Park Place Development Watch (Above Petworth Metro)


A reader writes:

“Do you have picture updates for the other angles of Park Place above the Petworth Metro? I am very glad for the one angle you usually show, but would love to see others.. especially of the smaller scale part.”

Smaller scale part from the back:


Another reader writes:

“Perhaps I’ve missed it but would be Great if you had an insider’s update on the construction above the GA/Petworth Metro station…any new word on when it will be completed, which retail stores will fill it, will the condos be owned/rented, and whether any other restaurants/bars/etc might be opening nearby soon.”

Last Monday I broke the news that Gillian Clark formerly of Colorado Kitchen has signed a letter of intent to open up a restaurant in one of the spots. I also believe a Mocha Hut is slated to go into one of the spots. I believe the other spots will be filled by similar folks that are in the Highland Park building in Columbia Heights. If I was a betting man, and I am most definitely a betting man, I’d say we’ll probably get something like a Potbelly’s but that is pure speculation. I believe the project is supposed to be finished in 2009. I’ve recently heard some scuttlebutt that the project may be going back to condos but I have no confirmation on that. Will update as soon as I get more info.

More photos after the jump.



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  • Will the large street lamps be replaced with the smaller historic ones when all is complete? not sure if thats a part of the streetscape plan or not.

  • Vonstallin

    Since its a major Ave/Street, i would say they will leave the taller lamps that cast more light across a wider area vs the niffty street lights. Although Georgetown use the smaller lamps.

    Im a 90 second walk from their, so I will be uber ecited if they creat some good spots to eat or pick up stuff. I wonder if a Radio Shack express, Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, or Nice famous Daves can survive in this location?

    Bike, Skate, Ski shop?

  • New street lighting is part of the Great Streets Project _plan_.

    Going back to condos? That would be almost unheard off, but great news in my books (maybe its all those ultra liberal and oh adventurous and hip democrats landing on the city).

  • I can’t tell from the picture, but I hope those new townhouses will have front porches. Can anyone confirm that there will be porches? In the pic it looks like the stairs just go to the door.

  • I hope they don’t go back to condos because that just means they’ll be vacant for a really long time — whereas I think as apartments they would rent out fairly quickly so long as the rent is realistic.

  • Enough with the Potbellies already!

  • First, they did a really nice job with these, like the variance in the facades, such a long building, that keeps it interesting. Donatelli really does a great job bringing a good mix of retail into his condos, and Mocha Hut and the Gillian Clark restaurant are a great start. If there is a fast-foodish type place, I second the chick-filet nomination — yummmm. But I hope they mainly keep it fairly local. One place that I’d LOVE to see expand into the area is Potato Valley (there is one in the Penn Quarter). That place, I think would do a killer business around here.

  • My big question is when is the main entrance to the Metro, which is directly under/in the new building, be re-opened? (I am assuming that the main entrance will still be open to all, and not just the residents of the building). The secondary entrance across GA is showing the stress of two years of handling all the traffic for the station. It looks like Metro has re-installed most of the mechanism for the main escalators, but the construction itself looks like it will be blocking access to the main entrance for some time.

  • Yuck, please no chains…Burger King, Chick Fil-A and Potbellies don’t really qualify as good food in my book.

  • Well, being realistic its more likely than not that there will at least one chain restaurant in it – that being the case, one needs to try to pick the best one. And me being a Big Mac fan (and proud of it! sorta kinda..), I vote for MacDonalds of course.. lol..

  • Oh and Solives, looks like those houses will have porches – see the grey short cinder block columns in the picture?

  • this is pretty cool. you’re getting me excited. I really like the design for both buildings. I was worried that it would end up being ugly like the ones down by 13& Fl.

    Where are those townhouses?

  • They are on the backside of the bigger building, towards the Quincy St end of site, also all brand new.

  • if we ‘have to’ include a fast food place (which is certainly not the case) it would be nicer for something more local/regional (like a 5guys) than a mcdonalds, bk, or chick-fil-a…..ick

  • Yeah, Donatelli does a great job with design, Kenyon and Highland Park are also both really nice buildings. I see them as a model developer on all fronts; high quality product, design-conscious, more responsive than most to community inquiries, and attract, in timely fashion, great (often locally-owned) businesses.

    Unlike some of the half-assed crap going up on Florida — especially the building on the west corner of 14th and Florida. I am a fan of contemporary architecture, but not cheap-looking cinderblock and aluminum exteriors reminiscent of East Berlin …

  • Why do their buildings get designed to look like two separate buildings, half red brick and half tan? (Kenyon Square, as well as the one pictured here)

  • Vonstallin


    i think they do it to sort of break down the size. This way it don’t look like a very large building but keep with the flow of multiple medium sized buildings. I like it because it mirrors the paramount on next to it and then blends into a modern building.

    i was born and raised in Petworth/Columbia heights. My parents still live here and I brougth my house here also, but I always wanted to move to Horth West regions of DC. near Chevy Chase.

    With all the new development (I would never have figured) and constant remodeling of my house, I love living here now. I just hope I don’t get pushed out.

  • i just went to the new peri peri’s in chinatown yesterday and i cannot tell you how tasty it was – i’d love to see one in this building! it’s a simple, but quick option, a step above fast food, and a step below sit-down dining. i think it would do great at this location. i’d also like to see some places that aren’t resturants, but offer non-perishible products or things to do, such as a gymboree, local gym/dance studio, music store, sephora (though that’s unlikely), manicure/pedicure salon, art studio – i could go on and on…

  • When is it supposed to be done?

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