New Restaurant/Bar – Lounge of Three – Coming To U Street


Back in June I had noticed some alcoholic beverage applications for this building at 1013 U Street. This past weekend I was able to chat with one of the owners. This is going to be a restaurant/bar serving “American” food. There is going to be a big bar downstairs and a smaller one upstairs. The owner hopes to be open by Jan. 1st. It’s nice to see the empty storefronts on this section of U Street get filled.

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  • Is it true there will be karaoke? Or will this be a swanky dance lounge?

  • When are they going to do something with the boarded up storefronts on U Street in between Vermont and 9th? Such an eye sore.

  • There is also a great new jazz bar (maybe covered here, but I don’t recall) on U between 13th and 10th I believe, snazzy looking place, and I dropped in and some great live music was playing. Blanking on the name, it was an unusual name. Has anyone checked out the new restaurant in that area, 1905? Sounds promising from what I’ve read …

  • This seems like as good of a place as any to mention that I went to four different bars in Petworth and Columbia Heights last night in search of a TV that had ESPNU so I could watch the Maryland game. Comcast = no ESPNU

    Looking Glass Lounge — has DirecTV but doesn’t shell out the $12 a month for the sports package, which is where ESPNU is located.

    Next to Commonwealth — Comcast, so no ESPNU

    Next I popped in The Heights — crappy TV situation/didn’t even ask

    As a last resort I drove over to my secret stand-by in times of desperation like this…the always reliable worst-bar-in-DC, The Library, over on 12th St. NE in Brookland. It finally seems to have gone out of business. Man that place sucked, but it did have ESPNU for those handful of games when Maryland is relegated there.

    I took it as a sign that I wasn’t meant to watch the game last night…bought a 6 pack, and listended on the radio in my kitchen.

    Does anyone know of a bar in the immediate Petworth/Columbia Heights area that has ESPNU? I would like to avoid despair next time this happens.

  • Markus-
    I find it interesting that you drove all the way to Brookland but didn’t try any place on U st. I mean, among all those bars – Nellies, Momo’s esp. – there has to be one with the Maryland game on. Granted, not the direct area of Petworth/Columbia Heights (I think you went to every bar in the area), but close. I can walk from Spring rd to U in about 20-25 minutes.

  • markus
    Another option closish to petworth is cut through rock creek park and go the cleveland park sports pub on connecticut.

  • maybe try tonic in mt pleasant? they have lots of sports channels, dunno about espnu

  • you’re not getting any sympathy from me when you’ll drive (drive!) to brookland, but won’t even think to try to go to a sports bar somewhere. that’s why sports bars exist. you could have hit ventnor in adams morgan as well (though I agree with the person that suggested U street–you could have just ridden the green line 2 stops to momos or nellys…or gone a whopping 5 stops to gallery place and the espnzone). Are you the same person that wrote into this blog about their experience on Eastern Travel (or whatever the “real” Chinatown bus–and thus the worst of them all–is called)? That person had trouble doing basic things as well.

  • Markus, you should have just gone to college park with me to watch the game. it is only like 15 minutes away, after all.

  • I watched the MD game at Trusty’s on PA avenue (right by Potomac Avenue Metro). Great bar, total dive and not too crowded. Kick ass cheese steak sandwhich too.

  • Since we’re on the topic, what’s a good bar to watch MD games generally? I had heard Cleveland PArk Bar & Grill was UMD alum hangout, any others in the Columbia Heights/U St/Adams Morgan area?

  • Anonymous, I so missed living within a block of trusty’s. Yes you will come out of there smelling like a burger, but it is well worth it.

  • How about Ventnor’s? Not too long a walk. Lots of ACC games.

  • A few points…

    1. I had to take care of something at home literally right after the game ended, so going to College Park wasn’t going to be an option…wouldn’t have made it back in time.

    2. Trusty’s is great.

    3. I didn’t want to deal with parking in Adams Morgan and going back to reason 1, I didn’t do U st. Bc I had to draw a distance barrier somewhere and Col Heights was it.

    4. Tonic is a good suggestion…I didint even consider Mt. Pleasant.

  • Nelly’s at 900 U Street gets the DirecTV sports package.

  • Trusty’s rocks man, cool place. One of the few unpretentious bars left in this fine city of ours. Maryland sucks. If you want to watch them, go to Maryland and stay there.

  • You know, DC publishes all information on building permits, liquor licenses (heck, even roadkill pickup requests and crime stats) as live RSS feeds. You can even download yourself a Google Map of all the liquor licenses near your address. Pretty cool, huh?

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