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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rant- why cant match box have opened its new location in columbia heights?

  • I have a sore throat and my co-workers are driving me INSANE. Waaaaaah

  • Of all the restaurants we could use in Columbia Heights, yet another pizza place is pretty low on my list. We already have two, both of which are good, and supposedly Paradiso is in the works. That’s redundant before the ink is dry on their deal.

    I want more ACTUAL restaurants. We have only three real sit-down places — one of which is Red Rocks, a pizza place, plus Commonweath and Rumberos. We’ve got plenty of carry out and pizza. We need more places for actual dining.

  • I had plenty of sun in my bedroom this weekend and someone to share it with. Win win. I’ll ignore the fact that someone died some yards down the street on Champlain though…

  • I think I just met the man of my dreams yesterday…

  • Rant: the crossing guards down on park are freakin’ useless. I especially like it when they talk on the phone while directing traffic.

  • I forgot to bring a spoon to work and have to drink my soup.

  • clearly you have never been to Matchbox Jamie. Its more than just a pizza place. Also whats this about pizza paradiso? where are they supposed to open? that would be nice but if you have ever had the Fire and Smoke at Matchbox its pretty hard to beat

  • Rave: Great weekend in Colorado visiting Mom, and helping put together a party for her 60th. Yay mom!

    Rant: Why can’t Northwest Airlines get some freakin’ working planes??? After 3 hours+ of delays, I got to spend an unexpected night in Memphis, sans my luggage.

  • Rant: When are they going to shut down the homeless shelter on Irving St. in Columbia Heights already? It’s seriously cramping our style. I mean, I like my neighborhood to have street cred and all, but not that much cred…

    Plus, imagine if a cool themed bar opened in it’s place with a name like “Shelter” where the tables are converted cots, and every drink comes in a brown paper bag…how chic..

  • The water pressure in my shower decreased by about half suddenly about 2 weeks ago, and I can’t figure out why.

  • Rant – what’s up with a kid being stabbed at 4:30 in the afternoon on 14th Street on Friday, then another one at the U Street Metro Station yesterday! There are times I hope these kids kill each other off!

    Perplexed – it is possible that you have water main work in your area and some debris migrated throught he water lines. If you can, try disassembling the shower head and cleaning the screen. I bet that helps.

  • lanierhts. your name and post are a bit at odds. do you live in lanier heights or columbia heights. also where is this homeless shelter. also there are lots of things cramping CH’s style. a target for 1

  • Finally out of uber transient Cleveland Park and into our new house on 6th St. NE! NOMA represent!

  • Thanks, Steve. There was definitely a water main break repaired across the street a month or two ago, but the problems started a few weeks after it had been repaired. I’ll try taking the shower head apart anyway….

  • i live in columbia heights. am i going to get murdered in the next week? we will see!

  • wow-sunny. you traded cleveland park for NOMA….. sometimes these kinds of stories remind me of a former boss who lived in potomac maryland. he held his office xmas parties on florida avenue, but the black employees didnt come until he began holding them in his expansive ( and considerably safer) digs…..

  • I really get upset when the DCRA guy with the BIG truck parks all night on my little street that already has too little parking and then walks 3 blocks to his own home and parked in front of his home is his HUMMER…yes I’ve stalked him

  • i spent over $200 this past weekend 🙁

    and anyone who thinks thats no big deal; can i borrow $20?

  • Rave: Wife and I went to Fusion, the new Indian place on Georgia. The food was excellent, the owner, his wife and kids couldn’t be nicer. It was a great experience, the food is very reasonably priced and the portions are appropriate. The flavors of the food were excellent, not overpowering like some Indian fare can be and the owner was more than happy to spice of my Chicken Tikka Misalla to help with some congestion I was experience. He’s a cool guy, too. He spent the past two months, 12 hours a day renovating the space himself and lives just blocks away(he couldn’t have been quicker to offer up his home address!) It is great to see local business owners investing in their community… and I am more than happy to invest in them. Seriously, this place is definitely a must visit.

  • I went to the Wegmans in Sterling, VA over the weekend! Oh my god, what an incredible grocery store! Forget Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Harris Teeter, etc. Bring us a Wegmans to DC!!!

  • Wegman’s IS amazing. I hope they’ll continue to move into the DC area further. I used to go shopping with my mom at one in Erie, PA – I think they come from the Buffalo NY area.

    My fave grocery store of the moment is the Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan – amazingly, it’s not very crowded (even right before TG we hardly had to wait in line despite lots of people in the store – maybe cashiers are just better?, and the selection is terrific! Being able to park for free in the garage w/o having to deal w/ annoying validation makes it worth the trip.

  • Vonstallin

    My City….
    A Love hate thing:

    Rant #1
    Drove to the City Dump Saturday and had to wait an hour and 15 minutes and had no idea why. My entertainment was watching the DC workers argue in front of like 40 cars.

    Rant #2
    Next on my list of chores was driving to the Salvation Army.
    Drop off a nice 27 inch TV and cordless phone. I stood to the side and the guys didn’t notice me. Well I over heard them and it seems like they were about to take my TV home with them? Ummmm Ok…. I know it can happen. I took 30 Vintage Playboy mags 3 weeks and they guy said put it on the side because im going to take those with me. Umm ok…

    3rd chore for Saturday was driving over to the animal shelter on NY ave and donate $300 worth of medical supplies I had left over. One nice guy told me to bring it in. Once I got in the other employees made me feel like I was bothering them. I felt like an ass.

    After my stingy parents didn’t want me to have none of their KFC I got the taste for it and Drove to the one on Blair Road. I should have known better because my mom said they didn’t put the biscuits in the bag.
    The List:
    Messed my order up.
    No body wanted to fix it.
    Took 15 minutes to place order and receive it.
    Watch the cashier take my money; move boxes then went straight to making a flat bread with her unclean, ungloved hand right in the beans.
    Girls fussing about personal business the whole time she is making the food.
    Forgot to give me my SH*T!!!!

    Never will go back…
    Went home and Did not want….


  • Vonstallin

    Oh, let me add a Rave….
    Watch Dark Knight 4 times this weekend and it was so good…I felt Grand….

  • Kalia,
    don’t worry. you’ll wake up soon enough.

  • vonstallin-
    I agree; that particular KFC / Taco Hell is the worst place on earth. I used to live a couple of blocks from there, and my roommate used to get …er… and drag us over there for bean burritos. One time, I waited 45 minutes for my order (or my money back; the entire staff disappeared for that long between me ordering and me getting my foods), while my friends patiently waited with theirs (I made them eat after 5 minutes). Not to mention how terrible the service was (they were absolutely rude and awful). And, the food was the worst ever. Ugh. I agree-never go there again.

  • No rant from me, just a rave. I am liking the way petworth is shaping up in terms of restaurants. Fusion. Moroni’s. Sweet Mango. The new place coming to the Park Place building. Beats the hell out of Potbelly’s, Ruby Tuesday’s, Five Guys over in CH. No hating on CH, just drawing a distinction. Petworth may be able to draw truly local home grown restaurants.

  • reuben – Although Cleveland Park does ooze safety, it also oozes no sense of community and very expensive rent. We were able to buy in NOMA for the same amount we rented for in CP, so the choice was easy to make. Besides, neighborhoods get better when they get better neighbors, and that’s were we come in.

  • where we come in, sorry

  • where we come in, sorry

  • Rave: I fly home one week from tomorrow!

    Rant: Home is Iowa, where it’s currently obnoxiously cold.

  • Vonstallin


    Oh that place…..2 thumbs down.
    I shortened my tale at KFC, but I haven’t been their in years because of the same thing. You can tell none of the employees like working their and it makes me mad. I work at McDonalds while in the 11th grade and no matter what I make the company proud.
    Anyways, I’m at a lost at times.

    I want to support some of the local spots, but to get the “Full Service” I expect I have to got to MD or VA or other areas of DC like Wisconsin Ave / Connecticut Ave.

    EZ Fix for me…..
    Do Not GO!!!!!

    Anyone remember the god awful burger King on Georgia Ave (Enterprise Rent a Car now). The worst and didn’t last more than a year or so…

  • Vonstallin

    Rant: My spelling is ass….

  • Vonstallin

    My profreading is worst…
    Give me 2 thumbs down…

  • I considered today an extension of the weekend only because it was so warm. I was working, but sitting outside on my porch. Definitely a rave!

  • Rave: that house on the 3800 block of 8th St NW, the one attached to the apartment bldg on NH & Quincy finally sold, AND it looks like they are pretty much completely redoing it. This house was once a GDON posting (can you find it PoP?). They were asking 500K for it, reduced to 400K, but then I never saw what it sold for. I think it suffered from stupid real estate agent syndrome, the first sign was when they planted a bunch of tropical houseplants in the yard like shrubbery, and two weeks later they froze and oozed all over the yard. Hmm, and that was last year!

  • Uh yeah, regarding the crossing guards @ Kenyon/Irving/14th, an intersection that certainly needs them…are they supposed to be a joke? I just came back from Target, and there was one crossing guard there — however, he was only “guarding” the tiny left turn lane on Kenyon, literally pointing at people when the light turned green so they could cross 10 feet of street in “safety.” Wtf? This city confounds me sometimes.

  • I like the crossing guard on Georgia just south of Silver Spring. She talks on the phone, yells at people when she darts out in front of you and you have to slam to a stop from 35 mph, then saunters around when there’s no one crossing in an attempt to feel powerful. Even my yummy morning Dunkin Donuts coffee can’t cure my anger at that biatch every morning. Grr!

  • You can complain about the KFC here:

    If it has management, maybe they will hear about the good awful service.

  • nate, sometimes I wonder why you bother waking up every day, your outlook on life is so bleek. While I agree with a lot of things I say, you seem to always look at the worst points of everything.

    while I may realize nothing is at it seemed, at least I will have enjoyed the journey.

  • *agree wtih a lot of things you say…clearly I agree with a lot of things I say.

  • The DC crossing guards are useless. When I was a kid in Western NY, the school crossing guards were so professional and friendly and did their jobs. The ones where I live now in NE are decent-acting, but are always standing around talking to their friends and not doing any crossing guard duties.

    But at least they’re not like the ones at Farragut North. They’re hideous. Yelling, screaming and cursing at anyone who walks by. I guess either I’m missing them during my morning commute or they got fired, because I haven’t seen too many of them around there lately.

    von, normally I rant about bad spelling/grammar, but you at least admit to yours not being perfect, and knowing is half the battle. Some people just don’t care. And I try to avoid places with bad service. I cannot stand dealing with nasty people with nasty attitudes in these customer service jobs. The world would be so better if people in customer service jobs had actual customer service skills.

  • Kalia,
    lighten up I was joking. I hit submit before I could put the smiley face on there. 🙂

  • sunny-i wish you well….. i truly do…. guess i was thinking safety and.. well, things to do…

  • Rant: my dishwasher keeps inserting foul liquid into the bottom of itself…doing quite the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. and i don’t even use the darn thing to wash dishes. help!

  • I love this blog….there used to be one for the capitol hill/barraks row area….does anyone know what happened to it?

    random about the farragut crossing guards…i got yelled at once for stepping out of the painted lines after the guard pushed a bike into my path…lol crazy

  • rant, fire alarm again today at dc usa. rave, false alarm. rant, what if a real fire occurs? will we all just keep shopping and burn like toast?

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