joy.

  • Great synergy percolating on that block, let’s show the love. And yeah, please let’s all go out of our way to support the other restaurants around here. Don’t take for granted that they can survive without YOU!

  • Hi there,

    I was so EXCITED when I saw this place last night as I was driving down GA AVE. Fusion is a nice place. The food was very good. I just finished eating. I had the lamb curry and rice. They didn’t have just plain naan but some with potatoes which was tasty. I didn’t sit in due to have somewhere to be. I would be back for dinner. I think the place will do well!! I also meet Barry, the owner very nice man.

  • I got take out from there last night (12/10) as well. Naan wasn’t ready, but everything else was delicious. Especially the strip steak in spicy sauce. The steak was just cooked perfectly. Spent $60 for I think four entrees and a veggie. Could’ve used a bit more rice, but that’s just a minor quibble. Having the leftovers for lunch. I also met Barry — super nice. I asked him to just put together a dinner for four and he did a great job. Wouldn’t it be great if Georgia Ave could continue this kind of trend, in between every liquor store we could have a decent place to eat, congregate or shop? Man that would just be a dream. And there was no bullet proof glass in the dining room at all, which is a nice change for Petworth as well.

  • Yes we do serve lunch .

  • Can’t wait to check it out. Looks good.

  • Barry, can you post a menu?!
    Thanks, can’t (and won’t) wait to check it out!

  • see you tomorrow for lunch!!!!!!



  • Err.. are Don King and Alberto just Barry’s alter egos or what?

  • i just finished lunch at Fusion. People, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE patronize the hell out of this business and make it successful.

    let me start by saying i love Indian food, and when i heard this place was opening, i waited with great anticipation for it to do so. I swore i would be there to check it out immediately. I was not disappointed; indeed, it exceeds all expectations.

    I had an incredibly delicious meal (palak gosht ) made from quality lamb cuts and fresh spinach, followed by a saffron infused flan and tasty little scoop of ice cream for dessert. the presentation of the food was as impressive as the taste. and the restaurant itself is something Petworth has long needed–nice, relaxing space with muted jewel tones on the walls, white tablecloths, cool shaped glassware and modernesque china. for an hour, i forgot i was not in Georgetown, Capital Hill or Dupont, but on Georgia Ave.

    the owner, Barry is also a super-nice guy and a neighbor, living just around the corner from the restaurant.

    Petworthians, check this place out!!!

  • I concur with all the great comments so far – my husband and I just finished a GREAT dinner at Fusion. Super-tasty appetizer. Delicious aloo palak, wonderful ambiance and great serivce. We talked to Barry, who is wonderful. I think this might be my new favorite restaurant! And it’s right in the ‘hood! Hooray!

  • Fusion will open today Saturday for lunch at 11:30
    Thank you

  • Would you mind posting the opening hours for all weekdays? Thanks in advance!

  • we got take out last night. EXCELLENT. highly recommend it.

  • Hello every one ,your restaurant Fusion hours are :Mon -sat lunch 11 am to 2:45 pm ,dinner 4:30 pm to 11 pm, and sunday 3 course brunch $ 20.08 per person , from 11:30am to 2:45 pm,dinner at 4:30 pm to 9.30 pm . Fusion will try to accomodate any one between 2:45 pm to 4:45 pm , but please call in advance your restaurant (fusion) phone number is 202 726 2210.And i thank you all.BARRY, AND GOD BLESS.

  • We ate at Fusion last night and had a great meal yet. Not everything is up to 100% (no liquor license yet–but it is coming). The four of us tried a few entries, a crabcake appetizer, and some breads–total was an incredibly reasonable $75. And everything we tried was really flavorful and delicious. Barry and his family are charming. Outside of cold air from the door opening (which they try to mute with a curtain), it was about as good an experience for a new restaurant as you could expect.

    With Moroni and Fusion on the same block, let’s get out and patronize these restaurants! If they do well, others will follow.

  • Ok, I will try it as ap but I hope I don’t have to endure any “God Bless” statements on the premises..

  • Anon at 12:05, perhaps you should lock yourself in your house and avoid any television, radio, or reading, in case someone tries to kindly express their good wishes to you. Lack-of-God forbid.

  • My children and I want to thank all the support to Fusion. Is been a big effort from all of us and now we are very pleased with the results, we still need to improve. We will to take your opinion to go beyond your expectations.
    We will also have kids friendly menu.
    Thank you from all of us

  • Patty (I gather you are Barry’s partner – still wondering who’s who, in particular Don King and Alberto…), excellent news, we have a kid and he may not be up to all of the Indian menu items, so a kids’ menu is most welcomed! 🙂

  • My wife and I had a vegetarian dinner a couple of nights ago, which was truly delicious. We ordered a palak paneer, where the spinch was completely fresh and the cheese incredibly delicious. Who’d have thought that Palak Paneer could be light green instead of the dark green we’ve all grown accustomed to: fresh spinach is the answer, apparently. And we had an order of vegetable Korma with a gorgeous sauce with cashews and walnuts, I think in it, which was also fantastic. Some of the best Indian food I’ve had in a restaurant ever. As others have noted, you can meet Barry and his family. The service is attentive and friendly, without being overdone. The prices are very reasonable.
    Rest assured, you can go for the food, not just out of solidarity!

  • Naan? How’s the naan? C’mon man, you gotta tell me. I’m good for it. Gimme the naan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I went here on Tuesday night and I’m happy to offer very positive comments! My friend and I ordered two dishes – the lamb korma and the aloo palak. I’m not an indian food gourmond so I will just describe what I had and how I liked it: The lamb korma was delicious – the sauce was thin but not watery. The sauce was very mild but very flavorful. I have never had aloo palak like the kind we had – the spinich was almost pureed into a sauce instead of shredded in a creamy sauce like I’ve had at other places. There were many potatoes in it, but not too many tomatoes or other vegetables. That dish I still can’t decide whether I like or not but it was definitely distinctive and I’m curious what other people think of it. We asked for it to be spiced up a bit after it came because it needed a little more flavor.

    Barry was so nice – checked on us several times, chatted about the neighborhood. I’d definitely recommend that everyone check this place out. We weren’t going to order any because we were too full, but Barry gave us a mini version of all of the desserts anyway to try – the saffron flan was delicious paired with fresh berries. Save room!

    Between them and Moroni Bros, that little strip is definitely looking up!

    BTW, for commenter Pennywise, the naan was really good – hot and fresh and thinner than I’ve usually eaten it, but very very good.

  • the naan is good,so stop ask asking and go get someeeeeeeeeeeemrpennyyyyyyyyyyyyy.I had some to go it is fresh and no oil or butter,it”s good man.

  • Went today. Excellent!!! VERY good, modern Indian, nicely presented food, extremely nice owner (Sunday lunch time so it was quiet and he had time to chat with us). Kid friendly too. On top of it all, Barry threw in a free dessert as he had a slice of (very good too) chocolate cake left from the previous night.

    GO GO GO!

  • We finally made it to Fusion tonight for dinner. Nice to have another viable restaurant option close by. Service was a little slow, but food was great. Well worth a return visit.

  • I am sorry for the slow service,but I can assure you it would ‘t happen again.I thank you for letting me know.Barry.

  • i just ordered delivery from fusion…so excited about indian in the neighborhood!!

    will definitely eat there if the food is good – sounds like it is from all the comments!

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