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Anyone seen this before? I don’t know, I hate to be too square but given today’s state of affairs I can’t support this sticker. Although, it does have a Spy vs. Spy quality to it which is pretty cool but overall there are just too many bombings all over the world to support this sticker. Am I being too sensitive?

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  • Yes, you are being way too sensitive. You’re a victim of terrorism and it will never be something conquerable unless we can laugh about it.

  • No, this is no funnier than making fun of torture. Mumbai is real.

  • The real bummer is that stickers like this [and those “this bike is a pipe bomb” stickers] is that they’ll lead to restrictions on where you can park a bicycle and removal of bike racks as happened all over the hill after 9/11. Anarcho-kiddies from the suburbs may not get this, but bike bombs have been used regularly in many other countries & crap like this just helps legitimize the fears [however irrational] that this will happen here.

    I’m not ‘sensitive’ about this or a ‘victim of terrorism’, I just want to be able to lock my bike up and not come out to find an EOD squad has ‘rendered safe’ my bike.

  • Um, doesn’t the “bicycle bomber” refer to the bomber who blew up an army recruiting post in Times Square this past spring?


    You’re not being too sensitive.

  • Looks more like Orko than Spy vs Spy.

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