New(ish) Deli on Georgia Ave “G2″


I didn’t get a chance to eat at this new spot located at 2632 Georgia Ave. but it looks like a great spot for a sandwich.


Incidentally does anyone know what the story is with the spot next door (with the marble door)? Is it a nightclub affiliated with the deli?


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  • Vonstallin

    Hmmmmmmm, looks like a great little spot.

    I wish alot of these were open late since im on the prowl late at night.

  • Vonstallin, try the Florida Avenue Grill, it has god soul food at a reasonable price, Salisbury Steak dinners come smothered with onions, 2 vegetables, and cornbread, desserts are usually either peach cobbler or chocolate cake, Miss Roxie at the grill has great service, usually one will hear from the kitchen JB singing a spiritual which is uplifting after a busy day.
    Over the years cabdrivers would frequent this homey establishment.

  • UM. Is this s throwback to the G2 Bus?? cause thats kind of awesome…i miss the G2…darn H6!

  • the marble door leads to the lounge G2 which yes is affiliated with the deli (which is now being turned into a sports bar). G2 will officially open at the end of April 2009. When it does open please patronize it. The owner’s a great person and this spot is going to be H-O-T!

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