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I’d be curious to learn what features folks like most about PoP. Since I have a bit more time now I’d like to expand coverage a bit. If I left out something you’d like to see covered please put a suggestion in the comments section. Thanks.

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  • More Disco Yola!

  • Less posts! It’s getting to be a full time job keeping up with everything that’s posted!

  • While likley not going to a crowd pleaser – I think less crime posts or put them on a drop down. It seems that everthing that can be said about crime has been said. All of the crime posts end up talking about the same things over and over again. And yep, you bet – I could just chose not to read the crime posts. I am just making a suggestion.

  • meant to say while likely not going to be a corwd pleaser…

  • i’m shocked that, so far, 10% have voted for the random category. i’ve been feeling like there’s far too many random posts recently and not enough actual meat. i’ve been considering removing PoP from my rss feeds because there hasn’t been that much of interest to me, beyond what hipchickindc has offered.

  • Congrats on going semi-pro

    I love the architecture/detail photos.
    If anything, more detail shots.

    And I know you’ve got a bit of a NW focus, but the other districts could use some of the PoP treatment.

  • More vestibules! Seriously, I dig the architectural posts – something you really find no where else.

    Maybe a few more history related posts. The one a few months back that focused on a woman who’d lived in Mt. Pleasant was a good one. Perhaps take PoP to the library for some newspaper article retrospectives…

  • Agree with Mike above on less crime posts. The comments inevitably degenerate into the same unproductive discussion, plus the info is available elsewhere – it seems to be pulled straight from the MPD emails without anything new.

    Another one not likely to be a crowd pleaser: no more Good Deal or Not?. I honestly don’t think you’re doing the neighborhood a service by posting those, especially as those who do comment nearly always say that it’s not a good deal and seem to expect that they are entitled to buy a completely renovated 3BR house within 4 blocks of a metro for under $300k. Yeah, the market is pretty rough right now, but the constant barrage of comments about how everything is overpriced can’t really be good for things. Not that I think PoP or the commenters have a huge influence over the local real estate market, but potential buyers can and do google for addresses. Without any perspective on this site (i.e., how no one ever seems to think anything is a good deal), it may well put off some buyers. My husband and I have actually wondered if the posting here about the house on Kansas Ave, about which both the buyer and seller commented, had any effect the ultimate sale price…

    I also have to kind of agree with Anonymous @ 11:39 am – I’ve been losing interest in PoP, too. I’m not sure what I want, exactly, but the site isn’t quite cutting it for me these days…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yikes, I should be careful what I ask. It looks like I’ll stick with the same mix and just include some more neighborhoods and profiles.

    Thank God I’ve still got Bob Dylan.

    Situations have ended sad,
    Relationships have all been bad.
    Mine’ve been like Verlaine’s and Rimbaud.
    But there’s no way I can compare
    All those scenes to this affair,
    Yer gonna make me lonesome when you go.

  • I like the restaurant posts. It gets me out of the tunnel vision of going to the same handful of places over and over. I like the good deal or not with a caveat. I like the way you have begun to take a look at the ones that eventually sold.

    Obviously, I like the crime posts. I tend to think that if something is going to be done about the crime in our neighborhood, it won’t come from Bowser/Graham and the other councilmembers downtown. By the sheer number of posts, they seem to be the most popular topic as crime affects us all.

    Here is a suggestion that may be a tad bit adventurous. I’d like to read interviews of the “corner boyz” that we complain about on these posts. I hear a lot of talk about the people on 14th St. Why not interview them once in a while to get their perspective of the crime and blight? Maybe some of the people in the housing projects on 14th or Park Morton.

  • dreas: I can say for certain that the posts on this website had nothing to do with the ultimate selling price, while the comments were insightful, we did not use them as a barometer for what our next move/price should have been. I can say from our point of view that we were very happy with the final amount and thank “insert whoever or whatever you believe in here” that we sold the house, almost in the nick of time.

    I agree with other commenters though about the GDON postings, but for other reasons – I think people are just running out of things to say and have become bored with the posts, but I am making a lot of assumptions and speaking for myself – I don’t read the GDON any more.

  • In all fairness I should mention what I do like about PoP – the new restaraunt posts are really cool as are the “best places to get chinese, thai etc…”

  • I am actually a huge fan of the GDON, but not for the purposes intended. I love seeing what others have done or not done to their homes in the area. As such I love the house porn postings as much as I love the more modest ones. My wife and I have developed some great design ideas from our place based on things we’ve seen. It’s kind of like when you’re out for a walk in the evening and someone windows are open and the lights on and you steal a glance inside just to see how the neighbors live. Well, evening strolls aren’t such a good idea for most of our neighborhoods, but it’s nice to see what is going on.

    Anyway, I vote to keep them, but perhaps instead of discussing price, we discuss what’s going on in the home.

    I am also a huge fan of the restaurant reviews, the neighbor profiles, etc. And contrary to popular opinion, I’d love to see more posts on crime; I think this is a great forum to vent and perhaps could become a source of action. Same goes with community development projects and the like. All in all, I love what you’re doing!

  • Vonstallin

    I sort of wish we had certain catagories so you dont miss certain ones, like Mural of the day, Door of the day, nice place for coffee etc…

    I guess im sort of use to the Forum format.

  • I read everyday, and would like to say keep up the good work!

  • PoP. I like interviews with local people, businesses owners, etc… Puts a face to the community and makes it feel like one. How are your interviewing skills?

  • Pop,

    Don’t listen to all these negative nancies. Just keep doing what you are doing.

  • I generally like everything that’s here. I’d recommend pushing some envelope somehow and take on that gentrification issue as a discussion, combining interviews and discussion and such. Take it logically like, does gentrification mean white folks pushing out blacks? Are what folk conspiring to push out blacks? Are black folk conspiring to keep whites out? Does gentrification even exist as a unitary, singular, definable concept, or is it the modern equivalent of seeing the devil in all things strange and new? Where does crime, violent and otherwise, figure in? (Ie, are gentrifying areas more or less crime prone? Does DC government or MPD only start to care when white folk move in?). These are just a few possibilities, and apologies if they are poorly stated.

    In short, aside from national issues of paramount concern, how we all affect our city is of great concern to all of us. This is evidenced by many of these issues being addresses during the random postings on crime. So, rather than wait for crime to drive (and influence) these discussions, keep ahead of the ugliness by moderating and thoughtful conversation on some of the underlying issues.

    And keep doing all the other stuff please! My only complaint is when you go too far afield and report on things very far from P-worth. There’s so much local of interest you shouldn’t need to go far…

    Other neat things to do:

    1) Areas oldest resident interview.
    2) Local schools and sports teams overview / interview.
    3) Hot and easy local women who desire no long term relationship.

  • I can’t believe there aren’t more votes for architecture! I love your appreciation of the way the city looks – it’s what makes your blog different. I don’t even live in the neighborhood, but the Door of the Day keeps me coming back. And the Best Spot for a Cup of Coffee!

  • I love the Good Deal or Not Posts and pretty much anything that has to do with real estate, home renovations and architecture. I also really appreciate the restaurant and development updates. The crime updates are interesting to read but I’m not sure anything positive comes out of it.

    And I’m a fan of PoP’s self deprecating humor.

    The post by Anonymous at 4:01pm reminds me that my least fave posts are all the ones from “anonymous” that show up pretty much any time you have a woman’s photo on the blog. But hey, I guess that’s not PoPs fault. But please no profiles of hot and easy local women who desire no long term relationship!!

  • PoP, the hot local women and men could be a hit. I’d love to see some pics of the women on here.

  • Kee-rist almighty PetworthRes, is it possible you have absolutely zero sense of humor?

  • Kansas ave house buyer here.

    It was neat seeing the house posted here, and it was definitely reassuring that most thought it was a good deal. At the same time, by the time I put in the offer on the house, I had seen a LOT of houses in the area, so I relied mainly on my own analysis and my realtor’s comps. I remember 1227 Randolph as a very close comparable.

    So I tried to not assign any conscious value to the comments here, but it was cool to read the good reviews.

  • My advice, honestly, would be to ignore most of the advice from folks on here. You’re obviously doing something right if your advertising has increased and your able to take this blog on as a more full-time thing, so I say just keep doing what you’re doing.

    As for the crime reports, I find them useful as a public service sort of way. The comments sections of them are often less than productive, but often readers are able to provide updates or first-hand info on the incident, which is useful.

  • I like how you find the joy is life’s randomness, or how people express themselves through lawn decorations. The pig statues, door of the day, fire box sculptures, statues in Rock Creek.

    I think lately there’s been (for me) too much info on restaurants and GDON — I can only eat and look at so many. I’d like more interviews, some local history, and info on local businesses. Just went into Bentley’s Sat due to your post.

    However, as someone said, it is your blog, so do what you love to do.

    (But do give us time to read your posts and others comments before they wind up moving off the page).

    Oh — and perhaps highlight the forum more. I think it has great potential, but very under utilized.

    Thanks for this site!

  • “My advice, honestly, would be to ignore most of the advice from folks on here. You’re obviously doing something right if your advertising has increased and your able to take this blog on as a more full-time thing, so I say just keep doing what you’re doing.

    As for the crime reports, I find them useful as a public service sort of way. The comments sections of them are often less than productive, but often readers are able to provide updates or first-hand info on the incident, which is useful.”


    I agree wholeheartedly.

  • I vote less real estate unless all income levels are fairly represented;
    Church announcements are welcome
    Art classes that one does not have to all the way th Glen Echo, or Montgomery College;
    Rant and Rave is good.
    Political ads IF they are evenly representative of both parties, and independents too!

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