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Thanks to a reader for sending:

“You might have seen the talk of the non-new 43 bus ( Looks like MtP isn’t the only one getting a changeup- Metro has posted the Dec. 28th route changes ( the 66/68 are becoming extinct. Instead, it looks like the 64 (i.e., Fort Totten – Petworth via New Hampshire) will be heading downtown via 11th St (current 66 route) and a new 63 bus (don’t know where it will begin) will do rush hour service along the current 68 (Sherman/13th); nothing outside of rush hour on Sherman. This is probably an improvement- it moves all of the non-rush hour service onto 11th, so there won’t be any guessing where the bus goes to, and gives direct downtown service through the middle of Petworth. I certainly like it- easier to take the bus home from Wonderland/Red Rocks/U St & not have to walk from the Metro station. Hopefully, they’ll get a real schedule (rather than semi-confusing blurb) over the next week.

Anybody going to mourn the loss of the 68? Given that GA & the 70’s are a long block over, it seemed redundant to have buses on GA, Sherman & 11th.”

And for those that missed it, guest poster Eric Nuzum had a great post on why it is more likely to witness unusual things happening on the bus.

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  • I’ll miss the 68, though I suppose I don’t use it much anymore. It was the only semi-direct route a little farther downtown. I live right on the 66 route, so I’m anxious to see what the new one will be like and whether this means more frequent service. *fingers crossed*

  • Hoping for more frequent service on 66 as well. Also wish they would eliminate a few of the stops, especially in areas where it stops literally EVERY block, so that it took less than 25 minutes to get downtown even with no traffic …

  • btw, if anyone can find a link to the new bus schedules when they come out, please post!

  • The 68 stopped 200 feet from my front door, and it was never as crowded as any of the Georgia Avenue buses. This sucks!

  • There should be a bus going up/down 15th street. And more buses going cross town in upper Petworth. I live on 4th & Emerson. We need a bus taking us to GA Ave.

  • FYI they are getting rid of bus transfers!

  • Ugh. I agree w/ Big C – I will miss the 68, but is the 63 can do rush hour service along Sherman, that should work for me…

  • PAPER transfers, Anonymous.

  • I love that one of the reasons Metro is getting rid of paper transfers is to “reduce the number of assaults on bus drivers”. Classic DC.

  • The 66 is becoming extinct? NOOO!!! That bus was my personal taxi cab! It’s awesomeness knows no bounds. Though it only came every 20-30 minutes, if you just went out there at the right time, you would typically be all alone by the time you got south of U street and enjoy express service to Chinatown. Faster than any lazy cab driver, and for a buck and change!

    Oh wait… maybe that’s why they’re getting rid of it…

  • I love the 68 if only because the 62 becomes the 68 at morning rush hour, meaning on rainy days, like today, I can leave my house at Sherman Circle, hop the 62 and be dropped off less than a block from my office on 13th st. Currently, though, you can’t easily get the return trip in the afternoon, because the 68 stops at GA/Petworth station and you have to transfer to the 62.

    According to the Metro information, it looks like this is really a consolidation of the 66/68 and the 62 line. If I understand it, at both AM and PM rush hours, in both directions (Yeah!), there will be a 63 bus that runs the 62-68 route from Takoma to Federal Triangle. The 64 will continue to be available during rush and non-rush, but run all the way to Federal Triangle via the old 66 route, so those on 11th St will will have their bus. At non-rush, those of us on the 62 route will have to transfer to the 64 if we want to go downtown.

    If that is correct, it actually helps because it provides service along New Hampshire from Fort Totten to downtown 7 days a week, along with additional rush hour service from Takoma to Federal Triangle.

  • I’ll miss the 68 as it’s the closest bus to my house (less than half a block). But I guess I mostly use it to get to work, so if the new bus runs down Sherman during rush hour, no big deal. Although I liked having the 68 when I take the Bolt Bus to NYC, basically door to door service between the busses and my house. Oh well.

  • Mark my words, but Sherman Avenue is moving UP!

  • saf

    This is funny – they’re going backwards. Seriously, when the metrorail station opened, they got rid of a number of routes, and changed other routes so they only ran half the original route, breaking at the metrorail station. The 73 vanished, but this year, the 79 (similar but not identical) came along. Now the 60 buses are consolidating back to what they used to be – the 68 was part of the old P8 routes which combined with the 60 routes. The others got chopped up and rearranged a bit. I complained about it at that point, because it seemed to be that they were trying to turn the buses into feeders to the rail station rather than serve the bus passengers. Seems they’ve discovered that themselves finally!

  • Does anyone understand the changes to the H8? It says it will now run to Farragut Square??? And have a pickup at Southern Ave.? WTF?

    (For those who do not live in the eastern part of Petworth, the H8 runs down RCC Rd to the Petworth Metro station and then goes over to Mt P. On the other end, it cuts through Brookland and goes to RI Ave Station.)

  • dang. one of my minor goals was to get the very surly drivers on that route to smile, or at least say hello.

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