New Japanese Market Opens Up at 17th and U


Well this is super cool. From a reader:

“There is a new Japanese grocery store that seems to have recently opened, The name of the store is Hana, and it is at the corner of U and 17th (NW). I am very happy to have a Japanese store in our neighborhood. Before, we had to take a metro to Rockville (and walk along the Rockville Pike..) or to Bethesda to get Japanese groceries.

Good thing about this store is..It is small, but I can get things for everyday use, like curry roux, sauce, tofu, noodle, and snack. Also, they have ingredients for okonomiyaki, Japanese pancakes, which I do not think many Japanese restaurants serve.”

I checked it out and it was phenomenal. Back in the day I was a reporter for a Japanese newspaper (Asahi Shimbun) and ever since then I have loved Japanese food. We used to work late all the time and got the greatest Japanese delivery. This looks like a great spot to fill the void I’ve been missing. The owner was super nice as well.



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  • Wow. What weird timing. I have seriously been craving okonomiyaki all day and was wondering where I would need to go to get the ingredients – or, even better, if there was a restaurant in the area that served them. I guess I have an answer now, at least on the ingredients question.

  • YES YES YES for the love of god I had no idea this was coming and I have tears in my eyes reading this.

    I am a HUGE fan of Asian groceries, but as everyone knows it’s critically important not to buy any food from China for the near future. To know that countries like Japan with stringent food safety have products within a 5 minute drive from my house??? I am SO EXCITED!

  • Is this where that travel agency used to be? I wouldn’t mind making a trip there to check it out myself. Looks like they have good offerings.

  • i feel like im looking at pictures of my houses kitchen….

  • “travel by air, boat, car, ROCKET.” I love this place, except it smelled a bit strange back when I used to go in.

  • crazy, I was just talking to someone at the book club last night about the lack of asian markets in the area…I’m sure he will be pleased!

  • Is there produce here?

  • Kalia- go out to the burbs. This is one of the most asian areas of the country (besides CA of course). Super H Mart is one of my favorites.

  • All I want is someplace in DC to buy lychee fruit. Sigh, someday my dream will become a reality.

  • I hope they decide to post three Japanese recipes per week at the front of the store with a shopping list.

  • If Christopher’s kitchen is this well-stocked, I vote dinner at Christopher’s! (I’ll do dishes).

  • Lychees seem to be super-seasonal, and most of the ones I’ve seen for sale in the area have been from Israel. NO idea when lychee season is in Israel. BUT, the P Street WF has them on occasion, and if any Asian market were to have them, it would probably be one of the HMarts. The “Super” one in Fairfax on the Lee Highway is totes worth the trip, lychees or not–awesome produce, fish, and meat, along with Asian (mostly Korean) super mystery ingredients…

  • Does anyone know if they have yuzu?

  • This is excellent!! And while driving to Fairfax for Super H is an option, often their parking lot is full for blocks around and it’s a crush once you’re inside. & In case anyone was wondering, “hana” means “flower” in Japanese.

  • Excellent, now I can make that Japanese dish I’ve craving. Yeah, whatever…

    Yuppies/hipsters/wannabes are all the same. “(insert ethnic food here) food is the best. I’ve been craving (insert dish here) for so long. Only now do I have enough street cred.”

  • Sorry, I guess all that time I spent living in Japan made me too hipster.

  • Wow! I never thought DC would have a Japanese market. Yeah, having a Japanese parent and living in Japan for several years makes me, not homesick, but a yuppie/hipster/wannabe too, apparently.
    I hope this store will be able to attract enough customers to stay in business.

  • Any clue if the fish pictured in picture 3 (or pic 2 after the text) is sushi-grade? Close enough to me that I can go figure out myself, but just curious!

  • “Hana” also means “nose” in Japanese, but I’m guessing they are using the character for “flower”. Yeah, I suppose that 3 1/2 years I lived in Japan made me a hipster/poseur. I would love a bowl of oyakodon about now…

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