Red Velvet Cupcakery and Tangy Sweet Frozen Yogurt Open Up in Penn Quarter on Tuesday


Red Velvet Cupcakery and Tangy Sweet Frozen Yogurt are located right next to one another on 7th Street just north of E Street. I spoke briefly with Tangy Sweet owner Aaron Gordon who mentioned that his sister, Canada Gordon, actually owns Red Velvet. The cupcake pastry chef is David Guas who was selected as pastry chef of the year in 2004 by the restaurant association of Metropolitan Washington. There’s a lot more info on Web site.


Some of you may be familiar with Tangy Sweet’s Dupont Circle location. For fans of their frozen yogurt – to celebrate the Penn Quarter grand opening on Tuesday there will be free frozen yogurt and toppings from 4-8pm Tuesday, Dec. 23rd!


Red Velvet Buzz already building:


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  • We tried this place today. The icing was good but the cupcakes were dry, like they’d been sitting out for too long. Perhaps it was just an off day; I’m willing to give them another try. Still, for $3.75 a cupcake, you’d expect them to be perfect every time. For now, Georgetown Cupcake still rules the roost by far with their Vanilla Squared cupcake.

  • Love places like Tangy Sweet that offer yummy fat-free, low-sugar snacks that aren’t especially toxic to your health.

    On the other hand: Cupcakes made with shortening (e.g. Crisco) and iced with a butter/sugar mixture? God bless them for their artisanal and esthetic appeal, but oh my God, you can almost feel the plaque building up in your coronary arteries with each bite.

    Need more places like Chopt, Tangy Sweet, and the Mango Lady in MtP. And a *lot* fewer eateries that optimize for maximal taste at minimal cost while leaving healthiness entirely out of the equation; this optimization leads most places to serve sugar- or salt-flavored fat of one kind or another, because it’s very tasty and cheap, never mind that it’s damn bad for you.

    If people actually saw how much butter, oil, Crisco, salt, and sugar was used to prepare their restaurant food, there would be a backlash. But hey, all we notice is the yumminess, because the real damage doesn’t become evident until that day you find yourself wondering whether your sudden chest pain warrants calling 911 …

    [Oh, and when that day comes: YES, CALL AN AMBULANCE. Let a doctor decide whether you’re having a heart attack or not, because if you guess wrong, you’re dead. And don’t let the DC EMT tell you that you’re just having “indigestion” — get yourself properly evaluated by the ER doc.]

  • That is a pretty damn pricey cupcake.

  • If Cakelove has proved anything, it’s that people are still willing to pay through the nose for dry-ass, flavorless cake. Straight UP.

    Go Little Debbie or go to hell.

  • Seriously, the only thing that I see is $3.25 for a friggin’ cupcake!!! People really pay that kinda money for one of those?!?!

  • id be willing to bet half the people on here complaining about $3.25 cupcakes pay just that for a starbucks latte.

  • Buzz in Alexandria off of Slater’s lane has really good cupcakes and other pastries.

  • Trends that I won’t be surprised to die a slow and painful death when the economy really goes into the sh*tter:
    -frozen yogurt
    -pet boutiques

  • America can’t afford its gourmet dog biscuit bakeries and pet aromatherpists to go bankrupt.

    What’s good for the pets that will eat our faces when we die alone, is good for America.

  • I propose the “monkeyrotica omnibus canine confectionery bailout” NOW!!

  • It’s not a “bailout.” It’s an investment in fine dining. For your drooling companion that eats his own poo.

  • Wait, is the Dupont or downtown Tangy Sweet location serving free yogurt on Tuesday?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Just the downtown – Penn Quarter location on at 7th and E.

  • Vonstallin

    monkeyrotica Says:

    December 22nd, 2008 at 8:14 am
    If Cakelove has proved anything, it’s that people are still willing to pay through the nose for dry-ass, flavorless cake. Straight UP.

    Go Little Debbie or go to hell.


    Man that made me laugh so hard, i think i wet my pants just a little bit….lol….

  • I enjoyed cupcakes from the Red Velvet Cupcakery last night and I think these are as good or better than any in the city so far. The red velvet cupcake is, in my opinion, better than Georgetown Cupcake’s. The other flavors were very good too. For those that are willing to pay the price (clearly some of you here are not), I recommend it.

    It is nice to see that space full again (particularly the Tangy Sweet space), after several years of being empty.

  • “If Cakelove has proved anything, it’s that people are still willing to pay through the nose for dry-ass, flavorless cake. Straight UP.”

    Maybe not-Cakelove Cafe is now closed on Mondays and has significantly cut back their hours the other days of the week.

  • Just had Tangysweet’s Classic yogurt followed by a “Summertime” cupcake and both were delicious. I think all of the complaining about the prices, while understandable, spoils the joy I have for these new establishments. Washingtonians are often complaining about not having enough dessert places and when we finally get two, people still find something to complain about.

  • My friend and I went to this today, and the free yogurt is actually tomorrow from 4-8, so if anyone is still in town, you should go. We still bought yogurt anyways and it was delicious.

  • Sketchy business…check it out and no that is not my blog:

  • I went to TangySweet today and thought the toppings were GREAT! The yogurt flavors were a bit much. It would be nice to have some classic yogurt flavors like… vanilla, chocolate and strawberry… please.

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