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PoP, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is from a buddy of mine who is currently serving somewhere in Iraq.

During the holiday season let’s take a second to remember and appreciate all the folks serving overseas particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan. To support our service members has nothing to do with politics. Let’s just recognize their sacrifice and wish them a speedy and safe return home.

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  • Your friend’s safety is in my prayers, that God will protect him from harm, and that he returns from his tour of duty safely.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Thanks very much and I’m sure his training will help too!

  • heres hoping for the safe and sound return of all those abroad serving our country and my the country they serve not neglect them in their hours of need.

    if anyone wants to give back to soldiers recovering at Walter Reed army medical center by donating DVDs and Video Games you no longer want please let me know.

  • My boyfriend will be back from Iraq in January! Yipppeeeeee!

  • I think that guy is showing you his backside. I’ll take care of that no good soldier when he gets back, I know where he lives.

    And he will get back

  • clearbluewater33 i have videos and many books i would be willing to donate

  • Anon we can only accept DVDs because the TVs at Walter reed only have dvd players. If this is what you’ve got I’d love to have them. As for the books, I can drop them off at the “free to a good home” table and they’ll be snatched up quickly. I can give you a tax deduction slip if you need it.

    I can drive over and pick them up weekend if you are available. I use the gmail and my username is svigasl3. Drop me a line and we can arrange something.

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