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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • Vonstallin

    It’s friday
    I’m at work but rather be overseas somewhere.

    I dont feel like driving to Woodbridge to pick up some hockey Skate, but need to for tomorrows Skate shit event.

    um…every thing just feels …bad…maybe its the economy and the loss of jobs, but things just don’t feel happy anymore. i don’t get that “Vibe” from the city. for a few days after Obamas win i felt the city “GLOW”…I miss it.

    And it’s so gloomy outside. 🙁

    While i thought I would severly miss the ladies wardrobe go from short skirts and tank tops to cover up in the winter.

    I’ve seen some uber nice fall/winter wear: Tall boots with heels, white 3/4 jackets and some nice stocking designs. Looks so trendy and sophisticated.

    Women normaly go with a darker hair color also.
    Looks nice.

  • i was outside last night at 12:30am and noticed a small aircraft fly dead straight above mt pleasant. anybody know when/how/why the airspace is opened up to airplanes?

  • Rave: I am going away for the Holidays to warm sunny San Antonio, TX
    Rant: I am spending the holidays with my Mother In Law in warm sunny San Antonio, TX

  • I’ve been waiting to rant!

    Tuesday wasn’t a good day. My car was ransacked when I came out to it Tuesday morning. I thought that I’d forgotten to lock it Monday night, but maybe that’s a good thing? No windows were broken (which happened 3 times the first 3 months I moved in – about 4 and a half years ago), so that’s a positive.

    My basement flooded that day too. I hired one of the plumbers with a camera and they believe that the PVC pipe (which was installed when the previous owner rehabbed the house just before I bought it) has sheared from metal pipe just outside the wall of the house. I’ve been battling water ever since I bought the house and just had a window well put in so the basement would get natural light. Now, if I opt to repair it, that investment will be lost (or I’ll just have to pay again to have it done again).

    Later that day my phone died and I had to spend an hour and a half reinstalling the system software on it (it’s a blackberry). I was supposed to have some friends who were going to Dulles meet me at my office as I agreed to drive them there. They were metro’ing over to me and I presumed they’d call when they arrived. I called and emailed them my office numbers. By the time I got my cell back on, 45 minutes after we were supposed to all meet up, i had a text saying “we’re on our way but leaving our phones at home.” I haven’t heard from them since, and I’m supposed to feed their cats (they were going to give me the keys).

    I think the week improved after that…..

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I’d like to add this rant I received via email. It seems DC USA gets a fire/fire alarm at least on a weekly basis right? From a reader:

    “DCUSA Can Go to HELL!!!

    Holy F^#&ing Sh*t!!! I can’t believe how ridiculous DCUSA is! So tonight I hit up DCUSA with my roommate for some last minute holiday shopping. We found some great deals here and there. While in Target we were very excited about our great find on holiday flavored creamers on clearance -Score, when all of a sudden the sirens blare and the lights flash. Is this a joke? Is it a fire? No one seems to care, let’s keep shopping? Well like the lemmings we are we followed the crowd towards the escalators, oh apparently there is fire. Hmm..a real fire, because no one seems in a hurry to get out…in fact, people seem pretty chill. Escalumps everywhere!

    Now outside and very cold we hear the sirens of the firetrucks and the cars. Still no idea if this is real or if someone just pulled it for kicks. We head across the street to Starbucks and grab some food and drinks before the main crowd all decides to do the same and then head to d’vines, why not, we can’t leave, my car is in the parking garage. 10 mins becomes 30 mins and then 2 hours. We were outside for 2 hours freezing our asses off with still no idea what is going on.

    Oh, awesome, they are letting people in, we all bum rush it across the street like those great beasts who cross the continent only to trample each other and be picked off by crocodiles in the river. And then we are turned away again-employees only!!! WHAT!?!? Ok ok fine, they will let us in soon enough…So the not very soon down the road, everyone is sort of crowding the doors, inching closer and closer until some women are practically inside. We get the go ahead and everyone bum rushes in the doors while the guards ask us to file in single file hahaha!

    We race down the stairs to the garage and smell that something had in fact burned. Hmm…guess it was in the garage. I head to my car but people are in line to pay-TO PAY?!? You have got to be kidding me- I refuse to pay. Well the guards say we have to and I want to get the hell out of there and so does Christopher so he pays while I get the car. The garage becomes a cluster f*&^K of people and cars all trying to get out. Lines are not moving, cars are blocked in their spots, we don’t move a single inch for 35 min. Eventually, we begin to move up, just enough so that we are sitting next to the car that caught fire! Amazingly the cars next to it are char free. The line doesn’t move, why not, oh because someone is sitting up at the gate the arm is not lifting. Did they not pay, are they making a stand? Ok, I totally get that, but honestly, they said you had to pay, the gate won’t go up, don’t be that guy. Well they redirect our line to another exit. The left lane is stopped, the car in front is sitting before a closed gate, I get my chance, I put my card in wait for the gate, then look back and the guy says, “Ma’am, you owe a dollar, did you pay?” Yes I damn well paid, I paid 4 dollars for parking and I am not going back to pay this 1.00. You need to go raise this gate right now. “Well did you go to that station over there, if you are here too long you have to go there first” NO I did not go there, no one told me, how could I get there anyways I was sitting in the same spot not moving trapped in gridlock for 35 min- I will not go there and I will not pay this dollar, you need to make this gate open NOW. So he did. So 2 hours and almost 40 min later we left behind our shopping trip and our creamers 🙁

    It is absolutely ridiculous that this happens all the time down there and that we are expected to pay for it. DCUSA needs to get their shit straight and open the gates and apologize. We are the ones inconvenienced and now gift-less (and creamer-less- pumpkin spice creamer- less- sigh) Until they do apologize, I’m not going back and I’m telling everyone I can!”

  • Does anybody know what is going on with the old Bruce School on Kenyon between Georgia and Sherman?

    For the past few weeks, I have seen some crews out in the morning with bobcats and caterpillars tearing up the old sidewalk and parking lot.

    Renovations or deconstruction? I hope renovations. It is a beautiful old school but it needs some help.

  • HAHA is it wrong that the story about DC USA made me laugh?

    Rant, Where is the H8?


    To the guy walking up New Hampshire reading a book and carrying a bag.
    To the single female walking up New Hampshire with an Ipod in you ears

    GET A GRIP! Are you F-ing kidding me? Pay a little bit of attention when walking down the street. New Hampshire north of the metro is not the best place to be unaware of your surroundings while you walk home alone.

    I am always shocked at the number of people I startle when I go for a run. I am 6’4” , 200lbs and flat footed! You should hear me if I am running up from behind you.

  • Rant: For the second time in a week, the same guy gets on the Metro at Dupont Circle and starts singing Christmas carols. In a loud baritone voice, ON THE TRAIN. Last time it was ‘the First Noel.’ This time it was ‘O come all ye faithful.’ The song got stuck in my head, displacing ‘No Quarter’ by Led Zeppelin, which had been playing in my mind. It took nearly a block before I was back to thinking about the Zep tune.

    Anyone else seen this guy on the train? He’s a middle-aged asian guy, and before he sings he says “Good Morning, Excuse Me.” Then he starts singing.

    Rave: it’s Friday, and I’m going to party like mad tomorrow!

  • I’m going for a revel.

    I am on vacation as of 3:30 and will not be back in DC until the 28th. I am visiting the family, eating good food, and sleeping late for a whole week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carraige dweller- I heard it buzz my house. I was half asleep so I figured it sounded closer than it really was in my sleepy-drunk stupor but it was loud enough that I thought i was going to be abducted or that it was going to crash into my house. I do often hear helicopters to the extent that i think mount pleasant is a helicopter flight path. But if anyone can confirm it would be good to know. even in a city that often has to be patrolled by military aircraft It was loud enough that i was certainly questioning the safety of it all. what did it look like? and have you posted on the mount pleasant forum?

  • What’s up with the major police presence on Malboro Place over the past few weeks. First it was a cop sitting out in his car all night with the lights on and windows down, and for the last two nights we’ve had the full light-truck treatment.

    Anyone know? There was a shooting, but it was way back before Thanksgiving and several weeks transpired between the event and the police attention we currently enjoy. Not complaining, just curious!

  • Rave: Founding Farmers in Foggy Bottom might be my new favorite upscale-ish restaurant. Expect to spend money when you go, but also expect great things on your plate and in your glass.

  • saf

    Anon5 – Korean hymn-singing-guy has been around for years. I wonder if I can dig up the old Marc Fischer (or was it Bob Levey) column where I first read about him. He doesn’t just do Christmas songs – he sings year round.

  • What is up with those Capitol Entertainment busses I see every morning ferying 4-8 kids EACH around Columbia Ave./Sherman/Irving/Georgia?!?!? There are usually 3-4 busses, with only a handful of kids on them…who’s wasting gas and polluting our air!?!?!

  • saf

    Korean hymn signing guy has been around for a long time. Like, many years long time. I haven’t seen him in forever though.

  • there are three main helicopters that travel above Mt Pleasant:
    1. Marine One, the president’s helicopter
    2. Medevac helicopters
    3. DEA helicopters

    you will occasionally, like once every 5 years, see military fighter jets and related military aircraft above MtP. I know of Homeland Security exercises, but thought they were over by October and didn’t involve NW as much as Suitland.

    There is literally no way a small plane would get inside the beltway. Perhaps it was a strange model medevac helicopter?

  • What is up with those Capitol Entertainment busses I see every morning ferying 4-8 kids EACH around Columbia Ave./Sherman/Irving/Georgia?!?!?

    I presume its special ed kids that the parents sued to get special treatment for. Ask DCPS?

  • Rant: I’ve got a cold, I am swamped at work, I’m po very very po, and its raining.

    Revel: I finally got into the holiday spirit when I was smacked upside the head with the realization that mom’s christmas cookies, dad’s cheesy sermon, bro’s strong drinks, and plenty of redneck shenanigans to carry me through the holidays are only days away.

  • Re: the Bruce School — it’s legitimately under construction/renovation to be opened (theoretically) in August 2009 as a new location of the Cesar Chavez Public Charter School for Public Policy (http://www.chavezschools.org/). I’ve contacted the school a few times over the last couple of years and they swear it’s on track to open in August, and they did start serious construction approximately when I was told to expect it, so I’m hoping it’s for real this year. It’s supposed to be a junior high.

    Previously they’d said it would open this past fall, but construction was delayed due to permitting problems or something like that.

  • Vonstallin


    Do anyone see the group of parents (about 3 of them) with like 4 to 7 kids (about 5 years old) all on bicycles?

    I normaly see them mid 8amish going north on sherman ave and hanging a right towards Georgia Ave.

    It’s the coolest thing.
    I’m just wondering if they are going to school or out for a ride?

  • Rant: Life right now is devistatingly crappy.

    Revel: I am in Dallas and it is 75 degrees and sunny.

  • Rant:…well you read it already above…DCUSA makes me mad.

    Rave: We just had our work holiday luncheon for our building and it was delicious. Just like last year I managed to eat way more than should be physically possible. Sat is the company’s holiday party -open bar! I think I just helped one of my friends get a job with my company! And I somehow managed to buy/make all my coworkers their presents in time for today 🙂

  • saf

    Kalia – was that last night @DCUSA? I was wondering what was up when we went past on the way home.

  • Saf,
    It was Wed night. Would not surprise me if something was going on there again last night as well.

  • Reading all the DCUSA stuff makes me want to avoid it.

    Sounds like if they don’t stop the excessive fire alarms (many of which sound like are likely false alarms) then it is going to get the rep of being an unreliable place to shop.

  • Rant/Rave:
    Rant: Guy at my job just had his car stolen and used in a robbery. Rave: The car was stolen in Chevy Chase (go figure) in front of his home.
    Rant: The robbery was in our neck of the woods on Riggs Rd.

  • saf

    ET – “going to?” Sorry, already does. It’s a nasty place full of suburban chain stores that looks all wrong sitting there. Plus, it has ALWAYS got something dumb going on, every time I go past. It was a bad choice on the developer’s part, and will end up like City Place.

  • RANT:

    I logged into my bank account today to realize that someone had used my account and routing number to set up 3 direct withdrawals with various cell phone carriers. Over $850 out. Hopefully I’ll get it back (I filled out the paperwork and changed my account info).

    Worst part – I have to go through detangling everything linked to the account and call the credit bureaus to make sure Mr. identity thief isn’t opening credit cards.

    Worser part – I think it may have been someone in my apartment complex. I’m no longer paying for money/services with checks here!

  • I am traveling to San Antonio in 4 days. Does anyone knows of any decent cheap hotels and restaurants???

  • Rant : why the hell are DC police giving out seatbelt tickets this morning on 4th st nw?? So let me get this straight we dont have cops walking a beat anywhere but they will stand out of their cars to issue seatbelt tickets..riiight werent there some shootings around that ‘hood lately?? Get out of the car get on foot, on bike or on Segway but lets have some real police work done north of mass ave where it is needed..
    Revel : Tons of eating for the holidays coming up luckily i dont have to watch my weight..

  • Oscar Thibidoux – My wife and I are headed to SA for the holidays. We are staying in a B&B in the King William area. They are cheaper than most regular hotels and your get free breakfast. King Willima is a short walk to the River Walk and has its own fun bars and restaruants. There are several in the areas and most have web pages. You might see my wife and I stubling around attempting to rid ourselves of the evil, pycho karma from the mother in law by bathing ourselves in margaritas

  • the plane last night was definitely not a helicopter or any form of a helicopter. it was a white single engine small aircraft that was flying probably 500-1000 feet above MtP.

  • Rants
    – My neighbor’s dog sounds like she’s being strangled… every single day from 4-7pm.
    – I have to teach Monday and Tuesday, even though no other counties in the area have school.

    – I made almost all of my holiday gifts this year, and they’re not even crappy!
    – I’m getting a second dog in 3 weeks, and it’s damn cute.
    – Literally ever block in the vicinity, except mine, is out of power… Jebus is blessing me.

  • Re: The Capitol Entertainment busses are transporting Bruce Monroe Elementary students to their new transition school location at ParkView Elementary on Warder St. Without crossing guards it’s too dangerous for the kids to cross Georgia Ave during rush hour morning and evening.

  • RANT PabloMa do your neighbors dog a favor and see what is going on with it before you get another dog..3hrs geeez! ..maybe you can help. if you havent tried or wont im not sure you should be responsible for one let alone two dogs not matter how cute. RANT II people suck

  • from Steve to another, when in San Antone, try the Reuben sandwiches and the Split Pea soups at Schilo’s with iced tea, they,ve been there since 1917, take in the Mission trail, and check out those delightful Andean Fusion songs at Rivercenter Mall.

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