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Gerber – Thermal Underwear Unionsuit 2-Pack – Infant Boy, originally uploaded by fashionhouseknitwoven.

When it’s as cold as it’s been lately I highly recommend thermal underwear. It’s become a bit of fad lately but dang they actually work. Even better are thermals and Glogg.

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  • Silk thermal underwear is really the bomb. Not so sexy, ladies, I’m afraid. But it’ll keep you warm.

  • I highly recommend Patagonia’s Capilene line — take it from someone who used to live in Northern New Hampshire, it’s fantastic. And it lasts forever.

  • Vonstallin

    Patagonia’s Capilene line Yes Sir !!!!
    I have a couple of sets of those and you are spot on.

    Today I just ened up slipping on my Bike padded spandex shorts since I dont want to burn down in the office. They help cut the wind on your thighs a good deal. If your out walking I think most cold weather work out gear will do.

    Hmmm, silk thermals…I would love to feel that. Do they make those for guys?

  • Thermal underwear does not have to be expensive, try Costco, Target, and anywhere that is not a budget buster.

  • Footie Pajamas… comfortable, affordable, and stylish. http://www.pajamacity.com/

  • @vonstallin:

    “Hmmm, silk thermals…I would love to feel that. Do they make those for guys?”
    Oh sure. I got mine from LL Bean, but I’m sure there are other places where they’re sold.

  • The problem with most cheap-o thermal underwear from Target, Costco, etc is that they’re usually cotton & cotton sucks for thermal use. Once you go inside and start to warm up you’ll begin sweating and the cotton just holds that moisture in. When you venture out again that moisture will make you even colder. Capilene, polypropylene, lyrcra, silk all move that moisture away from your skin to some extent. Even surplus store polypropylene [you can get it at Ranger Surplus in Bethesda or Wheaton] is about as cheap as cotton dep’t store thermals, but significantly better.

  • I’ll agree with the capilene comments – that stuff will keep you warm and dry. I also have a union suit that I love (full body, button up the front, ass flap), though I don’t get to wear it too often.

  • Check out http://www.sierratradingpost.com for discounted thermals. I got a set to wear to Redskins game after freezing my butt off one game.

  • The Ranger Surplus in Wheaton is closed down due to a fire at that shopping center in response to another post, doesn’t have to be all cotton on thermal underwear, look around for discounts, also does not have to be top of the line, as you’re paying for the brand, but durable.

  • Thanks – I forgot about the Wheaton Ranger Surplus fire. Also a quick note on Sierra Trading Post – though they have great deals, they’re owned by rather preachy christians fundamentalist and I’m sure not exactly GLBT friendly…. I vote with my $$ and would rather support a local businesses like Hudson Trail, or REI which offers benefits to employees and their partners without discrimination.

  • Vonstallin

    ShermanCircle Says:
    December 23rd, 2008 at 10:31 am
    (full body, button up the front, ass flap), though I don’t get to wear it too often.


    Ass Flap made me laugh……

    ontarioroader Says:
    December 23rd, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    I got mines from Hudson Trail….pricey tho….

  • Hudson Trail…Pricey!!!
    Try amazon.com, Earths biggest Selection

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