More Cool Backs of Rowhouses


I thought this was another cool looking back of a rowhome. Notice how the windows angle to a point. Is this also to take advantage of the sun? Do you dig the overall look?

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  • is it just me, or is the chimney of the house to the left leaning over precipitously?

  • Yeah, It’s a leaner!

  • This is really messed looking. Like a wart. Also adore the drooping wiring to the exterior light fixture they forgot to censider when designing (ahem) this thing.

  • Isn’t the leaning chimney part of the house w/ the bay window addition we’re looking at? Hope it doesn’t fall and crush their expensive trinagle thing.

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    Thanks poo poo. I certainly hope folks support the advertisers. Clicking on the ads is great but I offer a fixed rate to my sponsors that is not tied to “clicks” but I hope everyone checks them out from time to time.


  • Hey man, I love this house. It’s visible from the street and it always makes me happy when I walk by there (daily). It’s a breath of fresh air for the ‘hood. It gets the morning light and therefore makes it a GREAT place for a morning cup of coffee in the winter.

  • Craptastic.

  • The people who don’t like this are dumb. I’m taking this personally. And no, it’s not my house, and I’ve never seen it other than this photo. But seriously, why be all negative? That house rules.

    Also, re: the chimney, pretty sure that’s on the neighbor’s house, based on where the fence touches the structure.

  • Is this right near 14th St? Maybe on Spring St? I see a house like this right off 13th headed toward 16th St. I have always adored the back of this house.

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