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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • im reading ‘dream city’ at the suggestion of CHLib… so far its REALLY good! kind of sad and scary though as it talks about the decline of DC under the crackpot administration of the mayor for life MB

  • what i HATE is that blog comments make people look like ASSHOLES!!

  • Anyone know what’s going in at the Allegro? What kind of food/shops? I’m SO done with that construction site — I want my bike lane back. Anyone know when that will happen? I think it’s interesting they moved the bus stop from in front of the grocery to the gas station. I wonder if that has anything to do with the Allegro opening. Are they going to move the Oak St. one now too?

  • Pretty good weekend. Lots of downtown strolling including the library and Cowgirl Creamery samples. Snow flurries and tree decorating with my two little kids. And the weekend unbelievably continues into tonight with a baby sitter AND a concert: Ray Davies at 930. Cannot wait.

  • Sick and tired of all of the stray cats in my neighborhood.

  • Rant: My dog has canine cognitive disorder ie doggie dementia. He gets stuck in corners and under furniture and sometimes ends up facing a wall when he has run out of floor.

    Rave: His kidney disease hasn’t progressed.

  • Better to have stray cats than stray rats!!!

  • I wish I wasn’t such a slob.

  • The Bancroft Christmas tree sale was orderly and had a great selection and wonderful hot tamales. The prices were steep- our tree was one of the bigger ones for $80 (yeah old house with high ceilings!) but the cause was good.

  • OB: $80 for a tree? I sure hope it’s a live tree that can be planted afterward! We used to always get live trees and plant them afterwards, but that’s really a hassle, so now we use an artificial tree. It seems so wasteful to me to grow a tree for 8-10 years only to feed it to the wood chipper after displaying keeping it in your house for 3 weeks.

    There is actually a lot of labor that goes in to growing a christmas tree. It must be trimmed twice a year so that the trunk remains straight and the tree takes on the typically unnatural ‘wedge’ shape. One of my previous jobs included pruning christmas trees, and some times you would start hacking on the tree with your blade and stir up a bee’s nest. I shook up a hive once while pruning trees and got stung four times. It’s almost like Russian roulette: you can’t inspect every tree for bees beforehand, so you just hack away, knowing the risks.

  • Rant: in a country that still styles itself as a free nation, we have a justice system that is completely dysfunctional: from the cop on the street, to the prosecutors, the courts, the jails, and the legislators. And we, as a country, ignore it, because the only people who go to jail are poor and/or dark.

    If everyone had the ‘opportunity’ to be falsely accused of a crime, and treated like a criminal for a while, we’d see a completely different system. Where vigorous legal representation was available to all. Where a mere accusation wouldn’t be sufficient to bankrupt you and ruin your life. Where prisons were humane and rehabilitative. Where draconian, selectively-enforced laws weren’t cranked out day after day by posturing legislators.

    The average PoP reader went to college and not prison, but we live in a community where a male is much more likely to have seen the inside of a jail than a student union. We, more than the average white-collar American, live surrounded by the effects of our out-of-control justice system. And we do exactly *nothing*.

    Revel: the border with Canada is still open. For now.

  • Rave: Last class of the semester!

    Rant: the GA Ave metro’s escalator’s are on their bi-, tri-monthly breakdown, and the slog up those unmoving stairs is tougher in the cold.

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