Looks Like There Might Be Some Movement At 14U

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Back in June we learned that the old coffee spot at the corner of 14th and U would become a boutique (selling handbags and such) and cafe. I’m not sure if that’s still the plan but I did notice some construction permits in the front window so hopefully they’ll be opening up in some capacity pretty soon. And by some capacity I really mean as a cafe of sorts…

You think this spot is too small to support just a cafe given the high rents of the area?

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  • I mean, I think it can, there’s Mocha Hut right around the corner. But I think at this point, I at least want something else in that space, it’s clear that the owners of the building are not succeeding with a cafe, or a cafe/boutique model.

  • It’s a small place, but I think anyone could succeed there who could competently run a business. I think the coffee scene around U Street sucks. Mocha Hut has great food, but I think has terrible coffee drinks. Busboys and Poets is always absurdly busy. While I think Cake Love Cafe actually has good espresso drinks, I am pretty sure that the ‘hood has enough people to support multiple good coffee shops. And let’s face it, the “College Cafe” or whatever it’s called around the corner from St-Ex is just sad.

  • Hmmm loganmo, you don’t like Collage Cafe? I must admit, I’ve never been in but I like the concept, it’s owned by an Ethiopian family and serves Ethiopian coffee. What about it is sad?

    I like Mocha Hut’s coffee, I’m no expert but it does me fine. But I agree with you, someone with good business sense should be able to succeed in that location.

  • Try going into Collage Cafe — it is sad. It’s a nicely done-up place, but the man who runs it seems incapable of smiling. I don’t think he’s actually mean — the service is good — but the combination of his dourness and the place’s quietness means that it feels like a giant energy suck. When I’m there, I’m almost always the only one. I can’t imagine that it will survive, even if I can’t put a finger on exactly why (maybe that’s why the owner never smiles). On the other hand, what exactly makes Busboys so (deservedly) popular?

    14U’s problems seemed to be that they took forever to make drinks and their food really sucked. Those don’t seem insoluble to me. But I’m just a customer, not a coffee-shop entrepreneur. Any shop I actually ran would probably be much worse.

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