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Since we have a short week and many folks have left town I thought I’d ask a more light hearted Question of the Day inspired by Raz’s post below. So the question is – what is your funniest on line or offline dating story? Any successful on line dating stories? If you care to share – how did you meet your significant other? I have a funny online dating story where the girl that I just met asked me to tie her shoelaces and I was like ‘say what?’. But she was adamant that I tie her shoelaces. Yeah, that didn’t go so well.

Following are some tips from Raz:

I am not currently active in online dating, but I have tried it, as have many of my friends. A lot of my friends have ended up settling down with someone they met online. If you get family guilt for being single while home for the holidays and are considering online dating, here are some tips based on my past experience:

  • Be Honest. Portray yourself accurately in your profile. Use a picture that was taken within the past few months. I cannot tell you how many dates I went on where the guy looked nothing like his picture. Also, be honest about your hobbies and interests. If you are really looking for someone to start a relationship with, honesty is an ideal foot to start on.
  • Keep the First Date Short. Drinks or coffee are good first dates. They are basically a mutual screening of both parties. With these two date options, the date can be 20 minutes or hours long, depending on how long you want it to go.
  • Be Open Minded. Go into it with no expectations and an open mind.
  • Plan Fun Dates. After date #1 and your determination that you are actually interested in this person, plan fun dates. Do activities like ice skating, ESPN Zone, a museum, art exhibit, etc. If you are dating a lot of people thru the site, going to a meal every night can get redundant.
  • Be Nice. Everyone on the site is putting themselves out there, so be respectful. If you are not interested, be nice. Also, since DC is so small, you will probably start running into your dates around town. It is also highly possible that you will have mutual friends with your dates. Both of these things have happened to me frequently, and I have probably done a total of less than 6 months of online dating over the past 4 years.

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  • Ohhhhhh so many! The most recent one . . . suffice it to say that I ended it by telling him that I had to call my mother.

  • The guy that told me (with pride) that he didn’t own any dinnerware/glasses/forks. That same guy that handed me an envelope with a bunch of expired passports to prove his identity. Oh, so you’ve been to Azerbaijan that must have been interesting…

  • oh yeah and can I say for any guys thinking about making a profile – take off your hat, take off your sunglasses, put on a shirt and remember that spell check is your friend. I’m sure there are similar words of advice men would give…

  • Vonstallin

    I am the king of online dating..matter of fact 80% of my dates are from online. I started online dating back in 2000 , but not seriously until 2005. Match sucks. 2 years of money wasted. 0 dates from that site.

    I have way too many funny stories. I’ve had dates steal stuff like dvd’s or earrings.
    But the most recent Funny was on me.

    I was emailing two ladies online and one week I gave Angela a teacher for Juvenal Incarcerated, my number, 2 week later after not hearing anything from Angela I gave Shannon my number who is a teacher for corrections officers.

    (See where this is going)

    Basically I made a date and went out with Angela, but I thought it was Shannon the whole time. They both had blurry pictures, and had similar jobs, and both lived in Hyattsvile.

    We made a date for Outback’s. I kept asking her about Cali…she was baffled. I verbaly cruised thru the night but after a while it hit me. I was like Who the F**k is this? I played the night off well, but she caught on I think.

    This is where the error came in: Angela just so happened to call / text me 2 weeks later, but one hour after I sent Shannon my number. I assumed it was Shannon the whole time because I got a text saying “This is Sexy Teacher” from the dating site. In the end Shannon never called me at all.

    I didn’t realize it was Angela until I got home and dug thru my dating sights email.

    Ps: we went to Outback’s at PG Plazza….the sister gave us a hard time 🙁

  • Sorry, but I prefer to meet my psychopaths and serial killers the old fashioned way: in seedy bars on the wrong side of town. If I’m going to be disappointed I may as well be drunk.

  • When I decided to date online (craigslist), I set some rules for myself. I promised to answer all the responses and go out with all who asked. And yes, I had my share of men I wouldn’t necessarily befriend, yet the experience was great.
    In a period of 3 months and many dates, I did find my mate. We are celebrating our 2nd Christmas.
    My advice is simple. Be open-minded, treat everyone with respect, and don’t be afraid.

  • Vonstallin

    My best dates came from CL…..

  • I met my wife when she walked into the adult education class I was teaching and I thought, who is this fair maiden, hot mamma, etc. We’ve been married over 20 years, two kids, three dogs and a house in Petworth. It’s the beautiful life.

  • I met my lovely wife on a flight from Miami to San Francisco. Eight years and soon-to-be two kids later, we are happily taking breaks to look at PoP.

  • I think the solution to our single woes is obviously: Prince of Petworth dating service. Or at least a POP singles night … at least we all have good taste in neighborhoods …

  • Vonstallin

    New2CH Says:
    December 24th, 2008 at 9:47 am

    Hmmmm, Meet n Greet

    Now for venue…PW/CH Bar or trendy resturant?
    Good way to review a new spot in town also….

  • Lots of interesting online adventures, but I’ll relay the good (and hopefully final one). I met my boyfriend online 3.5 years ago. We bought our house in Columbia Heights 1.5 years ago. Today’s the fourth birthday I’ve spent with him. So far, so good. Yay!

  • People DATE from craigslist? i thought that was a get-sex-from-a-stranger connection site.

  • anon 10:11: A friend of mine used to live in the Bay Area and did Craiglist dating there … Craigslist in general is bigger out there (I think it’s where it started) and I think dating thru it is more common… out here on the East Coast, I personally think it’s creepy, but I’m sure it’d be possible to meet someone nice/normal there.

  • I met my husband on AOL. I moved to this city not knowing a single soul. One night I was lonely, and went online and serched for men in DC. I sent him an IM out of the blue, and we discovered that we worked across the street from each other. We decided to meet for a drink the next night at Old Ebbitt. Five years later we got married in the atrium of Old Ebbitt. Now we own a house we love in Brightwood, and live the good life. You just never know!

  • Hey, MT! Happy Birthday!

  • The major problem in online dating is that you may like a person’s words or writing but not like the person. I don’t mean, “he wasn’t my type” or “there was no attraction” but that you may reflect completely different styles of living. Yale + Duke (or whatever) and writing interesting ideas in complete sentences doesn’t mean you’ll find someone intriguing face-to-face.

    Much better success meeting through friends, in church, in a bar, just the old fashioned way.

  • “Yale + Duke”?

    two assholes should get along just fine.

  • “Much better success meeting through friends, in church, in a bar, just the old fashioned way.”

    I agree. I like those old fashioned ways. You know, like the cavemen. Just hit ‘ol girl over the head with a club and drag her home by the hair.

  • After about a dozen dates with guys i met through online connections, i gave up. Maybe because i was older (late thirties/early forties), the number of sane, non-creepy single men in my age range seemed non-existent. i waded through a series of:

    guys who posted photos of themselves several years and many pounds ago, including one guy whose online profile listed his height /weight as 5’11”, 175 pounds, but who turned out to be about 5’8″ and every bit of 240 pounds. did he think he would only date blind people? or that if dating a short heavy-set guy might be an issue for someone, they’d have a change of heart when the expected svelte guy in the photos on his profile turned out to be William “The Refrigerator” Perry’s doppleganger?

    a 37 years old who had only lived outside his parents’ home for one semester of college, and otherwise had been living in their basement since age 16. He had only had one real job in his life, when he taught school for one year, and was working part time as a librarian while working on a doctorate in Spanish Literature (yet had never been outside the United States).

    a guy who invited me out to dinner, picked me up for the date and then drove me back to his apartment where he served up some stuff from the Whole Foods hot bar he had picked up earlier.

    two different guys who showed up for a coffee date on a weekend morning with their dogs, talked only about their dogs, and mentioned that they really didn’t go out very much in the evenings because they had to be at home with their dogs. guys, you already have a monogamous relationship…with your dogs. stop trying to cheat on them.

  • Vonstallin

    I don’t go 2 Church
    I only Drink like once a year
    My frieds live 45 minutes away and married or Bunned UP already

    I don’t like to intrude in people personal space in public so I dont do the classic “Hey, How you duuwin” line.

    Online is like puting up a resume:

    it gives stats, job field, income level, pictures, hobbies and all kinds of stuff.
    I love it.

    I get more excited about a online date vs. my boys telling me they have a shorty they want me to meet.

    All of my “Friends” hook up have Failed.

    I normaly just redirect potential dates to my “Myspace” page for more pictures to accompany the Dating resume.

    Ok ya’ll made me go and update my match profile. Its been dead for 1.5 years.

  • the outback in PG plaza is horrible! I went there with an ex and ended up leaving my credit card in the check book. Well someone there thought they were then entitled to fill up their truck with my money. bleh.

    I haven’t online dated but my sister and brother both did and do. She is now married to someone she met online, and he continues to serial date through all of California.

    I did see the best craigslist ad:

    “New in town. Looking for a friend to hit the town with. I’ll be your wingman, you take the best, I’ll take the rest”

    I would have loved to have heard a follow up on if someone actually replied and if they ended up getting “the best” and “the rest” haha

    And for all of us single ladies, living on the east coast does not help…there are way too many of us. We need to head to the west coast or texas where I hear it is over populated with single men.

  • “guys, you already have a monogamous relationship…with your dogs. stop trying to cheat on them.”

    Anon 4:10, that cracked me up.

    Many years ago…like, so many years ago it might have been a City Paper PRINT ad…I had a guy meet me at a club and then drive us to McDonalds for dinner. I think I was not eating meat at the time.

    I’m sure there are many other bad/funny stories, but I’m repressing them at the moment.

  • Vonstallin

    Ok so now I know why I’m mad n peeved at
    I go and update my 1.5-year dead profile and low n behold I start to get a bunch of winks and now an email.
    This sh*t is a crime. In order to send a email you have to be a member, This is the crime part…. in order to receive emails from a paid member you have to be a paid member also? WTF?

    I’m use to dating sights that allow the sender only having to have a subscription. I know I will not pay because I’m sure there are a ton of non-members and I can email all day n…. AHGHHHHHH never mind…

    Sniff sniff…they wont even let me see her picture and curiosity have me grabbing my credit card…. Damn them all to HELL….

    Year 8…..another lonley lonely x-mas…..
    (about to blow the dust off the Prince CD…)

  • Vonstallin, you are a good looking professional black man with a job and can’t find a female in this city? Are you really trying? Volunteer at a school or an after school program. They’re crawling with women, many educated, not all looking for a baby daddy (teachers, aides, etc). I’m just saying…

  • Vonstallin

    Anonymous Says:
    December 26th, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    Hey thanks, I feel sort of Average looking, lol.

    I think im trying…

    I talk to women at the gym over the years, but they end up having BF/Hubbys.

    Tried at work and while I end up staying friends, the relay never pan out. Most of the women I dated the last few years are biker chicks and I know thats a dead end.

    Online tends to be my best medium, because I don’t like to approach strangers unless they give me a strong sign.

    I never thought about schools. I’m not sure I have patients for kids except for toddlers. My last GF had a 15 month old and it was surprisingly great.

    I’m not sure what to do. I can work a crowd if its a group outing like bowling, Bar night etc..

  • I met my boyfriend on Craigslist…although technically through a Platonic ad. So now I found my boyfriend, my house, my bed, and my job on Craigslist.

  • I think I’ve got the answer: Prince of Petworth Singles Night!

  • Vonstallin

    Christina Says:
    December 27th, 2008 at 11:55 am

    that sounds good, and at the very least it will be a get together to meet online personalities.

  • The personals are a little edgier than the Northern Virginia “looking for a partner in crime” crowd.

    It’s all a crapshoot, like anything else. But I do think it helps to be proactive in a date search — you wouldn’t sit home and wait for a job to just happen, you’d scour online and talk to friends. Same idea with finding a date.

  • Sorry, but I prefer to meet my psychopaths and serial killers the old fashioned way: in seedy bars on the wrong side of town. If I’m going to be disappointed I may as well be drunk.

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