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Dang how long does it take to fix the fire hydrants? Hasn’t it been like 6 months now since they first recognized the problem? If someone’s house burns cause of this…

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  • That hydrant is still functional, we will still use that one. If the writing were red and said “out of service” then we would tap another one further away from the fire. We do try to memorize all of the O.O.S. hydrants in our area. The maintenance could be something as simple as fixing the chains that are supposed to connect all of the caps to the body of the plug.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ah. Thanks for the explanation DC Fireman! Appreciate it.

  • There’s a fire hydrant on my block that is knocked over. I’d guess that someone knows about it since water isn’t shooting out of it, but, maybe not. I took a picture of it because I was going to send an email about it to someone, but I don’t know whom to inform. If DC Fireman comes back, I’d appreciate a lead.

  • Christina –

    “WASA is asking the public to report hydrants that may be damaged or leaking or if they see someone opening a fire hydrant without authorization. WASA’s 24-hour emergency hotline at 202-612-3400”

    I think that I’d do a 311 / Mayors Service Center report to, just for good measure.

  • I have to edit my previous comment. I saw a hydrant tag that said “Out Of Service” printed in blue today. They used to be red. Christina, where is the hydrant? i.e. South East Corner of 14th and Otis Sts NW or in front of 4200 Kansas Ave NW. I’ll pass the info on, I don’t know how long it will take to get fixed, but the companies going to your block for a fire will know not to use that hydrant and pick up a different one before they get there and have to back track. Another thing you can do next time is go to the closest firehouse and let them know. Just an fyi…most of the time when a hydrant gets knocked over, no water comes out, you have to break the line pretty deep in the ground to do that, or break a specific valve, so this may have not been reported yet.

  • I believe the hydrant Christina is talking about is on the 900 block of Randolph, just west of Georgia, between the Wendy’s entrance and the alley, across from Safeway. …and Christina’s comment about water shooting out made me think of my own wintry New England experience skidding into a hydrant, with cartoon visions of a giant water gyser running through my head as I braced myself for impact. But hydrants are sturdy little things. It hardly moved while my car suffered quite a bit of damage; I’m pretty amazed that this DC hydrant is completely knocked out of the ground.

  • Sorry for the delay — thanks Nita, that’s exactly the hydrant — the only thing I would add is that it’s on the north side of the street. I’ll pass this on to WASA.

  • Sorry it took me so long to repsond. M. is correct, WASA handles repairing/replacing hydrants. Notifications have been made from this end, but if you haven’t reported it to WASA, it couldn’t hurt to call them.

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