My New Favorite Dentist

DSCN5134, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“Yo what up Tip? – your next patient is here.” I don’t know if it works. Of course Tip O’Neil was Speaker of the House so never mind.  I guess I can’t see Tip without thinking of Q-Tip (of Tribe Called Quest).

Speaking of I hear Q-Tip’s new solo album is phenomenal…

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  • Do patients call him Tip or Doc?

  • I went to Mr. Buford about a year ago. The guy was awesome. Clever, hip, and seemed like he’d been doing dentistry for a long while. However, I stopped going there after seeing the not so great management of the office – files, billing, etc. The guys seems fair and reasonable in price, but seemed a little too mismanaged for me to trust that things would get billed correctly. Especially because half of my treatment was being done un-insured.


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