Ridiculously Awesome CD Cover

Preson Loves Omaha BBQ

Thanks to a reader for sending this gem. If you have any sweet CD or Album covers send a pic to [email protected] (If it’s picked for the site you’ll get a free t-shirt.)

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  • Shuggie Otis??!! Aaahh… my musical hero. He was Prince before there was a Prince.

  • yea, shuggie otis is one awesome artist.

    and pop, sounds like i gotta get to work pulling out some good vinyl for ya. i’m gonna start thinking about this…

  • Wow, that brings back some memories. I used to work at Powerhouse Brewing Co. in Sebastopol, CA. Johnny Otis, Shuggie’s father, used to broadcast his weekly radio show for KPFA from there. I met Shuggie a bunch of times. Wish I had more nice things to say, but I will say he’s talented.

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